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The Best 14 Oz Boxing Gloves

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Tips For Buying A Quality Pair Of 14 Oz Boxing Gloves

The best 8 Oz boxing gloves require several key points: they must be extremely durable, flexible, high-performance, and affordable. Of course, this would be saying a lot about any set of boxing gloves but this does not mean that it's easy to get an affordable pair that meets all of those criteria. That being said there are things you can do to reduce costs without compromising on the quality of the gloves. In this article, we will discuss a few of them.

Let's first talk about durability. You really want a pair of gloves that will last a while. You can find some good deals on 14 oz boxing gloves online and at sports stores but you will also run into the same problem of price when shopping around. This is because manufacturers sometimes cut corners on the durable aspects of the gloves in order to make them more affordable. For example, many will use low-quality vinyl materials which wear out after just a few uses. The best pairs of 14 oz boxing gloves will last for many years.

This may sound like common sense but there are some cheaper sets of 14 oz boxing gloves available that cost less than $80. Sometimes manufacturers cut corners on weight to save money. It's best to get a pair that is a couple of pounds lighter than you intend to use because you will definitely get used to wearing the gloves. That being said, here are a few tips to help you find the best pair for you:

Try going with a heavier pair - Usually, when looking for discount prices on 14 oz boxing gloves you'll see that lighter ones are priced lower than the heavy ones. If you want to fight in a high-level competition like the Olympics, you will definitely want to buy a pair that is heavier. Most boxers do not need light sparring gear. If you need the added advantage of a heavy glove, then it's definitely worth spending the extra bucks.

o Look for padding - You should expect to pay the same price as you would for a pair of discount 14 oz boxing gloves. However, you should get additional padding if you are training for a professional competition. Look for padding that will allow your fingers to move more freely and that will also add some strength to the knuckles and hands,

Get heavier bags - In order to get heavier bags, you will need a bigger bag. Most average size 14 oz boxing gloves have a maximum load capacity of 35 kg or so. You can easily get heavier bags by adding on an extra handle, stuffing foam into the handles, and even buying a new base.

o Find a brand you like - It helps to go with a popular brand name. Some popular brands include Everlast, Ringside, Title, and Nike. Some of these brands have good padding, and some don't. It's a good idea to buy a pair that you are pretty sure is going to be durable and that is comfortable for you to use. You should try out a few pairs of different brands before choosing one that you will keep for a while.

So now you know what to look for when buying a pair of gloves for boxing. Keep these tips in mind when shopping around and choosing a new bag. You should also keep the bag for punching in mind. A heavy bag will help boxers get a stronger punch and a more intense workout. Choose the bag that is best for the type of workout you want to do and keep in mind the tips above.