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The Best Adidas Boxing Shoes

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For some serious training, Adidas Boxing Shoes are a perfect choice. This popular brand combines great performance with classic design and comfort. Adidas has spent years refining the shoe design and technology that makes these shoes so efficient and durable. With specialized cushioning for all the parts of your foot, including the heel and ankle, you're sure to stay in shape as you train hard.

With a one-piece rubber midsole and thick, high-quality sole, these lightweight boxing sneakers deliver extreme stability and maximum cushioning without excess weight. Keep control of your fight in lightweight boxing shoes, constructed with flexible, synthetic overlays and stability straps for multidirectional ankle support. Heavyweight shoes with steel shank plates provide optimum shock absorption for long-term conditioning. And, for improved balance and responsiveness, opt for the antimicrobial Rubber Masters midsole. These shoes also come with a breathable membrane and anatomical curves for a customized fit.

The Adizero XTender Plus is one of Adidas' lightest, most stable shoes yet loaded with features that will make your training sessions productive and fun. The Adizero XTender Plus features a tongue tag holder and tongue hook for a firm grip on the belt buckle. The thick rubber midsole ensures stability and absorbs shock. The outsole extends above the heel for superior grip on the ring, while the side panels are flexible for improved balance and shock absorption.

For increased durability, Adidas delivers a line of shoes called the Powermate series. These shoes feature a thicker sole and a flexible outsole for maximum power and stability. The thicker sole and outsole work together to stabilize your foot and absorb shock. These shoes have an aggressive design that is lighter and has been designed for better balance and responsiveness.

Adidas also offers a selection of shoes called the Low-tops. Low-tops have an aggressive styling, featuring three-quarter lace-ups and an elastic cuffed collar. The cuffs can be easily folded up for convenient storage and include an elasticated waistband. The Adizero Lowtop is made from lightweight suede. The low-tops are made for fast and efficient movement. The soft textile lining allows breathability and is removable for wash-and-dry applications.

Adidas also offers specialized training shoes such as the Superfly Low Pro. This training shoe has lightweight uppers and has textured rubber soles. These soles provide a good grip on the canvas or leather for maximum performance. Adidas uses a quick-release system that is easy to use. The Superfly Low Pro has a medium-soft feel like many non-boxing athletic shoes and has a medium-to-high traction level.

Adidas is known for its endurance sports products. In addition to its boxing shoes and tennis shoes, Adidas also makes a line of well-equipped walking shoes and boots. The Adizero Echo Wireless Tennis Footwear is a lightweight, moisture-wicking running shoe with an advanced sole. It comes equipped with perforated toe areas to prevent debris and perspiration from getting to the lower half of your feet.

The most popular design of Adidas shoes is probably the Adizero 825 Milan. This pair of shoes is a mid-level offering and comes in either black or white. It is one of Adidas' more well-liked lines and comes in either a plain or zippered design. Though it is not as well-liked as some of Adidas' other heavier-duty shoes, it is still a good buy. Adidas has long prided itself on the shoes it makes, and Milan is a good example of this.

Mesh shoes by Adidas are popular for their style and comfort, but they are also very well built and provide superior support. Mesh upper boxing shoes feature rubber soles and are available in either black or white. They are made with mesh uppers that give excellent ventilation and have air outlets located both at the top and bottom of the shoe. This helps regulate the temperature inside the shoes. The construction of the Adidas Adizero 825 mesh upper is similar to that of many of Adidas' high-performance shoes.

The Adidas Adizero Echo is another trainer shoe that offers great ankle support and ankle flexibility. The speed 18 insoles provide arch support and compression for optimum support and come in a wide range of colors. They are also made using mesh technology, which helps to keep your foot cool and dry. Like most Adidas boxing shoes, the Adizero Echo comes in both black and white, with the only color variation being the color of the shoe's lining.

If I had to point to one pair of Adidas' boxing shoes that stood out from all the others, it would definitely be the Rockets. Rokitus is the latest entry in Adidas' long-standing long line of quality athletic shoes. They feature leather wraps on the sides of the shoes, which give them a unique look that sets them apart from the rest of the boxing shoes on the market. With an ergonomic design and the flexibility to take different weight classes, this pair of Adidas is definitely worth a look.