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Show everyone (including your salesman) that you are serious with your new, modern-day, antique-style brass boxing bell with a vintage-style, antique-looking brass bell that is a close imitation of old brass bells used in past years to signify the end of an aggressive round. Inspired by an original cast, heavy, antique brass, thirteen-pounder strike features an antique brass eight-inch bell and a heavy, spring-loaded striking mechanism that produces a loud, impressive sound. The bell, which also features a heavy acrylic lacquer finish, can be easily mounted on a hanging bell rack. This striking bell is perfect for both personal and professional use. Available in a variety of finishes, this product will look great in any fight club collection.

An eight-inch bell that is seven inches in diameter and has a heavy brass exterior. The sides of the Vintage Antique Boxing Bell feature a white enamel finish. The exterior side of this bell is stamped with "G.C.T." This is the trademark of the company that manufactures this product.

Please check that the shipping charges on this item are included in the description and that your money will not be refunded when you receive the product. If you are a new customer please provide your mailing information so that we may bill you for your shipping and handling. If you are not a new customer but have just recently purchased a boxing bell as a gift for a friend or family member, it is suggested that you allow three to six months for the bell to be shipped to you in its working condition. If you have any questions regarding the shipment of this bell, then please contact us immediately at (Toll-Free Number: 800-827-7001). You will need to include your mailing information and your name so that we may send you a return package.

If the boxing bell that you are interested in is one of those that is made of cast iron then you need to know the diameter before beginning to look. The diameter of this type of bell will determine if it will be large or small in size. If it is too large in diameter then it will be heavy in weight and unable to be utilized properly for training.

In addition to knowing the size, you will also need to determine if the boxing bell you are considering is one of the ones that are vintage. A vintage item will not have the modernized features that are found on the newer products. This is because these vintage bells were not designed for today's use. They were designed as they were originally designed and, although they may appear similar to the new ones, they will not function as they were designed.

When looking for a vintage bell you should be aware that the pricing of the product will be much higher than if it is a newer brass design. That is because these older bells are much rarer than the new brass designs and can only be manufactured by using pure brass. Please ask about this when checking out a company that offers these kinds of items to you because there will be a minimum amount of them required before they will combine shipping and create an additional cost on top of the actual price.

In some cases, if you purchase a brass boxing bell that is vintage and the diameter is too large for your hand, then they may offer you a reduced price in return for the item. In some circumstances, if the diameter is too small for your hand then they may provide you with a refund on the purchase. In the event that a company fails to meet their shipping requirements, then they may refuse to work with you in the future.

Purchasing an old bell to use as a punching bag is a fun item and something that most anyone would enjoy. If you are interested in purchasing one of these bells, then you should always ask about their shipping requirements and any refunds. They may be able to provide you with a discounted price on the purchase depending on their services. If you are interested in purchasing one of these old bells, please check out our other websites where we have a wonderful selection of old bells for sale.