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Getting back to the beginning point at hand. Before you even get yourself a boxing trainer, you need the proper boxing gear in your kit bag. If you've never looked at the professionals, you'll have that notion that all the boxing gear and gloves are incredibly expensive. They aren't. You don't necessarily need to buy the most expensive gear in order to get the best results.

If you're an amateur or just starting out, there's no shame in looking for the cheapest boxing gear available. Why buy the top-of-the-line gloves when you could buy some used boxing shoes? You're not sacrificing any style or effectiveness for price. In fact, if you spend the money on a few essential items, you can usually throw in a couple of the less important ones for free. For example, there's no need to buy a pair of boxing boots. You can find a pair of good non-slip runners that will do just fine.

If you already have a pair of boxing gloves and shorts, you can use those two items to build up a basic kit. You don't have to spend anything else. That's the great thing about finding used gear. It allows you to experiment with different combinations and colors without breaking the bank. If you're trying to decide between a couple of colors, or want to go for a completely new look, it's easy to do that.

Next, consider getting protective headgear. When you get hit in the head, regardless of how high or low you are, your brain gets impacted and immediately feels like it's on fire. Getting hit in that area can really make you feel weak, slow, and tired. Protective headgear can really help you feel more confident when you're in the ring.

The last piece of boxing gear you'll need is a pair of lightweight boxing shorts. Not all boxers like wearing those little underwear thingies in their shorts. However, if you are the type of person who doesn't care what others think, then by all means wear them. There's plenty of good-quality shorts that are not only lightweight but also allow you to move better.

Boxing equipment like boxing gloves and shin guards are absolutely necessary. While some may think that they're pointless, research has shown otherwise. In fact, these items can really help improve your punching power. Also, keep in mind that the heavier and older you get, the more critical it becomes to keep using the proper gear.

You might also want to invest in a pair of quality running shoes. This is essential if you tend to run a lot. In addition to improving your running performance, they will also protect you from various injuries. When looking for the best boxing equipment for you, make sure you pay attention to comfort and fit. Cheap knockoffs or even "street" shoes just aren't going to give you the best results.

Finally, for top-notch protection, while in the ring, investing in a pair of quality boxing gear is vital. Your gloves should offer maximum protection, but also be flexible enough to move comfortably. For added protection, go with shin guards which are designed to protect your shins as well as your hands and forearms. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fighter, there's gear that's designed just for you out there.

One important piece of boxing gear that all boxers should have is a good pair of protective headgear. A lot of times, amateur boxers will use ordinary foam earplugs to block out loud noise. While this may work to some extent, the noise will travel through the eardrum and be picked up by the opponent's ears. If you really want to make sure that you're getting the most out of training, consider investing in a good pair of foam earplugs that you can wear during training.

In addition to the aforementioned boxing gloves, you'll also need some basic protection for your hands and forearms. A very popular choice with serious boxers is a pair of heavy-duty gym gloves. You can find them at any sports shop or boxing gym. In addition to providing you with the best boxing equipment, these are also a great option for protecting your hands and forearms from injuries.

Finally, the last thing you should consider is a few training tools. Every boxer needs a few training tools in order to improve their game. Two items that are absolutely required by every boxer are a heavy bag and a speed bag. Heavy bags force you to develop your striking technique, whereas the speed bag helps you develop your footwork. So don't skimp on protection when choosing your boxing gear!