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The Best Boxing Gloves Brands

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Professional Boxing Gloves Brands

Boxing Gloves Brand names come and go, like any other fashion item. Some brands get a reputation for being made of good quality. Other brands get a reputation for poor quality. Boxing gloves are an investment, so one should consider buying good quality but cheap boxing gloves. Boxing gloves can cost a lot or a little depending on the brand and the type.

Initially, boxing gloves were made of leather and it was a great way to protect the hands from injury. As time passed and new technology evolved, hand wraps appeared and these changed the face of gloves forever. Now boxing gloves are made of all kinds of materials including polyethylene and Kevlar. The same material is used for making purses, bags, and headgear.

Most professional boxing gloves are used by professionals, they are usually purchased by professional boxers or coaches and are kept in show courts or gyms. Amateur gloves are often purchased for sparring or practicing by amateurs. These amateur gloves are available in different sizes and different prices range. Prices of amateur gloves are usually lower compared to professional ones, hence people prefer to purchase amateur gloves. However, there are some high-quality amateur gloves that are quite expensive, which can be purchased for the amateur market.

Fairtex is one of the oldest brands in this domain, and it has won many Academy Awards and has been on a continuous rise since its beginning. There have been several changes in the padding pattern and patterning over the years, however, the main thing which remains the same is the durability and comfort. The main difference between Fairtex and most of the other brands is the padding, Fairtex uses a unique patented technology called EVA foam. This foam allows the padding to conform to the user's hand so that there is no give or discomfort when wearing the gloves. All the foam hands are washable to make sure that it remains durable.

As part of their professional branding Fairtex offer gloves that feature a number of advanced features including the ability to withstand impact and stop crushing. Fairtex gloves feature an interlocking hook and loop system that will ensure a secure fit and more gripping power. With their hook and loop system, there is no slipping, which is a common problem with many cheap amateur boxing gloves. The gloves also feature foam in the elbows and knuckles. This foam helps to reduce the impact on the hands and helps prevent damage.

Everlast is a brand that features lightweight general training and heavy bag gloves, which is one of the best brands for beginners. For heavy bag enthusiasts, there is a selection of the nine best gloves that can be purchased. The general training gloves are made out of high-impact nylon and feature elastic wrist pads. Both the elastic wrist pads have foam backing for added comfort.

PerformancePills are renowned as one of the best brands on the market, offering a number of highly technical protective gear. The PerformancePills inner lining is an advanced moisture-wicking lining, which helps to keep your hands dry and absorb the sweat that you work through. The gloves feature a traditional-style guard which is covered in performance pills. Performance pills absorb sweat and keep your hands dry and clean.

The most popular brand on the market is called Reyes. Reyes offers pro-quality performance for both beginners and professionals. Reyes gloves feature a thick leather outer glove with an air-tight fit. The air-tight fit prevents sweating while giving the sensation of having little to nothing on the hands. The Reyes gloves also feature a specially designed self-tightening liner which ensures that the Reyes never slip off.