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The Best Boxing Gloves For Beginners

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A Complete Guide to Boxing Gloves For Beginners

If you're a beginner who's looking to get started in boxing, then it's time to find some boxing gloves for beginners. Boxing gloves are an essential part of boxing, whether you're learning to box for fun or to take part in amateur competitions. The right gloves will make all the difference when it comes to competing and winning. So how do you find a pair that's right for your budget and needs?

There are two kinds of boxing gloves: Regular (8 oz) and Heavyweight (12 oz.) You'll find many brands and types of them available for sale online. Here's a list of a few high-quality, inexpensive choices for you to shop around and check out. We've listed a few high-quality, budget-friendly choices for you to look at as well.

Ringside Wrist Guard - A ring-side wrist guard is the basic style of boxing gloves that you'll see most often. It offers good padding but is quite inexpensive. These days though, there are versions with double-layered wrist guards as well as those that have extra padding in the elbows and forearms as well as a throat protector. Ringside styles also vary in terms of the amount of padding in the gloves.

Cheaper pairs of boxing gloves will have less than two pounds of padding in the sleeves and elbow. Two pounds is the minimum that lightweight pairs should have while heavyweights need up to ten pounds of padding in the sleeves and fingers. One important thing to keep in mind when shopping for these gloves is that the best boxing gloves for beginners will be able to meet your needs and still fit comfortably on your hand. If you try a few different pairs on and find that they don't work right, then you should consider buying another pair.

Lightweight Boxing Gloves - Even though it's considered a beginner's size, lightweight pairs of gloves may be worn by experienced boxers too. The major difference between the two sizes lies in the padding. Lightweight gloves may not have a full body ventilation system in them. Boxers who are trying to cut weight may want to invest in a pair that doesn't offer ventilation because this makes it much easier to lose moisture while working out. Heavyweight boxers can also benefit from the ventilation system because it helps create extra blood flow in their muscles.

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Gloves - This is one of the more popular brands among beginners. They offer quality materials and good quality fittings at an affordable price. Sanabul essential gel boxing gloves are made from natural rubber and have minimal stitching, making them easy to put on and take off. This is very similar to nitrile gloves. They offer a great deal of support, especially to beginning boxers. Many boxers will use Sanabul essential gel boxing gloves for a few months before moving on to the next brand.

Size Pro - These gloves are very popular with pros. They offer quality padding with proper ventilation systems, but there is one downfall. The larger the gloves get, the harder it can be to swing a club with them. Size Pro claims that pros like Diego Sanchez really like these gloves because the padding is adequate and the venting systems are well thought out.

Elite Fitness - This is probably one of the most expensive brands, but many experts agree that it's worth the investment. The pro brands offer high-quality padding that is made from durable materials like nitrile and leather. This is the style most recommended for beginners who need heavyweight protection for a few months of training.