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The Best Boxing Headgear

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Buyer's Guide

Protection has no price. Boxing is an intense sport with a lot of physical contact.

Protecting your head from injury is imperative to staying safe and healthy - but finding the right gear can be tricky!

Luckily, we're here to help you find the best boxing headgear for your needs.

Read on to get straight into our top picks & recommendations for the best boxing headgear.

Or scroll past the product reviews to read our buyer's guide which breaks down everything you need to know about purchasing headgear based on your training needs!

Our Top Picks of the Best Boxing Headgear

Review For The Best Boxing Headgear From Our Research

Winning Headgear FG-2900

Winning Headgear Fg2900
  • Medium(Japanese Size): 21.0-23.0inch / 54-59cm
  • Large(Japanese Size): 22.5-24.5 inch / 57-62cm
  • very light headgear 9.5oz
  • Made in Japan

The best of the best this boxing headgear offers the best protection of any boxing headgear. The Winning FG-2900 is designed to hug your face due to the padding used. This boxing headgear also takes less time to break in and offers more comfort than most other boxing headgears on the market.

The best quality and safe boxing Headgear with cheek protection. Manufactured by Winning in Japan. The custom color headgear is made of leather.


  • Winning® Boxing Headgear, FG-2900, Face Guard Design.
  • Lightweight headgear construction: 270g.
  • Ear protectors.
  • Cheek protectors.
  • Handcrafted in Japan.
  • Synthetic leather.
  • Available in Medium, Large, 2x Large, and 3x Large


  • Premium padding on the cheek protection
  • Feels lighter than most boxing headgear
  • Premium Comfortability
  • Easily adjustable
  • Vision


  • Doesn't absorb sweat very well
  • Expensive headgear
  • No protection for the back of the head
  • Can't use for competition

CLETO REYES Traditional Headgear with Pointed Nylon Face Bar

CLETO REYES Traditional Headgear with Pointed Nylon Face Bar
  • Excellent three point anatomical fit
  • Hook and loop rear closure, adjustable chin strap and lace for top adjustament
  • Protective lightweight front bar and latex foam padding.
  • Natural leather.
  • Excellent vision angle.

This Cleto Reyes traditional headgear is classic and authentic. The point in the nylon face bar provides a great deal of protection to the nose and eyes. The mesh backing on this Cleto Reyes headgear protects the back of the head while also providing comfortability to the fighter.

This Cleto Reyes headgear is available for both men and women. The Cleto Reyes headgear offers a lightweight protective nylon front bar without sacrificing superior protection. It gives full coverage and has a wide-angle vision. Cleto Reyes's equipment is ideal for sparring or heavy workouts.


  • Handmade in Mexico
  • Made with natural leather and soft foam padding
  • Offers great comfort and protection
  • One size fits all


  • Very good protection for nose, mouth & face
  • Great for people with braces
  • Excellent for hard sparring


  • The nose bar sticks out too far and is so uncomfortable
  • Difficult to cover your head when blocking
  • Has a strong chemical smell that some people dislike alot
  • Can't use for competition

Winning FG-5000

Winning Headgear Fg5000
  • Medium: 21.0 - 23.0 inch
  • Large : 22.5 - 24.5 inch
  • 33% lighter than the old model (from 21oz to 15oz)
  • Made in Japan

The Winning FG-5000 headgear is constructed from the highest quality artificial leather, making it a headgear that is not likely to stretch or become misshapen. The headgear weighs approximately 15oz and can be used for headgears of all sizes as it has an adjustable head strap and is laced in the back. The bar-faced head guard is manufactured by Winning in Japan to the safest and highest quality there is.

The Winning FG5000 headgear series is an excellent option for boxers at any level. Its low weight and exceptional comfort make it easy to wear. The FG-5000 was created with premium head protection in mind, without sacrificing mobility or comfort. These qualities make it the best headgear for both amateurs and professionals.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Ear protectors
  • Good nose protection
  • For use in training
  • Locking chin strap
  • Rear laced string adjustment


  • The cushion makes it very comfortable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Easy to clean
  • adjustable chin strap


  • Expensive if you don't plan on using it much
  • Moves around on the head a bit
  • Can't use for competition

Cleto Reyes Classic Training Headgear

Step into the ring like a champion with CLETO REYES Classic Training Headgear - They don't call it the best for nothing. Whether you have been in boxing for years or are starting, this training headgear will do you right - just remember that it is made of genuine leather and will last a very long time.

Unlike other brands, Cleto Reyes' headgear comes with an oversized foam outer shield on the forehead padding to make sure that your focus is where it needs to be fighting!

Protect your head and face during sparring practice or in the squared circle with this high-quality, handmade gear.

The CLETO REYES Classic Training Headgear is made with genuine leather that will give you years of use. The padded headgear has a rigid front "bar" and an overall weight of one pound, four ounces. it is Mexican-style headgear.

The product is handmade in Mexico.


  • Sewn with cotton thread and padded with thick foam inserts on the forehead and cheeks.
  • Weight: 1 lb, 4 oz.
  • Available in sizes: Medium, Large, and Extra large.
  • Made with 100% genuine leather
  • Buckle chin strap


  • Excellent craftsmanship - Made to last for years.
  • Good vision
  • Protects well
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Will break down further as it is used (since it's made of genuine leather).
  • Chinstrap isn't great
  • Can be Stiff

Ringside Master’s Competition Headgear

Ringside Fightgear Master's Competition Headgear
  • More thickly padded than standard competition headgear--
  • Hook & loop rear closure provides total adjustabilit
  • It is made of durable leather with a buckle chin strap.
  • Cheek protectors help guard the front of the face without obstructing view
  • Provides nose

Ringside is a company that specializes in boxing gear for all levels, from amateur to professional. The importance of suitability is that it should be tailored to match your rules of engagement.

Whether you need amateur or international standard suits, we have something available to you. Ringside is sanctioned for competition use as well as good headgear for sparring.

Master's Competition Headgear provides the ultimate protection for boxers when in light sparring sessions or competition. The cheek protectors help to guard the front of the face. It's easy to adjust thanks to the hook-and-loop rear closure.


  • Durable construction
  • Hook and Loop closure for an adjustable fit in the back
  • Adjustable buckle chin strap
  • Cheek protectors guard face well


  • Thicker padding for protection
  • Used for competition
  • Feels great once broken in
  • Easily adjustable


  • Cheek guards obstruct the view
  • Feels a bit too bulky to move your head around
  • Ear protection isn't great

Rival Traditional Training Headgear

RIVAL Boxing RHG2 Training Headgear
  • Original Old School design and craftsman for optimal results without compromise
  • Ultra sleek, thinner design is preferred by many veteran ring warriors
  • Full 1.0mm cowhide leather shell is made to go the distance
  • Soft, supple, water resistant suede leather inside liner is comfortable yet...
  • Reduced sized cheek guards help increase vision in the ring

Our best-selling headgear for the modern, high-energy boxer.

Our patented design allows the headgear to withstand the brutal speed and volume of punches. Increased padded coverage around the ears adds to our authentic look along with providing additional protection.

Rival Traditional Training Headgear is a great option for anyone who wants to wear boxing headgear that will give them quality protection.

Whether you are looking for headgear that will cushion your ears or a lightweight one, you will find what you need. Effective, secure, and protective, the Rival Traditional Training Headgear offers you everything that you need to ensure your safety.

If you are considering purchasing this headgear, here is a little more about this product.


  • A sleek thin design
  • A full 1.0mm cowhide leather shell is made to go the distance
  • Soft, supple, water-resistant suede leather inside liner is comfortable yet durable
  • Reduced sized cheek guards help increase vision


  • Very good sparring headgear
  • Easily adjustable
  • Protects very well
  • Reasonable price
  • Doesn't slip when being hit


  • A bit bulky
  • Headache when you wear too long

TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear

TITLE Gel World Full-Face Training Headgear
  • Regular size denotes small/medium
  • Regular, 6 3/8" - 7 1/8", 20 3/4" - 22 1/4" & up to 150 lbs. Large, 7 1/4" - 8",...

Not your average headgear with gel lining this high-quality boxing headgear is like the Cadillacs of headgear a must-try if you have never experienced quality snugging your head, getting punched never felt so good until now!

Gel padding and multi-layered sleek design foam with fully padded cheeks, forehead, ears, and back make for optimal full-coverage and comfortable fit. Easy to take on and off it is with the best of any quality headgear on the market.

Hook-and-loop rear closure with leather and elastic top make excellent custom adjustments. Add in the chin padding and forget about it.


  • Gel lining and multi-layered design foam
  • More padding with fully padded cheeks, forehead, ears, and back
  • Hook-and-loop rear closure with leather and elastic top
  • All-leather build in full-face style


  • Great for absorbing impact
  • Great protection for light sparring
  • good peripheral vision


  • Not competition approved
  • The front opening is a bit too big
  • Chin protection gets in the way of tucking your chin

Ringside Competition-Like Boxing Headgear with Cheeks

Ringside Competition-Like Boxing Headgear with Cheeks, Black, Small
  • Not approved for competition by USA Boxing
  • The Ringside headgear is complete with a sleek contoured design and curved cheek...
  • Made of durable leather construction to ensure lasting dexterity and performance...
  • Top rated head gear for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and partner contact sport...
  • Search B07G4ZCLBL to find Ringside’s competition approved headgear

If you arent looking to spend too much money this is your cheap boxing headgear alternative. Ringside has one of the lightest headgear you can wear during a sparring session that still has great padding for protection.

Can not be used in competition with USA Boxing. Ringside headgear has a sleek design with the latest protective qualities. Durable leather construction ensures long-lasting life and performance with top-quality impact absorption so you can focus safely on sparring. Top-rated headgear for boxing.


  • Not approved for competition by USA Boxing
  • A sleek contoured design with the latest protective advancements
  • Velcro strap
  • Quality cheek protection
  • Totally adjustable for a custom fit with a lace-top and hook & loop rear closure
  • Sturdy, buckle chin strap


  • Very comfortable
  • Durable made to last
  • Head movement feels comfortable


  • Size does not always match the description
  • Not approved for competition by USA Boxing
  • Chinstrap is made of metal

Ringside Competition-Like Boxing Headgear Without Cheeks

Ringside Competition-Like Boxing Headgear without Cheeks, Small, Black
  • Not approved for competition by USA Boxing
  • The Ringside headgear has a sleek contoured design with the latest protective...
  • Made of durable leather construction to ensure lasting dexterity and performance...
  • Top rated head gear for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and partner contact sport...
  • Search B07G4S3BP4 to find Ringside’s competition approved headgear

The counterpart to the cheek-protected version is an open face meaning you lose out on the cheek protectors but gain excellent visibility. Still a great price and very good quality for beginners or someone who doesn't spar that often. Not approved for competition.

Can not be used in competition with USA Boxing. Ringside headgear has a sleek design with the latest protective qualities. Durable leather construction ensures long-lasting life and performance with top-quality impact absorption so you can focus safely on sparring. Top-rated headgear for boxing.


  • Not approved for competition by USA Boxing
  • A sleek contoured design with the latest protective advancements
  • Velcro strap
  • Great visibility
  • Totally adjustable for a custom fit with a lace-top and hook & loop rear closure
  • Sturdy, buckle chin strap


  • Very comfortable
  • Durable made to last
  • Very good Visibility


  • Size does not always match the description
  • Not approved for competition by USA Boxing
  • Chinstrap is made of metal

Title USA Boxing Amateur Competition Headgear (w/Cheeks)

Title USA Boxing Amateur Competition Headgear (w/Cheeks), Black, Small
  • 100% full grain leather shell is manufactured for extended, long-lasting wear
  • Softer, ultra-comfortable, yet durable cloth inside liner is moisture wicking
  • Multi-layered exclusive four-foam laminated padding has high and low density...
  • Integrated side ear air channels offer extra protection and coverage
  • Adjustable chin strap offers additional security and form fit for a secure,...

Top-grade leather, Super-comfortable suede leather liner. Multi-layered, with high-density padding. Ask and you shall receive extra ear protection. The fully adjustable lacing system on top, back, and under the chin.

Made to fit your head like a glove on your hand. Expertly crafted to help protect, yet not interfere and that's why we are calling it a top-notch pick!

The new and improved certified USA Boxing approved all amateur boxing competition, Head guard. 100% full-grain leather shell is long-lasting wear for rounds of intense action.

Moisture-wicking inside lining to keep you cooler and fresher. Complete with USA Boxing seal of approval. $4.00 from the sale of every headgear above goes directly to USA Boxing to support and advance amateur boxing.


  • Cheek protection
  • Easily adjustable chin strap
  • Extended long-lasting wear
  • Four foam laminated padding


  • Protects without blocking vision
  • Absorbs contact very well
  • Very snug and comfortable


  • Can fit a little tight
  • Chinstrap can be uncomfortable

RDX Headgear (with Removable Face Grill, Cheeks, Ear, Mouth Protection)

RDX Headgear Boxing MMA Muay Thai, Removable Face Grill, Head Gear for Sparring Grappling Martial...
  • RDX Headgear is contrived with Maya Hide Leather material that refuse to split,...
  • Tri-slabs of impact attenuating foam supporting layer. It is helpful for intense...
  • Quick-EZ hook-and-loop strap offers a secure and adjustable fit reducing chances...
  • The PVC grill provides a minimal buffer against high impact strikes. It further...
  • EVA-Lution sheet delivers eventual impact resistance. The Foam layer support...

Okay so let's be clear this is a great full-face headgear if you do not like any marks or bruises after a sparring session.

Poor visibility due to the face grill, the good news is that you can remove it. Not recommended for boxers who are in competition but highly recommended for people who want to be safe while dipping their toes in the ring.

Advanced shock impact, with added durability and sponge x padding. add these all together and you get a lot of top-quality protection. Good boxing headgear with maximum protection.


  • Removable Face grill
  • Impact resistance
  • Foam padding
  • Material that refuses to split, fray, or tear
  • Good nose protection


  • Quite comfortable and sweat absorbent.
  • Easy to put on and tighten by myself.
  • Stays in place when hit or moving around even when very sweaty.
  • Well-cushioned around the face, back of the head, and around the ears.


  • Face shield significantly reduces peripheral vision on the sides, bottom, and top.
  • The face shield seems over-designed.
  • Could use additional/thicker padding on the sides of the head.

Buyer's Guide For Best Boxing Headgear

Before purchasing headgear for boxing, you should consider a few important things: protection, visibility, fastenings, etc.

Let's cover them!

Protection & Styles

Different head guards provide different levels of protection.

When it comes to protection, boxing headgears can offer either:

  • Complete protection (also referred to as 'cage' boxing helmet ) provides the most protection covering the entire face
  • Partial Protection (covering specific areas like the ears, cheeks, mouth) boxing helmets

The boxing headgear you need depends on your personal needs and preferences.

For example, boxing headgear with full face protection can be very useful for sparring without causing major damage or discomfort to the opponent. It might not be so useful during bag work and other boxing training activities because it makes it harder to see.

Open face headgear

Open face headgear offers better visibility and airflow but does not cover the ears.

Cheek protectors

Cheek protectors are small pads that cover the sides of the face. Using boxing headgears that don't cover the ears can expose you to damages to your eardrums.

Boxing headgears that don't cover the ears can expose you to damages to your eardrums.

Face bar headgear

Excellent protection for the nose and eyes without taking away too much visibility while you spar, used by many elite professional athletes.

Full Face Protection w/ Safety Cage

This full-face training headgear covers the entire face without exposing the ears and boxing headgears can be useful during sparring boxing to protect from a lot of damage. Very durable the helmet remains intact.

Full Face Protection w/ Plastic

Offers better visibility with clear plastic rather than the rigid bar going across your vision. Full protection of the face and head.


Whether you are going for more visibility or a safer experience it's important to note what you will gain and what you will lose.

Open face headgear

Great visibility at the cost of more damage to the face like cuts, black eyes, and broken noses if you are a fighter susceptible to getting hit, it is good to get prepared for the real deal but at what costs?

Closed face headgear

It's amazing how well the bars really do absorb the contact from punches, but you won't get the real feel if you have goals to actually compete, couple that with taking away some vision and you are at a loss when you enter a competition and the shock of impact.

Nose guard

This is more like it with the ability to have somewhat of a real feel and still protect you. Great if you have injuries as a boxer and need to still get sparring in or just save yourself for the actual fight. My regulars if you don't feel like getting touched upon the face and need to return to work with no questions this is still for you. Recommended for all!

Cheek protectors

Sure they aren't perfect but they can cover enough of the face to live in a happy medium between fully exposed and too covered up. they offer good visibility to get the job done. Recommended for most!


Leather headgear is popular among boxers because it can absorb punches from an opponent and provide a protective barrier to keep the boxer's face safe. Synthetic materials are not as thick or soft, but they do offer some advantages that leather does not.


Natural materials are better suited for absorbing shock from blows to the head and will help keep the wearer's skin cool while they're fighting

Synthetic leather

Dry quicker, are less expensive, don't require any maintenance, and are easier to clean.


If you're a boxer, you know that headgear is an integral part of training. You may not know how to wear it properly though! The headgear should be fitted snugly around your ears without being too tight on the neck and jawline.

Too loose

  • If there is more than one finger width between your chin and neck, this means that it needs to be adjusted.

Too tight

  • If it's too tight, wearing it for an extended period will give you a headache

Just right

  • Snug like a glove you won't have to worry about it moving around or slipping off your head every time you get punched.


Boxing headgear is designed to protect your face and head from injury during a match or sparring session. It can also be used for training. Boxing Headgear is available in many different sizes. Some are more comfortable than others with the padding on the interior of the helmet designed to provide comfort as well as protection. You may want to choose an option that fits your needs best so you can wear it comfortably for hours at a time without pain or discomfort.

Thin padding

  • Thin padding may not protect as much, but it will let air flow through so that you don't overheat and get a nasty headache

Thick padding

  • Thick padding provides more protection, but it also traps heat which can make you sweat more during your workout


What's better? Which one will last longer? Which is more comfortable?


  • Not as comfortable due to the metal piece used but lasts longer and is secured no matter what. This is only used for the chinstrap.

Velcro straps

  • More comfortable than metal buckles especially during sparring but can lose its grip after time. Also can be used for the back of the headgear as well.


  • Headgear with laces provides the perfect flexibility to make sure that it is tight enough for a certain individual. these laces are usually found in the back of the headgear.

Frequently Asked Questions For Boxing Headgear

How do boxing headgears work?

Boxing headgear (also called head guards) works by protecting your ears, cheeks, and forehead. Some boxing headgears also protect the eyes with a mesh face guard cover - this boxing headgear design was actually inspired by ski goggles.

Is boxing safe with headgear?

Yes, boxing is safer with boxing headgear on. Most boxing injuries occur without a helmet, so it's crucial to wear one during practice. Wearing boxing headgear doesn't mean you can box recklessly - headgear does not protect your jaw or teeth from injury.

Can you get knocked out with headgear?

You can still get knocked out with boxing headgear on.

Does headgear stop brain damage?

Headgear will no doubt help boxing-related head injuries, but it does not prevent brain damage completely. There are several factors that determine whether you get knocked out with boxing headgear on - weight, how fast the punch was thrown, your reaction time to blocking a blow.

Does boxing headgear protect your nose?

It depends on the type of headgear - the amount of protection depends on the design and build.

Some boxing headgear is designed to protect your nose, but some boxing headgears have a foam bar in front of it that may not do much for protecting your nose. If you want boxing headgear that protects your nose, look for boxing headgears with a face bar.

How is boxing headgear supposed to fit?

Most boxing headgears are supposed to fit tightly and snuggly on your face.

At first, it should be a little tight because you want protection but not impede your breathing. The headgear should "break-in" as it gets used (as mentioned above, boxing headgear made of real leather will break down once they are used).

How do I know my headgear size?

Measure the circumference of your head just above your eyebrows - boxing headgear fit sizes are usually based on this measurement.

Your headgear size should be one or two inches larger than your actual measurement.

For example, if you have a 22-inch circumference, boxing headgears that fit this size will start at about 23-24 inches in

Is boxing headgear worth it?

For most people, boxing headgear is worth it. If you're boxing competitively or sparring often, boxing headgear is a great investment because training without boxing headgear on can leave your ears and face sore after a few sessions.

However, boxing headgear doesn't always do its job - some boxers think boxing headgears make them feel stiffer while fighting. One boxing pro actually said boxing headgear makes boxing more precise by giving you a target to aim for - in short, boxing without boxing headgear will make your boxing movements less predictable and accurate.

Final Thoughts

The winner? Winning headgear takes the thrown!

Overall Winning is by far the best hands down but that doesn't mean it's for everybody. If you rarely spar there is no need for a headgear that costs so much, I would measure by the level of activity in the sport combined with personal preference and any injuries or circumstances like a job that doesn't want a bruised up worker.

With so many options available and different levels of protection to choose from, it's important to get the right gear for your needs. After reading this blog post and checking out our list of recommendations on our site, we hope you'll have a better idea about what will work best for you.