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The Best Free Standing Boxing Bag

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Choosing Between the Various Brands

A free-standing boxing bag enables a gym's floor space to be fully cleared for many other activities. It does not need fitting on walls or hanging. Ideal for boxing training or professional MMA. There are different types of this bag which come in varying sizes and shapes.

Heavy bags - Are heavy bags that have a thick heavy wall around them to protect fighters from being able to knock them out. These heavy bags provide the most effective training for striking power. Not for beginners. Pummel your arms, chest, and legs with the right-sized heavy bag to get in shape and toughen yourself up before entering into tougher, harder fighting areas. Pummel some heavy bags every day for one week and see what happens.

Light bags - Are light bags that you carry in your hand to make it easier to punch with more power. Good for beginners or women who just started learning how to box. The heavy bag provides a good way to learn how to punch and how hard you can punch.

Punching Bags - Are punching bags where you do the punching in order to put the bag over your head and then punch it. These are very handy when taking instruction from a more experienced teacher. Punching bags provide all the punching power you need to defeat any opponent. Get a few of these and start practicing your boxing skills. If you find the bag too easy to use you can move on to another type of bag.

Sand Bags - Are bags full of sand. You throw a handful of sand in and cover your feet. Then throw in your jab, back, and right. When your bag comes to land, cover your feet again and let the sand cover the area on your feet. The goal is to make a Pacman-style pattern out of the sand. These can be used for all range of motion techniques and will help improve your footwork.

Tote Bags - Have a small bag that you walk around with. You fill the tote with water and then throw in a variety of items such as punches, headgear, belts, bags of sand, and anything else you may want to have. This type of bag allows you to do a quick exercise with all your tools. It will also allow you to walk around your boxing bag and work on developing hand-eye coordination.

Grappling Bars - Have some sandbags or blocks at home and practice your footwork on them. Most gyms have several choices of grappling bars so you can test them out before investing in a heavy bag. These are a great investment because they teach you the basics of working with a heavy bag and will keep you from having an injury.

These five items are great for any serious student who wishes to become an educated boxer. These will improve your speed, hand-eye coordination, and your stamina. I highly recommend these five free-standing boxing bag deluxe items to anyone who is serious about improving their techniques. Also, for those people who just enjoy doing it, there are smaller free-standing punching bags available. These are much cheaper than the deluxe ones and will provide the same benefits.

I recommend using the best free-standing heavy bag for beginning techniques. After that, you can add other equipment as your budget allows. For example, a few wrist straps, headgear, a body kit, or even a groin protector. If you have a kid at home, you could also teach him or her how to punch with a bag. Once your kid is old enough, you could switch over to using a sparring bag which is much cheaper and much less harmful than a regular punching bag.

The best way to find a quality free-standing boxing bag is to make sure you buy from a reputable seller. When I bought my first one I was worried that it would not fit properly because it was so big. In fact, it took me almost a year to get my upper body into it. Now, I am able to use it to fight for about three to five minutes before I need to stretch. That's much better than most fighters.

There is even a special kind of fighting bag called a super pro standing punching bag deluxe 186cm. This one comes with all the padding you need and comes in a nice design too. It has a sand bottom and can hold up to 365 cm of sand!