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The Best Grappling Shorts

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Bestseller No. 1
Sanabul Essential MMA BJJ Cross Fit Workout Shorts (34 inch W, Silver)
  • Just What You Need: Sanabul Essentials check all the boxes to get you started....
  • Fit Right In: Regular shorts stick out like a sore thumb in the gym, and don’t...
  • Designed to Perform: Less baggy with open seams and four way stretching gives...
  • Built to Last: Reinforced stitching and seam protection will keep your shorts...
  • Not Going Anywhere: A secure hook and loop closure system keeps these firmly on...
Bestseller No. 2
ROAR MMA Fight Shorts UFC Grappling Muay Thai BJJ Training Jiu Jitsu No Gi Wear (Medium, Black)
  • Made of 100% Micro Fabric stretch Panels constructed shorts feature a large.
  • Ergonomically designed with unique texture and style, perfect for MMA.
  • Split out seams allow more kicking freedom while the black-trimmed waistband...
  • Adjustable Strap closure plus an internal drawstring to reduce shifting..
  • Multiple Flex Panels for excellent mobility. Long Term Money Back Guarantee....
Bestseller No. 3
MMA BJJ Unisex Cross Training Gym Boxing Grappling Kickboxing Muay Thai Running Wrestling No Gi...
  • ✅ALL-PURPOSE: In case you are striking or grappling, yoga or cross-fit,...
  • ✅ALL-PURPOSE: In case you are striking or grappling, yoga or cross-fit,...
  • ✅ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: Hawk shorts for men & women have been made with 125gsm...
  • ✅BREATHABLE: Ultimate Fast-Dry performance men shorts with sweat wicking...
  • ✅DOUBLE-STITCHED: Reinforced seams with LYCRA stretch panels in crotch for...
Bestseller No. 4
Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Shorts - IBJJF Approved No Gi Fight Short - for Grappling, MMA, Wrestling, Muay...
  • NO POCKETS, FOR NOGI - The only thing those pesky IBJJF refs will DQ you faster...
  • MAXIMUM STRETCH - Legend has it our training shorts were designed from the same...
  • BUILT FOR FIGHTING, GREAT FOR EVERYTHING - We designed our fight trunks with jiu...
  • PAIR WITH OUR RASHGUARD - For the ultimate no gi outfit, pair our fight shorts...
  • BACKED BY THE GOLD BJJ GUARANTEE - We're not a huge conglomerate, we're a small...
Bestseller No. 5
Artibus BJJ Jiu Jitsu Shorts - IBJJF Legal No Gi Fight Short - for Grappling, MMA, Wrestling, Muay...
  • 4 Way Stretch & High Flex Crotch- So your gear always moves with you
  • No Velcro- It's uncomfortable, fails over time and frays gear in the wash
  • No Pockets or Zippers- No problems. Avoid injuries and disqualifications that...
  • Drawstring and Silicone Grip- Keep your shorts in place
  • Modern Cut- Short cut for increase mobility and a modern aesthetic.

Buyer's Guide

Jiu Jitsu Shorts - Best Tips on Purchasing

Grappling shorts, also known as wrestling shorts, and grappling jock shorts, this equipment has become crucial for MMA practitioners and other grapplers alike. These days, there are now a multitude of brands available in the market to choose from. And perhaps, the most significant problem for any grappling ace is selecting the right grappling shorts for him or her. Below are some of the things that need to be considered:

o Fabric - Most modern day grappling shorts are usually made up of high quality cotton or spandex material. This type of fabric is flexible and light weight, and it is very comfortable to wear. But since it is so soft and lightweight, it easily develops creases when used repeatedly. Therefore, you need to evaluate your own preferences so as to ensure that the shorts which you are going to buy are most comfortable to you.

o Fabric pocket - Most jiu jitsu shorts have small pocket in the front for extra comfort and flexibility. There are also some shorts which have no pocket at all. If you prefer, you can choose a fabric with reinforced stitching in the pockets. The most popular styles include those with Velcro closures. In addition, the stitching is done neatly so as not to detract from the look.

o Internal Drawstring - Most grappling shorts feature an internal drawstring. This is used to enable the shorts to be worn without causing much discomfort or hassle. The drawstring runs along the leg, between the knee and the ankle. A good thing about the internal drawstring is that it is usually made of high quality cotton. If you want to ensure that your jiu jitsu shorts remain wrinkle free, be sure to purchase one which features an inner drawstring made of spandex.

o Velcro closure - The best grappling shorts are those which feature a Velcro closure on the inside. This is because Velcro provides a tighter closure thus preventing the shorts from slipping around when you are being grapple. However, if you are not a fan of Velcro, you can always opt for a pair which has a button or hook. However, it is important that the button or hook is on the inside of the shorts in order to prevent it from rubbing against the board during your training. Another advantage of the Velcro closure is that it can help keep the grappling shorts away from moisture which may damage the shorts.

o Fabric - A good pair of grappling shorts should not only be comfortable but should also be made from a high-quality fabric. This will ensure that your body receives the maximum benefit of wearing the shorts. A good material to look for would be 100% nylon. A light weight fabric such as cotton is also a good choice. Just make sure that the fabric does not restrict your movement as much as possible.

o Polyester blends - A good pair of jiu jitsu grappling shorts should be made of high quality, pure polyester blends. As opposed to nylon, polyester blends tend to be lighter and more comfortable. Also, they do not have as many properties which can cause irritation to the skin. If possible, try to avoid the said irritants as much as possible.

These are just a few tips on how to buy the right pair of MMA or Jiu Jitsu fight shorts for you. Do not rush into buying a pair without first doing your research and asking questions. In this way, you will surely find the best pair for your needs.

o High Performance - For those who have a physique that cannot tolerate normal sports shorts, grappling shorts come in two-layer omni-directional crotch panel with full back ventilation. There are also various colors available from black to white. And of course, there are several sizes to choose from. Make sure that your shorts are cut properly and that they fit perfectly on your hips.

o Board Style - Board shorts were designed specifically to provide comfort and fit to grappling shorts enthusiasts. Their special design allows for better mobility and flexibility when compared to regular shorts. They come in both baggy and tight styles. Some board shorts are made of neoprene which are great when mixed with light sports gear such as running shoes. The neoprene also ensures easy and quick breathing and thus is very popular among swimmers. In contrast, others are made of microfiber that are perfect for grappling shorts aficionados.

o Fashion - The most common reason as to why most people prefer grappling shorts is because of the fashion aspect alone. Most of these clothing items are extremely colorful and have unique patterns, so much so, that it would be hard to distinguish one from the other without looking at the labels. One can also say that these are the perfect alternative to traditional jiu jitsu uniforms. It is said that grappling shorts are more akin to the pajamas that most elite students wear for training, and since most practitioners prefer to keep their MMA attire similar to their MMA shorts, the two have come up with a good solution.

Additional Information

What are grappling shorts?

Grappling shorts are useful for absorbing sweat and drying quickly. They also permit movement. Grappling shorts resemble traditional board shorts. The design of grappling shorts differs significantly. There should be no metal rings or pockets on the outside of the grappling shorts.

Can no GI shorts have pockets?

The shorts can not have pockets or have their pockets completely closed. They must also be free of buttons and zippers.

What are grappling shorts made of?

MMA shorts can be made from a spandex/polyester blend. This material is required to make lightweight and flexible shorts. This fabric is antimicrobial as well as sweat-wicking.

What is no gi BJJ?

Gi Jiu Jitsu is experimenting with Gi, or a traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uniform. This allows you to grab an opponent's clothing and control or submit them. No Gi Jiu-Jitsu does not necessitate the use of a traditional uniform. Instead, you'll be dressed in shorts and a T-shirt or rashguard.

What are fight shorts?

These shorts are made to last and can withstand the rigors of competition or training while remaining in place. Grappling shorts and MMA shorts are made specifically for grappling. They will remain in place regardless of what you do.

Can I wear gi pants in no-gi?

No-gi BJJ can be practiced while wearing gi pants. It will, however, give your opponent an advantage because they will have more to grip in order to control your movements.

Does Ibjjf do no-gi?


How should no-gi shorts fit?

If you're in between sizes, size down to ensure you're comfortable for combat sports. The shorts' main material has a two-way stretch that will keep your waist/hips in place. This allows you to move freely, and the garment performs better when it is snug.

What shorts do UFC fighters wear?

Some UFC fighters may not be wearing MMA shorts, as you may have noticed. Instead, they're dressed in skintight shorts. These are also known as Vale Tudo (or compression shorts) and are similar to grappling clothing.

Are UFC shorts comfortable?

They're soft and don't have the bulky pockets of traditional gym shorts. MMA shorts were created to keep you safe as a fighter. The lack of pockets in MMA shorts serves as a safety feature, allowing for quick checking of kicks or grappling.

Who is the best no gi grappler?

According to Gordon Ryan, the Top 5 No-Gi Competitors are, according to Gordon Ryan.From Dean Lister. Andre Galvao. Marcelo Garcia. Royler Gracie. Dean Lister has contributed significantly to the advancement of Jiu Jitsu and MMA in general.

Which is better gi or no-gi?

The way NoGi and Gi use the Gi for grappling is different. Training with NoGi is faster and more intense than training with Gi. You must use a Gi to control your opponent. This is a disadvantage you cannot exploit when training NoGi.

Whats harder gi or no-gi?

It is more difficult to adjust to Gi training if you begin training without the Gi. Although training with the Gi is more difficult due to the numerous grips, there are many aspects of No GI that the Gi does not provide. Without the Gi, you'll use a lot of wrestling-based takedowns.

Does BJJ gi color matter?

BJJ does not care what color your gi is, but it is important to know where you are training. The most widely accepted colors are white, blue, and black. If you intend to compete in seminars or competitions, you must wear these colors.

Why are Muay Thai shorts so short?

Muay Thai shorts were created to allow Muay Thai fighters maximum airflow while training, allowing them to stay cool. Thai boxers enjoy showing off their legs when throwing kicks, which is why the shorts are so short.

Why do boxers wear boxing shorts?

Boxers wear their shorts high to conceal their lines and throw off their punches in order to gain a psychological advantage. In a sport as competitive as boxing, every factor influences a boxer's ability to win.

Are Muay Thai shorts good for MMA?

In conclusion, Muay Thai training is best done in traditional Muay Thai shorts. MMA shorts, on the other hand, provide a modern alternative that is stylish, comfortable, and allows for excellent mobility.

Do you wear shorts under a gi?

Compression shorts/spats-Whether you plan to train only in the gi, only in the no-gi, or both, compression shorts/spats are essential. For gi training, you will need to wear something underneath your gi. You will be an inspiration to your training partners.

Do you wear shorts over spats?

Are there any rules about wearing only spats? Sometimes a training partner will show up to train wearing only spats. This is acceptable for women, but it is not recommended that you train in shorts.

What do you wear under spats?

Spats should be worn with underwear. Spats are typically made of a thin elastic material. When stretched in the right lighting, this can make them visible. Covering up any exposed skin with underwear is a good idea.