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The Best Hayabusa Gloves

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Buyer's Guide

Hayabusa Gloves Are Not Just For Sport

Hayabusa Gloves are designed for the serious professional in mixed martial arts. Whether a fan of MMA or just a casual viewer, you will want to consider what Hayabusa has to offer. Handwraps for all hand sizes. Hayabusa gloves offer a tailored fit, lightweight protection, and world renowned wrist support. Experience proven award winning protection backed by an decade of technical research.

The Professional Series from Hayabusa is made for the most demanding athlete. Professional Series gloves feature a one-piece construction with fully wrap-around wrist support. Each Professional Series pair includes a premium leather trim and patented rubber grip tape. This Professional Series also offers a premium fabric used in producing pro-style boxing gloves that provides enhanced sensitivity and durability for hardcore practitioners. With Professional Series gloves, you'll never have to worry about damaging your favorite pair of gloves by accidentally striking your thumb with the barrel of a hunting rifle.

If you've always wanted a pair of Hayabusa boxing gloves but thought you could not afford them, think again. The Amazon Series is affordable for all skill levels. Available in black, blue and gold, Amazon boxing gloves are perfect for students, amateur athletes and the professional in you. Each pair includes a high quality textile lining and flexible yet durable grip tape. Amazon boxing gloves provide an enhanced sensitivity for increased accuracy and control while employing a boxing bag.

Hayabusa Heavy Duty Gloves include padding specially designed to absorb impact and force. Padding also adds more than just protection. Padding allows increased comfort while providing unparalleled support. Hayabusa boxing gloves feature padding made from the finest polyester yarns in the industry. This ensures that Hayabusa Heavy Duty gloves are designed with your safety in mind.

The palm of the Hayabusa Heavy Duty Gloves includes a four layered thickness that provides superior fit and gripping power. The finger protection in the palm is the most responsive in the world of gloves. The thick material is complimented by thick elasticated wrists and wrist straps. The thick foam padding in the fingers protects against injuries.

One thing that sets the Hayabusa Heavy Duty gloves apart from others is their Pro lined grip tape. This tape works hard to keep you comfortable during strenuous training sessions. In fact, the Pro lined grip tape even helps to protect your hands and forearms from injury during sparring sessions with your friends or opponents.

The inner lining of Hayabusa gloves is designed to wick moisture away from the hand while keeping the hand dry. The water repellent inner lining is an important feature in keeping your hands dry while you work out. The patented wicking fabric in the inner lining of the Hayabusa Heavy Duty Gloves allows sweat to evaporate quickly without causing excess moisture in the gym. The high performance foam padding in the fingers helps prevent them from being crushed during workouts.

For maximum abrasion resistance the Hayabusa Heavy Duty Gloves include an ergonomic fit that makes them easy to slip on and off. The soft leather sock liner provides ample wrist support. Although they offer all of these great features, the Hayabusa gloves are a little bit on the expensive side. The gloves are also a little bit on the heavy side, so that they might not be a good choice for beginners.

If you are a hardgainer or a beginner you may prefer to try a pair of Hayabusa Heavy Duty Gymnastics gloves that have some of their unique features. One of the most unique features of these gloves is their wrist straps. Rather than having a hard wrap around design, the wrist strap on the Hayabusa Heavy Duty Gymnastics gloves is a soft but strong hook and loop strap that will give you the strength and support you need to perform your exercises in a safe and effective manner. The high performance foam padding in the fingertips and palm area of the Hayabusa Heavy Duty Gymnastics gloves will keep your hands comfortable and increase your dexterity. You won't be able to move your fingers as quickly as you would do with some other gloves.

You can purchase the Hayabusa Heavy Duty Gymnastics gloves online at any quality sporting goods store. If you are looking for a good deal you should take a look at some of the online auctions where you will often find an unbelievable deal on one of these great gloves. You can also buy a pair of these gloves from a private owner if they want to sell them. You can even purchase your Hayabusa Heavy Duty Gymnastics gloves used, but be sure to check the condition and authenticity of the gloves before buying. Many online stores will allow you to shop and compare prices with other stores so you can get the best deal possible.

You can also find the Hayabusa Heavy Duty Gymnastics gloves in many other styles including plain leather, rubber, gel and even vinyl. There are even styles of gloves that you can wear while riding a motorcycle. If you want to protect your hands and keep them comfortable at the same time you should definitely consider a pair of Hayabusa gloves. They come with an ergonomic grip and an easy to use double stitching on the inner lining to ensure that your hands will stay warm and dry throughout the day.


How long do Hayabusa gloves last?

Gloves for sparring for six months to a year. The exterior is made of high-quality leather with less padding. Gloves for heavy bags last between two and three years. Weaker leather on the outside and more foam padding on the inside.

Do heavier gloves hurt more?

Is it more effective to use a heavier glove? No, No, A heavier glove does not make you hit harder or do more damage to your opponent. A heavier glove will not do more damage to an opponent, but it will keep you and your partner safer.

Are cheap boxing gloves bad?

The budget and the materials Cheap boxing gloves, particularly if purchased used or from an unknown online retailer, will most likely not provide the support or durability you require. This can result in injury, especially if your technique isn't yet perfected.

What are good boxing gloves?

The best boxing gloves are Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Gloves. Sparring gloves are a good all-purpose sparring glove. Venum Elite Boxing Gloves. Everlast Leather Pro3 Boxing Gloves. Adidas Hybrid 200 Boxing Gloves. RDX Ego Boxing Gloves. Lonsdale Pro Training Gloves.

Are 12 oz gloves good for heavy bag?

For hitting heavy bags or hitting pads, gloves weighing 12 oz or less are ideal. Gloves weighing 12 oz or less are also available. You can use 14 oz, 16 oz, or larger gloves for all purposes, depending on your hand size. These gloves are suitable for hitting pads, heavy bag work, sparring, and general training.

Do heavier gloves make you faster?

Although heavier gloves generate more force (strength), they do so at a slower rate than is required. Lighter gloves, on the other hand, train muscles to contract faster than heavier gloves.

Is Hayabusa a good brand?

Hayabusa is a well-known brand that has strong ties to MMA while also branching out into other martial arts. Their products are daring and one-of-a-kind and they strive for high performance.

Is Hayabusa an effective boxing glove?

Hayabusa's boxing gloves are fantastic, with an inner foam compound that absorbs energy like no other. Any type of training can yield the best results. Most fighters I know will wear a lot of gloves. They can be worn out, broken, or simply uncomfortably uncomfortable.

The Hayabusa boxing glove is incredibly comfortable, long-lasting, and versatile. Punch after punch, they deliver unrivaled consistency and durability. For fighters who have owned them for a long time, these gloves have been a go-to.

They also mention how comfortable the gloves are and how there is no loss of stitching or pad. These gloves are ideal for anyone who spends all day hitting the bag. After using them, you will notice a reduction in fatigue. The wrist support and foam padding are the first features you'll notice.

Is it worthwhile to purchase the Hayabusa boxing glove?

The boxing gloves made by Hayabusa are among the most popular on the market. They have been rated a 9/10 based on the experiences of numerous fighters. Although Hayabusa gloves are versatile, they can be difficult to use in clinch situations. Some fighters prefer to have a single pair of gloves that they can use in all situations.

It is unrivaled in terms of quality and comfort. Although Hayabusa boxing gloves are excellent for professionals, they are prohibitively expensive for beginners. If you're serious about your training, it's worth it to spend a little more money on a better pair of gloves. Many beginners opt for the cheapest equipment, only to end up spending more due to equipment failure or injury.

What's the story behind your stinky gloves?

Stinky gloves can emit a stench caused by bacteria breeding. Bacteria breeding, yes, you read that correctly. Whether you like it or not, your gloves can be a breeding ground for bacteria. During training, you will sweat a lot, and this moisture promotes bacterial growth. Worse, if gloves are left in their bag after use, they can become soiled.

This is due to the fact that dangerous germs and bacteria thrive in warm, dark environments. Keep your boxing gloves dry and clean to avoid the stench. These are some methods for keeping your gloves clean and fresh.

Are Hayabusa gloves suitable for Muay Thai?

Hayabusa Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai are ideal because of their advanced design, which aids fighters during high-performance training while also providing elite-level protection.

When should I replace my boxing gloves?

Your first pair of boxing gloves should last between 1-3 years, depending on how frequently you train. If you have more fight experience, the gloves will last for a little more than a year. Boxing gloves are an essential training tool in kickboxing.

Can you wash boxing gloves in the washing machine?

Water or cleaning agents can soak into the foams and casings of boxing gloves and other equipment. Keep your boxing gloves away from any machine that uses harsh detergents or water to avoid premature wear.

What kind of boxing gloves do I require?

The type of boxing gloves you require will be determined by the type of training you do. You'll need a pair of sparring gloves that weigh 16-18 ounces and have extra padding. Gloves for competition should weigh between 8 and 10 ounces, depending on weight class. Even if it does not appear to be so, this is a significant difference in gloves. This is why, before purchasing gloves, you should determine the type and weight that you require.

What is the best material to use for boxing gloves?

It all boils down to how much money you want to spend on gloves. Certain materials are more durable and comfortable than others. The price of your gloves will be determined by the material they are made of. Gloves of higher quality will cost more. Gloves made of less expensive materials, such as vinyl and synthetic leather, are typically more expensive.


If you don't have the budget or are unable to afford real leather, vinyl is an excellent substitute. Vinyl gloves are not as long-lasting as leather gloves. Although vinyl gloves can split, they are much less expensive than genuine leather gloves. Vinyl gloves are much easier to clean than other types of gloves.

Leather Synthetic

Synthetic leather, also known as Polyurethane (or PU), is a less expensive material for boxing gloves. Although it is just as comfortable to wear, synthetic leather gloves do not last as long as genuine leather gloves. These gloves are typically low- or mid-tier and marketed to beginners. If these gloves are not properly cleaned and are used frequently, they can develop an unpleasant odor. Heavy-hitters and advanced fighters should avoid using these gloves.

Authentic Leather

Genuine leather, also known as cowhide and goatskin leather, is more durable than other materials and is resistant to sweat and odors. Real leather is the first choice of many professional fighters and boxers. Cowhide leather provides excellent comfort and flexibility because it is a higher quality material. Although goatskin leather is less expensive than cowhide, both are well worth the investment.

What size boxing gloves should I get?

Measuring your hands is the first step in determining the appropriate size boxing gloves for you. Training methods are just as important as glove size when it comes to preparing for competition. Because your training methods will necessitate the use of gloves, it is critical that you are aware of the weight of the gloves you are about to wear. Fighting with boxing gloves that weigh only 8 ounces would be dangerous, but competing with gloves that weigh 16 ounces would be foolish.

Heavy gloves are used by professional boxers in order to improve their speed on fight nights. This is analogous to how a baseball batter prepares for the plate by using "bat weights" before taking the field. Heavy gloves, 14-18 ounces in weight, have more padding and provide greater wrist and hand protection than lighter gloves. In addition to providing excellent protection, these gloves are also ideal for heavy bag training and sparring sessions.

When competing or using hitting mitts, lighter gloves (8-12 oz) are recommended.. It's important to remember that everyone is an individual. Your partner may prefer gloves that weigh 16 ounces, whereas you prefer gloves that weigh 12 ounces.

Boxing gloves should be able to be worn comfortably and snugly. Ideally, your fingertips should be able to extend above the top of the gloves while still allowing you to make an easy fist. You must also ensure that your glove is a good fit for your hand wraps. Instead of hand wraps, you can carry a roll of quarters and use boxing gloves in case you forget them at home.

How long will a pair of boxing gloves last?

Several factors will influence the lifespan of your first pair of boxing gloves, including how frequently you train, what type of training you do, how well you care for them, and the level of quality with which you choose to maintain them. Unless boxing gloves are used on a regular basis, they can be worn out in less than a year.

Do boxing gloves degrade over time?

Boxing gloves do, in fact, wear out over time. It is determined by how frequently you exercise, how well you care for your gloves, and how long they will last. If you train hard and consistently, you can wear out your boxing gloves in 6 months.

What are the advantages of wearing Hayabusa boxing gloves?

Hayabusa boxing gloves are an excellent choice. This brand is very popular in Japan due to its high quality and features. We want you to be aware of all of the advantages that boxing gloves provide. Please read this section if you have any concerns.


One of the most appealing aspects of Hayabusa boxing gloves is their design. If you look at the list of the top 10 Hayabusa boxing gloves below, you will notice that the brand design is very simple. It meets all of the basic needs of boxers and is appropriate for all ages and genders. If you value design and color, Hayabusa's boxing gloves are an excellent choice.


Based on what you've heard from customers and the Internet, Japanese products are always regarded as high-quality products around the world. Hayabusa's boxing gloves are also of high quality and have been thoroughly tested. If you use them, you won't have to worry about their quality. It contains everything you require.


Durability is a quality that goes hand in hand with quality. Hayabusa's boxing gloves are long-lasting and can be used repeatedly. Some people adore it and stick with it for the rest of their lives.

Although Hayabusa's boxing gloves have numerous advantages, these are the most important. If you're thinking about buying Hayabusa gloves, take a look at our list.