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The Best Nike Boxing Shoes

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Nike has been making shoes and boots for over one hundred years. For a company that has been around so long it is amazing that they still are able to meet consumer demand for the best shoes and boots possible. Nike has always made sure that its shoes and boots fit their customers properly in order to provide maximum support, durability, and comfort while giving the fighter the look he or she wants. Whether they are boxing shoes or regular street shoes, Nike has you covered.

One of the most popular varieties of Nike boxing shoes is the Hyperdunk. This shoe has a full plate and is designed specifically for jumping. There are a few different designs to choose from including the Powertone, the Kingston, and the Shox. The Hyperdunk features an aggressive design that draws power from the base of the shoe and away from the midfoot area. This gives the wearer a strong base to work with while using his or her muscles for the battle.

If you're looking for a durable sneaker that will withstand wear and tear you should definitely consider the Nike Air Flight Falcon. This lightweight sneaker is made especially for speed and agility. The soft fabric used for the uppers is lightweight and comfortable, while the outsole is made of high-density rubber. The top 5 best boxing shoes in this series are the Nike Boxer Promo, Nike Free Run+ running shoes, the Nike Shox Pike 1. The shoes are available in white and black.

If you're looking for something with a little more flair than a standard sneaker, the Nike High Top Low should do the trick. The low top allows the foot to breathe and therefore maintain a constant temperature all throughout the exercise routine. The shoes have a closed construction, but a ventilated footbed for increased ventilation. The uppers are made of breathable mesh and therefore are more comfortable to wear for long periods. The Nike Air Max Frameless also has the same ventilated mesh inside and is an excellent choice if you are looking for a great performing sneaker.

The Nike Air Max Frameless is another great example of a boot that performs. They are light without being fragile. However, the real highlight of these shoes is the rubber sole. The best of these boots have full-grain rubber soles and therefore perform like a champ. The good thing about the rubber sole is it does not wear down easily and therefore always remains in tip-top shape.

If your style is for power, then you should look for the Nike Air Max Cassius. These lightweight boots are a great addition to any boxing workout. The shoe features a gum rubber outsole for maximum grip on the go. The inner liner in the shoe is made from mesh for ultimate breathability and comfort. The Nike Air Max Cassius comes in black/white and also comes in size 13.

The Nike Craze Stronger is one boxing training boot that will surely quench your thirst for victory. This lightweight sneaker features rubber and meshes side panels for maximum breathability and comfort. The upper part of this sneaker is made of high-density carbon fiber for maximum durability. The Nike Craze Stronger has a rubberized midsole and heel for maximum grip. The shoe also features the usual ankle strap and buckle closures for a secure fit.

The Nike Air Flight Falcon represents the quintessential sports sneaker. This sneaker is made from mesh for max airflow and touch comfort. The Nike Air Falcon comes in several stylish color variations like grey/black and grey/blue. The shoes are ideal for boxers who want to inflict 3 shots at the opposition using their boxing shoes.