Southpaw Stance

Ah, the southpaw. Those troublesome lefties force every orthodox fighter to rethink everything he’s learned about fighting. To circle right means to circle into the…

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Make them miss, make them pay! A famous saying that holds true to this day. Welcome back to Boxing Undefeated, here to highlight the most…

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Philly Shell

He hit the canvas, and my coach yelled “Stop!” I took a step back while a 10 count began. My eyes were wide, I was…

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How To Start Boxing

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.” -Muhammad Ali…

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becoming a boxer

How To Become A Boxer

Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in 1 yr and underestimate what they can accomplish in 5 yrs. No one ever said it was…

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Boxing Workouts

Is Boxing A Good Way To Get In Shape? Yes, boxing is a great way to get in shape because with boxing techniques you can…

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boxing training

Boxing Training

Tell me are you the next champ? I want to know what makes you the next champ. Why you? All the excuses and the roadblocks…

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Boxing Tips

Boxing tips to help you with your offense, defense, footwork, and training! Punching Defense Footwork Punching What’s more exciting than a good offense? Am I…

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Boxing Styles

So you think you can box? That would be a dope reality series show with all these celebrities getting in on the action. They would…

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Boxing Stances: A Guide to The Various Stances & How They Are Used

You see many kinds of stances throughout boxing. Some may look like they are hardly in a stance at all while fighting. I don’t like…

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