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Demsey McKean, the Australian professional boxer, made his debut at the age of 24 in October 2014, and since then, he has been swiftly making strides in the boxing industry. With an undefeated professional boxing record of 22-0, including 14 knockout wins to his credit, McKean has shown his prowess as a fighter.

Over the span of his career, McKean has fought against various boxers and emerged victorious in each of his 22 fights. He has never lost a fight in his professional career, and as a result, has earned a reputation as a fearless and unbeatable boxer.

Some of his notable victories have come against opponents such as Hunter Sam, Scott Belshaw, Marcelo Luiz Nascimento, Willie Nasio, Anthony Fowler, Victor Oganov, and Tai Tuivasa. The boxer from Queensland has managed to maintain his winning streak with aplomb and has cemented himself as one of the most promising boxers in the industry.

McKean's most recent fight was against Patrick Korte on October 15, 2022. It was a non-title bout, and McKean emerged victorious with a third-round knockout win. It has been around five months since his last fight, and his fans are eagerly awaiting his next move in the ring.

With 14 of his 22 victories being KO wins, it is evident that McKean is an aggressive and hard-hitting fighter. He has not just managed to maintain his winning streak but has also proved to be a formidable opponent in the boxing ring.

McKean has had no losses via KO, which speaks volumes about his skills as a defender. It is evident that he not only hits hard, but he can also take a beating without getting knocked out, making him a well-balanced and disciplined fighter.

At this stage of his career, McKean has not won any titles nor defended any titles. However, with his impressive record, it is not long before the Australian boxer gets the opportunity to fight for a title and build his legacy as a champion.

While Demsey McKean may not have won any titles yet, it does not diminish his status as a formidable fighter with enormous potential. It is only a matter of time before he is contending for a title, and when he does, he is sure to make waves in the boxing world.

In conclusion, Demsey McKean's undefeated record and 14 KO wins are a testament to his promising future as a professional boxer. With his well-rounded abilities, and his impressive list of victories, it is evident that he is one of the most promising boxers in the industry. We look forward to witnessing his future fights as he continues his unmatched winning streak.

Demsey McKean Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
22 Oct 15, 2022 32 Patrick Korte Win KO3
21 Feb 27, 2022 31 Ariel Esteban Bracamonte Win PTS
20 Nov 19, 2021 31 Don Haynesworth Win TKO6
19 May 15, 2021 30 Kiki Toa Leutele Win UD
18 Mar 7, 2020 29 Jonathan Rice Win TKO10
17 Nov 8, 2019 29 Scott Belshaw Win TKO3
16 Sep 21, 2019 28 Patrick Eneanya Win TKO6
15 Jun 8, 2019 28 Dominik Musil Win KO2
14 Mar 16, 2019 28 Marcelo Luiz Nascimento Win TKO2
13 Dec 8, 2018 28 Roger Izonritei Win TKO4
12 Oct 13, 2018 28 Victor Oganov Win TKO6
11 Oct 6, 2017 27 Willie Nasio Win TKO6
10 Mar 24, 2017 26 Hunter Sam Win TKO10
9 Dec 3, 2016 26 Hunter Sam Win UD
8 Apr 15, 2016 25 Tai Tuivasa Win UD
7 Apr 15, 2016 25 Elijah Salesui Win UD
6 Apr 15, 2016 25 James Cook Win TKO3
5 Mar 5, 2016 25 Anthony Fowler Win KO3
4 Dec 4, 2015 25 Anthony Fowler Win TKO2
3 Aug 29, 2015 24 Filipo Fonoti Masoe Win UD
2 Aug 7, 2015 24 Leon Valusaga Win UD
1 Oct 31, 2014 24 Luke Barclay Win UD