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Jeremias Ponce is a professional Argentine boxer with an impressive record of 30 wins, 20 of which were by knockout (KO), and just one loss by KO. Ponce started his professional career at the age of 19, and since then, he has become one of the most exciting fighters to watch in the boxing world.

His first fight was on September 4, 2015, against Jesus David Barraza, which he won via a 3rd round KO. Ponce went on to win 29 more fights, with 19 of them coming from early stoppages, before he faced Subriel Matías for the IBF (vacant) title in his first world title shot. Unfortunately, he lost the fight via 5th round RTD, marking his first defeat as a professional boxer.

Ponce's 30 professional fights have resulted in 30 wins, 20 of which were won via KO, with no draws or no-contests. Although he has not held any world titles yet, his fights have always been exciting, and he has been in the ring with some big names in the sport.

One of Ponce's notable victories was against Lewis Ritson, a British boxer who was undefeated at the time of their fight. The two boxers faced off in June 2021 in a super-lightweight bout, and Ponce dominated the fight, winning via a unanimous decision after 12 rounds.

Ponce has also faced some tough opponents in his career, including Subriel Matías, who has been the only boxer to beat him so far. The two fighters met twice, with the first fight being in February 2023, where Ponce lost in the 5th round via RTD. They had a rematch in November 2023, and Ponce managed to avenge his defeat, winning via a unanimous decision after 12 rounds.

Ponce's ability to score KOs has made him a fan-favorite in the boxing world. His record of 20 KO wins is a testament to his power and his willingness to go for a knockout. His style of fighting is aggressive, and he always looks to take the fight to his opponent.

Despite his impressive record, Ponce has not had the opportunity to fight for a world title again since his loss to Matías. However, he continues to train hard and remains determined to become a world champion in the future.

At the age of 26, Ponce still has many years ahead of him in the sport, and with his skill and determination, he is sure to achieve great things. His boxing career has been exciting so far, and we can expect more fireworks from him in the future.

In conclusion, Jeremias Ponce is a talented boxer with an impressive record of 30-1. He is a powerful fighter who always looks to score a knockout, and his aggressive style of fighting has made him a fan-favorite. Although he has yet to win a world title, his fights have always been exciting, and he has faced some tough opponents in his career. With his determination and skill, he is sure to achieve great things in the future.

Jeremias Ponce Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
31 Feb 25, 2023 26 Subriel Matías Loss RTD5
30 Apr 23, 2022 25 Achiko Odikadze Win TKO3
29 Nov 20, 2021 25 Michel Marcano Win KO2
28 Jun 12, 2021 24 Lewis Ritson Win TKO10
27 Dec 11, 2020 24 Jonathan Jose Eniz Win UD
26 Nov 13, 2020 24 Ruben Dario Lopez Win KO1
25 Sep 14, 2019 23 Rico Mueller Win MD
24 Apr 27, 2019 22 Leonardo Fabio Amitrano Win SD
23 Feb 16, 2019 22 Ramon De La Cruz Sena Win KO5
22 Dec 21, 2018 22 Miguel Cesario Antin Win TKO1
21 Nov 17, 2018 22 Guillermo de Jesus Paz Win UD
20 Sep 21, 2018 22 Humberto Santos Mamani Win TKO3
19 Aug 4, 2018 22 Sergio Mauricio Gil Win TKO4
18 Jun 16, 2018 21 Damian Leonardo Yapur Win KO9
17 May 19, 2018 21 Carlos Andres Chaparro Win UD
16 Apr 14, 2018 21 Martin Severo Win TKO2
15 Feb 24, 2018 21 Francesco Lomasto Win TKO9
14 Dec 15, 2017 21 Martin Ariel Ruiz Win TKO1
13 Oct 20, 2017 21 Brian Damian Chaves Win KO1
12 Aug 4, 2017 21 Martin Nicolas Matamala Win UD
11 Jul 14, 2017 21 Esteban David Rocabado Win TKO3
10 May 13, 2017 20 Pablo Ezequiel Rodriguez Win KO2
9 Mar 11, 2017 20 Jonathan Ariel Sosa Win UD
8 Dec 17, 2016 20 Pablo Joel Fernandez Win TKO5
7 Oct 15, 2016 20 Pablo Joel Fernandez Win UD
6 Aug 20, 2016 20 Claudio Cesar Filipini Win KO3
5 May 14, 2016 19 Leandro Ariel Ortega Win UD
4 Dec 12, 2015 19 Luis Javier Aumada Win SD
3 Oct 30, 2015 19 Lucas Gimenez Win KO3
2 Oct 16, 2015 19 Adelio Samudio Win TKO2
1 Sep 4, 2015 19 Jesus David Barraza Win KO3