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Boxer José Matias Romero is a rising star in the world of professional boxing, with an impressive record of 26 wins and only three losses. His fans admire his technical prowess, fighting spirit, and explosive knockout power. Romero has fought in 29 professional bouts, winning 26 of them, including nine via knockout.

Romero made his professional debut in September 2015, at the age of 19, against Franco Emiliano Noriega. He won the fight via a 2nd round TKO, kicking off an impressive 24-fight win streak. His victory over Gabriel Gustavo Ovejero in March 2020 was one of the highlights of his career. Romero displayed his technical skills and power in the ring, landing powerful blows to his opponent and eventually winning the fight by a unanimous decision.

Another notable victory in Romero's career was against Sergio Hernan Sain in October 2020. The two fighters put on an entertaining show, with Romero showing his aggressive style and landing multiple punch combinations. Romero dominated the fight from start to finish, winning by unanimous decision.

However, Romero hasn't always had success in the ring. He has suffered three losses, all of which occurred in non-title bouts. His first loss came against Isaac Cruz in March 2021, ending his 24-fight win streak. Romero lost the fight via a 12th round unanimous decision. Despite the loss, Romero showed resilience in the ring and fought hard until the end.

Romero has also had to overcome a loss via knockout, which occurred in October 2018 in a non-title bout against Julian Evaristo Aristule. Despite the defeat, Romero bounced back and won his next nine fights, showcasing his determination and dedication to the sport.

Most recently, Romero fought Cuban boxer Robeisy Ramírez on October 29, 2022, in a non-title bout. Unfortunately, Romero lost the fight via a 9th round TKO, putting him on a one-fight losing streak. Despite the loss, Romero remains a fan favorite and a rising star in the boxing world.

As of now, Romero has yet to win a title and has not defended any titles. Nevertheless, his impressive record and technical skills have made him a contender for future titles. He has defeated top fighters in his division, including Luis Roberto Mato, Elohim Adonai Pereyra, and Milton Fernando Ferreira.

It's clear that Romero is a talented and dedicated boxer, with the potential to become a boxing champion. His fighting style, technical skills, and knockout power have garnered him a large fan following, and he continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world. Boxing fans eagerly await his next fight, hoping that he will once again showcase his impressive skills in the ring.

José Matias Romero Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
29 Oct 29, 2022 26 Robeisy Ramírez Loss TKO9
28 Jun 25, 2022 26 Nicolas Emiliano Paz Win SD
27 Apr 2, 2022 25 Ignacio Perrin Win TKO3
26 Oct 30, 2021 25 Michel Rivera Loss UD
25 Mar 13, 2021 24 Isaac Cruz Loss UD
24 Nov 21, 2020 24 Javier Jose Clavero Win UD
23 Mar 8, 2020 23 Gabriel Gustavo Ovejero Win TKO5
22 Sep 14, 2019 23 Fabian Oscar Orosco Win UD
21 Jan 26, 2019 22 Javier Herrera Win UD
20 Dec 15, 2018 22 Elohim Adonai Pereyra Win UD
19 Aug 11, 2018 22 Javier Herrera Win UD
18 Apr 7, 2018 21 Jesus Cuadro Win MD
17 Nov 24, 2017 21 Alexis Reyes Win UD
16 Sep 9, 2017 21 Guillermo Osvaldo Soloppi Win UD
15 Jul 7, 2017 21 Sergio Alejandro Blanco Win UD
14 May 13, 2017 21 Sergio Hernan Sain Win TKO4
13 Feb 11, 2017 20 Bernardo Gomez Uribe Win TKO2
12 Jan 7, 2017 20 Elohim Adonai Pereyra Win TKO3
11 Nov 18, 2016 20 Pablo Ezequiel Rodriguez Win UD
10 Oct 14, 2016 20 Jorge Luis Rodriguez Win UD
9 Sep 23, 2016 20 Luis Roberto Mato Win KO6
8 Sep 9, 2016 20 Carlos Andres Chaparro Win UD
7 Aug 19, 2016 20 Sandro Daniel Leiva Win UD
6 May 13, 2016 20 Miguel Angel Correa Win UD
5 Mar 25, 2016 19 Milton Fernando Ferreira Win TKO2
4 Nov 20, 2015 19 Cesar Alejandro Perez Win UD
3 Oct 23, 2015 19 Esteban David Rocabado Win UD
2 Sep 18, 2015 19 Horacio Ezequiel Fierro Win TKO1
1 Sep 12, 2015 19 Franco Emiliano Noriega Win TKO2