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Juan Díaz is a retired professional boxer from the United States with a record of 42-4, including 21 knockout wins and three world lightweight titles. Díaz had a successful boxing career that lasted over 16 years, from 2000 to 2016. One of Díaz's most notable achievements was his consecutive 32 wins after his professional debut, which included 16 wins via stoppage. He made his professional boxing debut at only 16 years old, defeating Rafael Ortiz through a 1st round TKO.

His first-ever world boxing title fight was at the age of 20 on July 17, 2004, against Lakva Sim, for the lightweight WBA title. Díaz won the fight through a 12-round unanimous decision and became a champion of the world. He went on to win three world titles at lightweight, becoming a two-time unified lightweight world champion. He won many world title fights and defenses that made him a formidable opponent. His notable victories, including wins over Acelino Freitas, Julio Díaz, Adailton De Jesus, Gerardo Cuevas, Cesar Vasquez, Fernando Garcia, and Arthur Cruz are prominent in his career highlights.

Díaz had four losses in his professional boxing career, which was a remarkable feat, with three of them being in title bouts, and one in a non-title bout. He had his 33-fight win streak broken by Nate Campbell through a 12 round split-decision on March 8, 2008. Díaz's last professional fight was a non-title bout against Cesar Vasquez on August 6, 2016, which he won through an 8th round TKO.

Career highlights:

Juan Díaz fought a total of 46 times during his professional career, and the following four fights are the highlights of his career:

- July 17, 2004: Díaz wins his first world title by defeating Lakva Sim through a 12-round unanimous decision. He is now the WBA lightweight world champion.

- April 8, 2006: Díaz successfully defends the WBA lightweight title against José Cotto, winning the fight via a 12-round unanimous decision.

- April 28, 2007: Díaz becomes a unified lightweight world champion by beating Acelino Freitas through an 8th round RTD. He now holds the WBA (Super) and WBO lightweight world-champion belts.

- October 13, 2007: Díaz becomes a unified lightweight world champion by beating Julio Díaz through a 9th round TKO. He now holds the WBA (Super), WBO, and IBF lightweight world-champion belts.

Díaz's boxing style and what made him unique:

Juan Díaz was known for his technical boxing skills, footwork, and aggressively coming forward to attack his opponents. He had relentless energy, hence earning the moniker "Baby Bull." Díaz is also known for his impressive left hook, which he often used to great effect. His boxing style made him a difficult opponent to beat, and many of his opponents struggled to find a way to counter his onslaught. His footwork, head movement, and ability to deliver powerful combinations made him one of the top boxers in the world at his prime.

As a boxer, Juan Díaz was always in excellent physical shape and took his training seriously. He valued the importance of staying fit, which allowed him to be explosive and fast in the ring. His dedication to perfecting his craft was second to none, and he always put in the work required to be successful.

End-of-career and legacy:

Juan Díaz retired from boxing in 2016, but his legacy as a boxer will always be remembered. He had an impressive record during his career, which included a 33-fight win streak, three world lightweight titles, and victories against some of the best boxers in the world.

Since retirement, Díaz has remained an influential figure in the sport and has been involved in training upcoming boxers. He has a boxing academy in Houston, Texas, where he imparts his knowledge of the sport to aspiring boxers.

In conclusion, Juan Díaz is one of the best boxers to ever come out of the United States. He had an illustrious career that spanned over sixteen years and amassed an impressive record of 42-4. His technical abilities, physical fitness, and dedication to his craft made him a formidable opponent and a champion. His legacy is one that will be remembered in the annals of boxing history.

Juan Díaz Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
46 Aug 6, 2016 32 Cesar Vasquez Win TKO8
45 Mar 19, 2016 32 Fernando Garcia Win TKO9
44 Sep 6, 2014 30 Carlos Cardenas Win UD
43 Mar 1, 2014 30 Gerardo Robles Win UD
42 Oct 19, 2013 30 Juan Santiago Win UD
41 Aug 17, 2013 29 Adailton De Jesus Win TKO5
40 Apr 13, 2013 29 Gerardo Cuevas Win TKO6
39 Jul 31, 2010 26 Juan Manuel Márquez Loss UD
38 Dec 12, 2009 26 Paulie Malignaggi Loss UD
37 Aug 22, 2009 25 Paulie Malignaggi Win UD
36 Feb 28, 2009 25 Juan Manuel Márquez Loss TKO9
35 Sep 6, 2008 24 Michael Katsidis Win SD
34 Mar 8, 2008 24 Nate Campbell Loss SD
33 Oct 13, 2007 24 Julio Díaz Win TKO9
32 Apr 28, 2007 23 Acelino Freitas Win RTD8
31 Nov 4, 2006 23 Fernando Angulo Win UD
30 Jul 15, 2006 22 Randy Suico Win TKO9
29 Apr 8, 2006 22 José Cotto Win UD
28 Jul 16, 2005 21 Arthur Cruz Win TKO5
27 Jan 21, 2005 21 Billy Irwin Win TKO9
26 Nov 4, 2004 21 Julien Lorcy Win UD
25 Jul 17, 2004 20 Lakva Sim Win UD
24 Apr 17, 2004 20 Martin O'Malley Win TKO2
23 Nov 22, 2003 20 Joel Perez Win TKO6
22 Jul 19, 2003 19 Francisco Lorenzo Win UD
21 May 10, 2003 19 Eleazar Contreras Jr. Win UD
20 Feb 1, 2003 19 John Bailey Win TKO7
19 Nov 22, 2002 19 Arthur Cruz Win TKO4
18 Oct 19, 2002 19 Roy Delgado Win TKO6
17 Aug 24, 2002 18 Peter Nieves Win UD
16 Jul 5, 2002 18 Michael Davis Win UD
15 Apr 27, 2002 18 Nelson Ramon Medina Win UD
14 Feb 15, 2002 18 Juan Carlos Juarez Win UD
13 Nov 10, 2001 18 Rudolfo Lunsford Win UD
12 Sep 1, 2001 17 Ubaldo Hernandez Win SD
11 Jul 27, 2001 17 Scott Buck Win TKO1
10 Jun 23, 2001 17 John Trigg Win UD
9 May 19, 2001 17 Carlos Horacio Nevarez Win KO1
8 Mar 2, 2001 17 Mahan Washington Win UD
7 Jan 13, 2001 17 Bradley Jensen Win UD
6 Dec 1, 2000 17 Michael Lucero Win UD
5 Nov 10, 2000 17 Antonio Young Win TKO2
4 Sep 22, 2000 17 Starr Johnson Win TKO3
3 Sep 2, 2000 16 Juan Carlos Alvarez Win TKO1
2 Jul 22, 2000 16 Miller Vazquez Win KO1
1 Jun 23, 2000 16 Rafael Ortiz Win TKO1