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Kal Yafai is a professional boxer from the United Kingdom who made his debut in 2012, and since then, he has been dominating the ring with his impressive skills. Yafai has had 28 total fights, out of which he has won 27 and lost only one. In this article, we will take a detailed look at Kal Yafai's boxing career and highlight some of his best fights and notable victories.

Career Summary

Kal Yafai made his professional boxing debut in 2012 against Delroy Spencer and won the fight by 2nd round RTD at the age of 23. After his debut, Yafai won 25 more consecutive fights, including 14 via stoppage, which proved his boxing prowess.

In 2016, Yafai had his first world title fight against Luis Concepción for the super-flyweight WBA (vacant) title at the age of 27. Yafai defeated Concepción via 12 round unanimous decision, and he became the super-flyweight champion of the world. Since then, Yafai has won one world title at super-flyweight, and he has successfully defended it four times.

Some of Yafai's best fights and notable victories include wins over David Carmona, Norbelto Jimenez, Israel González, Luis Concepción, Dixon Flores, Suguru Muranaka, and Cristofer Rosales.

However, Yafai suffered his first loss against Román González via 9th round TKO on February 29, 2020, which ended his 26-fight win streak. González is the only boxer to beat Yafai in his professional career.

Yafai's most recent fight was a non-title bout against Jerald Paclar on November 5, 2022, which he won via 10 round unanimous decision. Currently, his professional boxing record stands at 27-1, including 15 knockout wins and one loss via knockout, and one title win. He is on a one-fight winning streak.

Career Highlights

Over the years, Kal Yafai has fought a total of 28 times, and here are some of the significant highlights of his career:

  • On December 10, 2016, Yafai won his first world title by defeating Luis Concepción via 12 round unanimous decision. He is now the WBA super-flyweight world champion.
  • On May 26, 2018, Yafai beat David Carmona via 7th round RTD, showcasing his exceptional boxing skills.
  • On November 24, 2018, Yafai successfully defended the WBA super-flyweight title against Israel González, winning the fight via 12 round unanimous decision in a tough contest.
  • On June 29, 2019, Yafai successfully defended the WBA super-flyweight title against Norbelto Jimenez, winning the fight via 12 round unanimous decision.


Kal Yafai has proven to be an exceptional boxer with impressive skills and abilities inside the ring. With a record of 27-1, including 15 knockout wins and one loss via knockout, and one title win, Yafai has established himself as a top contender in the super-flyweight division. Though he suffered his first career defeat against Román González in 2020, Yafai bounced back with a win in his most recent fight. We can expect to see more of Yafai in the coming years as he continues to showcase his boxing abilities to the world.

Kal Yafai Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
28 Nov 5, 2022 33 Jerald Paclar Win UD
27 Feb 29, 2020 30 Román González Loss TKO9
26 Jun 29, 2019 30 Norbelto Jimenez Win UD
25 Nov 24, 2018 29 Israel González Win UD
24 May 26, 2018 28 David Carmona Win RTD7
23 Oct 28, 2017 28 Sho Ishida Win UD
22 May 13, 2017 27 Suguru Muranaka Win UD
21 Dec 10, 2016 27 Luis Concepción Win UD
20 Oct 22, 2016 27 Johnson Tellez Win TKO3
19 Jun 25, 2016 27 Jozsef Ajtai Win TKO1
18 Mar 5, 2016 26 Dixon Flores Win KO1
17 Oct 17, 2015 26 Jason Cunningham Win UD
16 Sep 5, 2015 26 Aron Juarez Win KO1
15 May 9, 2015 25 Isaac Quaye Win TKO1
14 Mar 28, 2015 25 Cristofer Rosales Win PTS
13 Nov 15, 2014 25 Everth Briceno Win UD
12 Sep 20, 2014 25 Herald Molina Win KO2
11 May 21, 2014 24 Yaqub Kareem Win KO3
10 Dec 14, 2013 24 Ashley Lane Win TKO4
9 Oct 26, 2013 24 Santiago Bustos Win PTS
8 Mar 30, 2013 23 Michael Ramabeletsa Win PTS
7 Jan 19, 2013 23 Gonzalo Garcia Win RTD4
6 Dec 8, 2012 23 Jorge Perez Win TKO3
5 Nov 17, 2012 23 Pio Antonio Nettuno Win KO1
4 Oct 20, 2012 23 Scott Gladwin Win TKO2
3 Sep 22, 2012 23 Victor Koh Win PTS
2 Sep 8, 2012 23 Richard Voros Win TKO1
1 Jul 7, 2012 23 Delroy Spencer Win RTD2