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Miguel Parra Ramirez, a professional boxer from Mexico, made his debut against Francisco Valadez in November 2013. The fight resulted in a draw, but this did not stop Ramirez from pursuing his passion. He went on to have an impressive career record of 21 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw, and 0 no-contests.

His career has been full of ups and downs, but it all began with his 9 consecutive wins right after the draw. Seven of these victories were achieved through stoppages, indicating the strength and power that Ramirez possesses.

Throughout his career, Ramirez has had numerous notable victories over renowned fighters like David Morales, Jorge Luis Melendez, Adalberto Borquez, Eleazar Valenzuela, Angel Salomon, Carlos Lopez, and Jorge Villanueva. These wins stand as proof of Ramirez's skill and expertise in the boxing ring.

Although Ramirez had a great streak of wins, he has also suffered several losses throughout his career. All three of his losses have been in non-title bouts. The first of these losses occurred against Jose Macias, via 6th round TKO, in February 2017, ending his winning streak. He has been stopped twice and lost once via decision. Despite these losses, Ramirez has continued to push himself and work harder to improve his skills and techniques.

Recently, Ramirez had a non-title bout against Albanian boxer Florian Marku on August 25, 2022. Unfortunately, this fight did not end in Ramirez's favor, and he lost via a 10-round unanimous decision. However, a loss does not define a fighter, and Ramirez's record speaks for itself, displaying his numerous successes and achievements throughout his career.

So far, Ramirez has not won any titles or title defenses, but this does not take away from his accomplishments in the boxing ring. He has 14 knockout wins, showcasing the power that he possesses and his ability to knock out opponents.

Despite not having any title fights under his belt, Ramirez's determination and hard work are evident in the boxing ring. His unfortunate recent loss should not undermine all of his accomplishments in the sport of boxing, and he still has the potential to achieve even greater things.

As a content writer, I can attest to the fact that not every boxer has a perfect career record; losses are inevitable, but they do not define a fighter. What's important is how they respond to these losses and their determination to improve their skills for future fights. And for Ramirez, his career is a testament to his perseverance and tenacity.

In conclusion, Miguel Parra Ramirez is a fantastic boxer with an impressive career record. He has achieved numerous victories and displayed excellent skills and techniques in the boxing ring. Despite his recent loss, Ramirez's record speaks for itself, and his determination and hard work are evident. Although he has yet to win any titles, he has 14 knockout wins, showcasing his power and potential. Miguel Parra Ramirez is a name to watch out for in the world of boxing.

Miguel Parra Ramirez Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
25 Aug 25, 2022 29 Florian Marku Loss UD
24 Jul 9, 2022 28 Adalberto Borquez Win TKO2
23 Nov 13, 2021 28 Roiman Villa Loss KO4
22 Sep 27, 2020 27 Jesus Acosta Win UD
21 Dec 20, 2019 26 Eleazar Valenzuela Win TKO2
20 Aug 17, 2019 26 Emmanuel Herrera Win UD
19 May 11, 2019 25 David Morales Win RTD1
18 Dec 21, 2018 25 Juan Castaneda Win UD
17 Jul 20, 2018 24 Angel Salomon Win TKO2
16 Apr 27, 2018 24 Heberto Persico Win UD
15 Mar 16, 2018 24 Jorge Villanueva Win KO3
14 Feb 16, 2018 24 Carlos Lopez Win TKO1
13 Nov 17, 2017 24 Jose Quintero Win UD
12 Jul 15, 2017 23 Jorge Luis Melendez Win RTD4
11 Feb 28, 2017 23 Jose Macias Loss TKO6
10 Dec 6, 2016 23 Jesus Angulo Leija Win TKO2
9 Oct 11, 2016 23 Victor Contreras Win KO1
8 Feb 20, 2016 22 Alfonso Llanes Win UD
7 Oct 17, 2015 22 Cristian Macias Win UD
6 Apr 11, 2015 21 Luis Perez Win KO2
5 Dec 5, 2014 21 Daniel Mendez Win TKO3
4 Jun 13, 2014 20 Jose Torres Win KO1
3 May 16, 2014 20 Ismael Gonzalez Win TKO3
2 Feb 15, 2014 20 Efrain Felix Win TKO4
1 Nov 29, 2013 20 Francisco Valadez Draw SD