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Sven Ottke is a name that is synonymous with greatness when it comes to professional boxing. A former unified super-middleweight world champion, Ottke dominated the sport during his seven year career, which spanned from 1997 to 2004. He achieved a lot during his time in the ring, with a professional record of 34 wins and 0 losses, making him one of the greatest boxers of his generation.

Born on 3 June 1967 in Berlin-Spandau, West Germany, Ottke had a stellar amateur career before transitioning to professional boxing. He won a bronze medal in the middleweight division at the 1989 World Championships and represented his country at various international competitions, including the European Championships in 1991, 1993, and 1996.

Ottke made his professional debut at the age of 29 on March 22, 1997, against Eric Davis, winning via a six-round points decision. He won his first world title after just 12 fights, facing Charles Brewer for the super-middleweight IBF title on October 24, 1998. Ottke won the bout via a 12 round split-decision, becoming the super-middleweight champion of the world.

By the time he stepped down as an undefeated world champion on March 27, 2004, he had successfully defended his IBF title 21 times with a record of 34 wins and 0 losses, including six knockouts. Ottke was the fourth European boxer to retire as undefeated world champion, following in the footsteps of Jack McAuliffe, Terry Marsh, and Michael Loewe, while Joe Calzaghe later became the fifth.

Ottke's career highlights were marked by some of the greatest fights in boxing history. On February 27, 1999, he successfully defended his IBF super-middleweight title against Giovanni Nardiello, winning via a third-round knockout. Over the next four years, he defended his title against 20 boxers including Thomas Tate (twice), Glen Johnson, Silvio Branco, James Butler, Anthony Mundine, Charles Brewer in a rematch, and a controversial points win against Robin Reid.

Ottke was a durable and attritional fighter, with most of his wins coming by points decisions rather than knockouts. Notably, he refused to defend his title outside of Germany, and referees and ringside officials were often German. There were allegations that both the refereeing and some of the points decisions were biased, which led to some controversy in the boxing community.

His fighting style was highly effective, characterized by his patience, quick reflexes, and ability to outmaneuver his opponents. Ottke had great footwork and was a master of positioning, always finding himself in an advantageous position to strike. His overall boxing IQ was off the charts, as he had an uncanny ability to read his opponents, anticipate their moves, and react accordingly.

Ottke's greatest fights included wins over some of the most skilled boxers of his era, such as Robin Reid, Mads Larsen, Giovanni Nardiello, Joe Gatti, Charles Brewer, Anthony Mundine, and James Crawford. These victories cemented his legacy as one of the greatest boxers in history.

Sven Ottke retired from professional boxing with a lasting legacy, having accomplished some remarkable feats during his career. Throughout his seven-year stint in the sport, he remained undefeated and cemented his place in boxing history as one of the most skilled and dominant fighters of his generation.

Sven Ottke Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
34 Mar 27, 2004 36 Armand Krajnc Win UD
33 Dec 13, 2003 36 Robin Reid Win UD
32 Sep 6, 2003 36 Mads Larsen Win MD
31 Jun 14, 2003 36 David Starie Win UD
30 Mar 15, 2003 35 Byron Mitchell Win SD
29 Nov 16, 2002 35 Rudy Markussen Win UD
28 Aug 24, 2002 35 Joe Gatti Win TKO9
27 Jun 1, 2002 34 Thomas Tate Win UD
26 Mar 16, 2002 34 Rick Thornberry Win UD
25 Dec 1, 2001 34 Anthony Mundine Win KO10
24 Sep 1, 2001 34 James Butler Win UD
23 Jun 29, 2001 34 Ali Ennebati Win TKO11
22 Mar 24, 2001 33 James Crawford Win KO8
21 Dec 16, 2000 33 Silvio Branco Win UD
20 Sep 2, 2000 33 Charles Brewer Win SD
19 Jun 3, 2000 33 Tocker Pudwill Win UD
18 Mar 11, 2000 32 Lloyd Brian Win UD
17 Nov 27, 1999 32 Glen Johnson Win UD
16 Sep 4, 1999 32 Thomas Tate Win TD
15 May 8, 1999 31 Gabriel Hernández Win UD
14 Feb 27, 1999 31 Giovanni Nardiello Win KO3
13 Oct 24, 1998 31 Charles Brewer Win SD
12 Aug 22, 1998 31 William Krijnen Win UD
11 May 30, 1998 30 Asmir Vojnović Win UD
10 Mar 21, 1998 30 Stephane Nizard Win UD
9 Feb 28, 1998 30 Allen Smith Win DQ
8 Dec 13, 1997 30 Ali Saidi Win UD
7 Oct 18, 1997 30 Roman Babaev Win UD
6 Aug 30, 1997 30 Fermin Chirino Win UD
5 Jun 22, 1997 30 Yuri Filipko Win UD
4 Jun 1, 1997 29 Andy Flute Win UD
3 Apr 26, 1997 29 Teymuraz Kekelidze Win PTS
2 Apr 13, 1997 29 Jason Hart Win TKO2
1 Mar 22, 1997 29 Eric Davis Win PTS