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Timothy Bradley, the retired American boxer, was born on August 29, 1983, in Palm Springs, California. Over the course of his 11-year professional boxing career, Bradley fought a total of 37 fights, out of which he won 33, lost two, drew one, and had one no-contest. Bradley's impressive record included 13 knockout wins and four title wins at two different weight classes.

He made his professional debut in 2004 at the age of 20 and went on to win 23 consecutive fights, ten of which were knockouts. Bradley's first world title fight was in 2008, and he became the super-lightweight champion of the world by defeating Junior Witter in a 12-round split-decision. He was a two-time unified super-lightweight world champion and held the WBC and WBO super-lightweight world champion belts. Bradley won his WBO welterweight title by defeating Manny Pacquiao via a 12-round split-decision in 2012.

He put on some of his best performances in nine of his fights, including his first world title win, which came in 2008, when he defeated Junior Witter via a 12-round split-decision. Bradley became a unified super-lightweight world champion in 2011 by beating Devon Alexander via a 10-round technical decision, and successfully defended the WBO super-lightweight title against Lamont Peterson in 2009. He successfully defended the WBO welterweight title against Juan Manuel Márquez in 2013, winning the match via a 12-round split-decision, and against Brandon Ríos in 2015, winning the fight via a 9th round TKO.

Bradley's last professional fight was in 2016 against Manny Pacquiao, where he lost the fight via a 12-round unanimous decision. Bradley's boxing career came to an end in 2016, with a record of 33-2-1. Although Bradley never suffered a knockout loss, he did lose two fights via a decision.

One of Bradley's notable victories was against Hall-of-Famer Juan Manuel Márquez, which he won via a 12-round split decision in 2013. Bradley's performance was exceptional, and he showed great stamina, courage, and ring generalship throughout the match. Another impressive victory for Bradley was against Devon Alexander, who he beat via a 10-round technical decision, to become the unified super-lightweight champion in 2011.

Bradley's boxing style was unique, and he relied heavily on his quick reflexes, excellent footwork, and ring IQ, which allowed him to outmaneuver his opponents and land quick counter punches. Bradley's willingness to take punches to land his own left him with a significant amount of damage in some of his fights, but he was never defeated by a knockout.

After retiring from professional boxing, Bradley worked as a boxing commentator and analyst for ESPN, where he provided expert analysis and insights into the sport. Bradley's knowledge of the sport, combined with his personal experience, made him a valuable asset to the broadcasting team. In 2023, Bradley was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) to recognize his contribution to the sport.

In conclusion, Timothy Bradley was a remarkable boxer who achieved great success during his professional career. He was a four-time world champion, and his unique boxing style left a lasting impression on the sport. Bradley's legacy as a boxer and his contribution to the sport of boxing will always be remembered.

Timothy Bradley Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
37 Apr 9, 2016 32 Manny Pacquiao Loss UD
36 Nov 7, 2015 32 Brandon Ríos Win TKO9
35 Jun 27, 2015 31 Jessie Vargas Win UD
34 Dec 13, 2014 31 Diego Chaves Draw SD
33 Apr 12, 2014 30 Manny Pacquiao Loss UD
32 Oct 12, 2013 30 Juan Manuel Márquez Win SD
31 Mar 16, 2013 29 Ruslan Provodnikov Win UD
30 Jun 9, 2012 28 Manny Pacquiao Win SD
29 Nov 12, 2011 28 Joel Casamayor Win TKO8
28 Jan 29, 2011 27 Devon Alexander Win TD
27 Jul 17, 2010 26 Luis Abregú Win UD
26 Dec 12, 2009 26 Lamont Peterson Win UD
25 Aug 1, 2009 25 Nate Campbell NC RTD3
24 Apr 4, 2009 25 Kendall Holt Win UD
23 Sep 13, 2008 25 Edner Cherry Win UD
22 May 10, 2008 24 Junior Witter Win SD
21 Jul 27, 2007 23 Miguel Vázquez Win UD
20 Jun 1, 2007 23 Donald Camarena Win UD
19 Apr 13, 2007 23 Nasser Athumani Win TKO5
18 Feb 2, 2007 23 Manuel Garnica Win UD
17 Dec 1, 2006 23 Jaime Rangel Win TD
16 Oct 16, 2006 23 Alfonso Sanchez Win KO1
15 Aug 18, 2006 22 Martin Ramirez Win RTD5
14 Jun 23, 2006 22 Arturo Urena Win TKO3
13 May 13, 2006 22 Jesus Abel Santiago Win KO6
12 Mar 31, 2006 22 Eli Addison Win UD
11 Feb 17, 2006 22 Rafael Ortiz Win RTD2
10 Nov 21, 2005 22 Jorge Alberto Padilla Win TD
9 Sep 23, 2005 22 Francisco Rincon Win UD
8 Aug 26, 2005 21 Juan Yoani Cervantes Win UD
7 Jul 21, 2005 21 Marcos Andre Rocha Costa Win KO5
6 Jun 3, 2005 21 Justo Almazan Win UD
5 Apr 25, 2005 21 Ramon Ortiz Win TKO3
4 Mar 28, 2005 21 Carlos Parra Win RTD1
3 Nov 22, 2004 21 Luis Medina Win KO1
2 Oct 29, 2004 21 Raul Nunez Win UD
1 Aug 20, 2004 20 Francisco Martinez Win TKO2