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Flicker Jab

Your breakthrough moment is HERE! 

The moment you have been waiting for. How do you keep throwing effective jabs?

It is the most important punch; there has to be a better way to sustain it! 

Hi, this is Alex, an undefeated professional boxer, with boxing undefeated, bringing you the most important quick tips you can use today inside the squared circle.

The fastest way to get confidence when you start boxing is learning the basics, the defense and the offense, in and outs. 

Really it all starts with your feet, and you can read my articles on footwork if you want to start from the bottom up. 

Today we are starting with the Flicker jab. 

To get started, you don't need any fancy equipment or a gym; let’s break down what you need at a bare minimum.

I always like to have a mirror around, and I usually recommend using one to correct your own mistakes. 

Visually if you can see your form is off, you will internalize the mistake. 

When we can’t see ourselves, it is hard to truly understand the difference between what we think we look like and how we actually look.

Hand wraps are optional, but I would like for you to start getting used to the feeling of having hand wraps on while you punch. 

This will be how you fight or punch the bag, so it’s a good idea to put it in a real situation.

Sound good?

Dope, let’s get started! Keep reading to find out if this jab is meant for you!

Why do we Flicker Jab?

We use this for simultaneous offense setups and defensive measuring. It is a decoy that covers a more powerful punch, usually a cross

Also, it can measure the distance from your opponent, and lastly, it is used to frustrate an opponent by combining flicker jabs with power jabs. Like fries with your burger, they just go together. 

A flicker jab does not require much commitment in terms of power, it’s quite easy to use, does not require a lot of energy, and you can easily fall back into defense if necessary.

What is a Flicker Jab

Thrown from a lower angle than a traditional jab, the main purpose of this jab is to save energy while occupying your opponent’s defensive mind.

This punch is fast and starts at about chest height. Don’t expect any knockouts, but you can expect a frustrated, angry opponent wanting to rip your head off.

I find there are many ways to explain this, so I will give you a couple of different ways to look at it.

It could be associated as a lazy jab, delaying the retraction of your hand to keep your competitor’s vision obscured, taking your hand away at the last second before throwing a straight cross. 

Also known as an up jab in some cases when the hand is so low it’s hard to tell the difference.

As opposed to a stiff jab or an ordinary jab with more power, this is a setup for a power punch, keeping the opponent away with your hand in their face, hitting them with the next shot they won’t see coming.  

How to throw the Flicker Jab

  1. Set up in your basic boxing stance.
  2. Stay relaxed, but a little tighter than totally loose. 
  3. Keep the fist unclenched, elbow, and shoulder loose as well.
  4. Drop your lead hand down to about chest height - the angle will help with a whipping motion. This is the kind of striking with the top of the knuckles, not the front.
  5. Keep the elbow high at full extension, and focus on speed, not power. You must throw 2-3 flicks otherwise, it is just a snapping jab.
  6. When you finish, bring the hand back to the face ready to block, tighten up your guard, do not stay loose, expect to get countered.

Tips: Circle to your weak or strong side, creating a superior angle on your opponent while they can’t see.

Fighters who throw the Flicker jab

Thomas Hearns is a name you will hear a lot mentioned with this punch. 

He was long explosive and became the first boxer in history to win world titles in five different weight classes.

Muhammad Ali was infamous for his champion mindset not just inside the ring but also outside the ring. 

He used the flicker jab very successfully and complimented his attributes of being tall and long, using his reach to full advantage.

Tips: is this meant for you?

Notice that these successful fighters were the longer and taller fighters against their opponents. This really only works well if you find that you have a shorter opponent in front of you.

Shorter fighters are not able to keep a safe distance if they use this punch against a longer fighter and are more likely to get countered before they can get out.

Now, this isn’t to say you will always be the shorter fighter so it is good to use it in practice.


There are no shortcuts in life, and you are more than capable of overcoming the difficulties that are set in front of you. 

Boxing teaches you to keep fighting and take breaks when needed.

Those are some of the best boxing tips for beginners learning the flicker jab. 

You don’t have to fall into the trap of all the fancy moves and equipment to get you started or take you to the next level.

You need patience, consistency, and effective training. Build on good habits early, so you don’t have to tear down the foundation and rebuild all over again.

If you want more in-depth knowledge on a specific question, check out our home page for more tips. Let me know what other tips I may have missed, or you'd like me to cover by leaving a comment.

I cant wait to see you in the future on the next one. Keep swinging champs!