Battle Gloves

Battle Gloves

If you have ever watched a Law Enforcement or Military Exercise then chances are you have seen combat ready with the use of battle gloves. These gloves are used for close hand combat such as with a knife, gun, or other hand weapon. The gloves are designed with one purpose in mind and that is to provide the best protection available from a tight grip or during an encounter with a dangerous weapon. The tactical battle gloves provide superior hand protection for anyone involved in close hand combat such as a police officer, military member, knife specialist, or gun owner. They are made from the toughest leather on the market to ensure the best protection possible.

The reason they are called battle gloves is because the gloves are designed for quick and effective hand to hand combat. The typical protective gear would be a large, heavy bag that comes complete with padded arm padding and wrist support. Because these types of protective gear is so bulky it takes all of the mobility out of carrying it around. When a person uses the thinner, lighter design the entire glove is easier to carry and more comfortable to wear which means more comfort and ease while training or doing anything else with a gun, knife or any other type of weapon.

You may be wondering what exactly is so special about these battle gloves. Well, they are available in both leather and synthetic materials. The synthetic material is much more durable than leather which makes it easier to care for while still maintaining the flexibility needed by the user. Another benefit of the synthetic material is that it will not retain odor from fresh fish or other types of food. This can make any outing a lot easier because you will not have to worry about what you are going to bring home to eat. Many fishermen swear by the new synthetic materials in their pelagic battle gloves because they do not retain odor and they are perfect for any occasion.

These Battle Gloves have a great many features, but the main attraction is their breathability. They are very thin which makes them very light and flexible. Because they have a thin layer of fabric on the inside they can breathe. The breathability makes them perfect for activities where wetness is normal like a day on the beach. Fishing and camping are a couple of those activities. They also repel dirt and water like no other glove can.

The breathability also allows the air to circulate better through the gloves which helps to keep your hands dry. This is the best football glove for catching fish, catching tennis balls, throwing the ball around the field and just having fun. It will keep your hands dry so you do not end up smelling like a fisherman. Fish smell bad, we all know that.

The breathability of these gloves makes them so light that you do not feel like you are holding onto a bag of potato chips when you are wearing them. That's what the manufacturers marketing department wanted you to think. However, from a football grip enhancer's point of view, this is the best football gloves for grip boosting. The manufacturers knew the moisture would evaporate quickly from a sweaty hand so they made the gloves ultra light without sacrificing any of the grip strength.

What about breathability though? Let's discuss this for a moment shall we? When you go grab a beer from out of the fridge with your super thick C-Tack material gloves on your hands you will notice that the beer stays cool even after 30 minutes. With this amazing new technology Battle Gloves have become even more durable while at the same time providing an improved grip on the football glove.

If you want grip strength without sacrificing any of the durability of your Adidas Adizero 8.0 football gloves, you should definitely check out these new thin layers of fabric. The material is thin enough that water or sweat will bead up on the surface and then evaporate quickly, leaving your gloves dry and clean. Imagine touching down in a hot game and having the sweat beads up on your palms before you even touch your toes. That's exactly what you'll get with these new thin layer football gloves from adidas.

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