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Although they are not required for competition It's important to have the best boxing shoes for balance, footwork, your unique boxing style, and budget. You need a pair of good-quality boxing shoes that offer strong support and shock absorption and stability for protection, performance, and safety. In addition, you need a pair that fits well so that it does not hinder your movement or cause you to slip when you move around the ring. To help you find the best boxing shoes for your needs, we've highlighted some key features and outlined a few helpful points to consider before buying just any boxing shoes. With popular picks like Venum Elite Boxing Shoes, Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes, and Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes we will help you figure out what they are best for and the pros and cons of each boxing shoe! Let's get started champs!

Review For The Best Boxing Shoes From Our Research

Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

[amazon box="B07C4F498L"] Truth be told, these would not be considered high tops back in the day, but in today's modern era, mid-tops are the new high tops. These are the highly recommended Overall best boxing shoe you can find. I've personally used them in my professional career and have seen many other pros use them while training alongside them. These shoes have a lot going for them when it comes to features. The mesh upper provides a lightweight feel without sacrificing durability or strength, while still providing you with excellent mobility and flexibility. It also includes an additional ankle strap for support during punching as well as a sudden change of direction with movements. One thing that sets these apart from other high-top boxing shoes is they're designed with love. Just kidding but they are at an affordable price and that you should take into serious consideration. Features
  • Ankle strap for extra ankle support
  • Wide toe accessible
  • Fastening Lace-ups
  • Weight 12 ounces
  • Open weave mesh upper keeps shoes lightweight and comfortable
  • Innovative tread design prevents slip and optimizes side to side movement
  • Affordable shoes
  • Breathable shoe
  • Sole has great traction for quick movement around the ring
  • Good ankle support without sacrificing comfort or mobility
  • Design looks great
  • The strap could be better, a bit long

Everlast PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoes

[amazon box="B07JPXF67P"] Introducing the best boxing shoe that is of the low-top family. Amazing for wide feet like myself. Really simple I've used these for training and competition. I got them for a great price and have lasted me more than 2years. The Everlast PIVT Low Top Boxing Shoes are made for comfort and durability in the ring action. The shoe is constructed with a breathable mesh lining, rubber outsole, and soft foam inner sole. It also has an anatomical design that provides extra room for movement inside the boxing shoes. These features make this shoe perfect for any boxer looking to be more comfortable during their training sessions or matches. Features
  • Rubber thin sole
  • Designed for training and in-ring use
  • Built with a Technical Sole for maximum traction, flexibility & support
  • Innovative tread design prevents slip and optimizes side to side movement
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Runs a bit small
  • Lacks arch support

Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes

[amazon box="B00999RC40"] High-top boxing shoe alert! the moment some of you have been waiting for. If you like your calf hugged and like to sit down on your punches while you fight this is a really good shoe to try. Heavy-footed with a lot of ankle support, almost impossible to have any ankle injuries. But they aren't as mobile and that's why I say it is primarily for heavy or flat-footed fighters. Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes are comfortable, durable, and affordable. These shoes are made of synthetic materials that create a lightweight design for comfort. Ringside boxing shoes are a popular brand among the boxing community. Impressive leather vinyl finishes. It really gives the shoe a unique look. Yet another amazing feature is these are actually high tops can they be higher yes definitely but these are a really solid choice. Features
  • Style and performance approved
  • Leather vinyl finish and a high-top ankle for added support to produce elite class performance
  • Breathable nylon mesh fabric pattern and a non-slip rubber sole for added comfort and safety while fighting
  • Good snug fit for comfort
  • Great ankle support
  • Very durable and reliable
  • Might be too heavy for some boxers
  • Runs a bit big in size

Adidas Unisex-Adult Combat Speed.5

[amazon box="B06XWN9T2Y"] The best boxing shoes are the ones that get the job done in your boxing match. They say speed kills in boxing and to be fast you have to be light and to be light you have to have the lightest boxing shoes in the game. These are the lightest weighing in at a whopping 9.8 ounces. Need I say more? Probably so here I go. These pair of boxing shoes are made for high-intensity training and competitions. Adidas combat speed is lightweight and offers great support. They have a built-in ankle strap that is secure and won't slip too easily. The rubber sole is constructed of a split design which maximizes traction. Altogether, these shoes act as your quick defense against any movement your opponent may attempt to make and an easy transition quickly back into the offense. Features
  • Lightweight shoe
  • Ankle strap for extra ankle support
  • Leather and Rubber sole
  • Extremely breathable single-layer mesh body to keep feet cool
  • Narrow toes
  • Split-suede leather outsole overlays allow for the right amount of grip
  • Thin soles
  • Made with lightweight materials for speed
  • Ankle strap support
  • Breathable
  • Good grip and traction
  • Velcro strap a bit short
  • Flat shoe
  • Narrow toes

Reebok Men's Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker

[amazon box="B073PGK293"] A unique type of boxing boot made for a boxing workout or competition. I personally love these only for training as my style is a shaker and a mover and I feel a little restricted in these boxing boots compared to other boxing shoes. Professional boxing shoes none the less and they are great because they are the most durable I have had. Not to mention these are considered high-top boxing shoes reaching the bottom of the calf. These boxing boots include an ankle strap and a full lace-up closure that provide additional support to your feet and give you a snug fit. They are also equipped with EVA midsoles for additional comfort while the inner lining prevents blisters or unnecessary friction. The soles of these shoes are made out of durable rubber for reliable traction and rigidity making them good boxing shoes and possibly the most durable in the game today. Features
  • 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • Velcro strap
  • Rubber outsole thickness with more grip
  • Shaft measures approximately 8" from arch
  • Boxing boot
  • Mid-calf cut
  • Stability protection
  • Balance and stability
  • Thicker soles
  • Cushion for comfort
  • A bit narrow
  • Can be hard to put on
  • Needs to be air-dried after a hard workout

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

[amazon box="B07NDWXK5S"] The right pair of boxing shoes makes all the difference with high performance in the ring. Venum elite boxing shoes are often underestimated shoes. Comfort, stability, mobility, power... everything about the Venum elite boxing shoe will change the way you box. You'll be lighter. You'll move faster. You'll hit harder. The boxing world might agree on this when I say this is more than just the best-styled shoe out there in combat sports. This lightweight shoe like many boxing shoes is a great shoe to wear for any type of boxing training. The Venum elite boxing shoes have a foam tongue that is comfortable and supportive, it also helps protect your foot from shock while the sole offers additional cushioning with its thick EVA midsole. Characteristics such as lightness, strength, stability, and grip, had to provide explosive support to allow a boxer to move very quickly in any direction. Features
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Tri-material: Glossy PU Patent, PU Flex, Mesh Honeycomb
  • Increased grip, durability, and stability.
  • Optimized comfort with an anatomically designed insole.
  • Bonded insole to prevent slipping inside
  • Fit will be a half size larger than standard US sizing
  • Arch support and cushioning for plantar fasciitis
  • Ankle support is top-notch
  • Ventilated mesh upper foot sweat won't rub
  • High costs
  • It May is not fit everyone comfortable

Asics Aggressor 2 

[amazon box="B00GY6G97C"] Are you on a serious budget and just need some really solid boxing shoes? Most boxing shoes are only meant for boxing, these are also for wrestling if that matters at all to you. These were my first pair of shoes so they are great for beginners getting their feet wet in the sport. Buying boxing shoes at first can be tricky and these Asics make it easy to grab go and start putting to use without too much thought behind it. The upper shoe is made from a soft material called Ecsaine that is very soft and form-able to your individual feet. These shoes have extra features for comfort, like padding up the tongues and around the collar. The Aggressor 2’s can provide a snug, but form-fitting fit thanks to the adjustable Velcro ankle strap. Features
  • 100% Textile, lightweight, and breathability
  • Velcro ankle strap
  • Rubber sole thickness with great traction
  • Aggressive Outsole
  • Traditional Upper
  • Reliable grip and traction
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Superior breathability
  • Flatter shoe
  • Less arch support
  • Not traditional boxing shoes

Lonsdale Men's Contender Boxing Shoes

[amazon box="B079TQ8YDZ"] When choosing boxing shoes we all know what we want and that's to feel comfortable. Not to say that none of the other boxing shoes or boxing boots arent comfortable, but based on reviews these take the cake. A boxing shoe designed for the grind lets look more into it, shall we! This is a boxing shoe that has been specially designed for men. It has a lace-up closure which makes it possible to fit the shoe perfectly and securely. The shoes are also padded, which provides extra comfort. The shoes also have a lace-up closure and come with special grip soles for traction. The Lonsdale Men's contender shoe will provide you with great stability, ankle support, shock absorption, and durability! Exceptional boxing footwear if I do say so myself. Features
  • Lace-Ups
  • Gripped Sole
  • Nice quilted and padded ankle cuff
  • Gripped sole
  • Mid-height
  • These boxing boots are developed from extremely high-quality leather
  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Ankle support
  • Very comfortable
  • The leather materials will likely require far more care
  • takes a bit more time to break-in

Adidas Men's Adizero

[amazon box="B06Y38D7YX"] The best boxing shoes with a killer grip that doubles as wrestling shoes, like most of these. So the question is can there be such a thing as too much grip? I think not, especially when you train hours on end. These boxing shoes fit snug like a glove on your foot ready to tear the canvas apart. Adidas is a popular brand and is known for making some pretty good boxing gear. Adidas Men's Adizero boxing shoes have the best grip along with breathable mesh and synthetic upper. Created in collaboration with the world's most dominant champions, Adidas boxing shoes are battle-ready performance footwear built to outclass opponents. Features
  • Mesh
  • Lace-up closure
  • Extreme Light Weight Upper
  • High-tech outsole for excellent grip
  • "Broken-In" Feel - Right out of the Box
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Many colors to choose
  • Fantastic grip
  • Cheap
  • Breathable
  • Narrow feet

Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes

[amazon box="B073NJ8JBH"] Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes are the ultimate shoes for your next fight. The lightweight mesh and Flywire provide stability and versatility, so you can take on every opponent at any angle. Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes also have a tight forefoot-lock down strap, which is paired with an innovative lace system, to ensure that your feet stay put as you execute powerful, explosive movements. It's time for you to take your game to the next level. Put on a pair of Nike HyperKO Boxing Shoes, get out there, and show them what you've got. The combination of mesh and Flywire allows the HyperKO to provide lightweight support, delivering top-notch stability as you go face to face with your opponent. Features
  • Mesh upper materials increase breathability for moisture management
  • Flywire technology act like cables for boxing specific support around the foot
  • Forefoot lock-down strap included for durability and lock-down fit during punches
  • An integrated support system minimizes materials for a lightweight shoe
  • Rubber outsole and traction pattern offers traction and stability in the ring
  • Lightweight
  • Style Points
  • Good grip
  • Expensive
  • Narrow toe

Buyers Guide For Best Boxing Shoes

Before purchasing the best boxing shoes, you should consider a few important things: Benefits of boxing shoes, Comfort, Different types of boxing shoes, and Style. Let's cover them!

Benefits of Boxing Shoes

When you wear boxing shoes you will find that they provide the perfect balance between flexibility and stability. They have a better grip than regular shoes and provide better movement, support, and style. Movement
  • The balls of your foot will allow it to flex in all directions, allowing for fast and accurate pivoting.
  • Provide great traction due to their rubber soles
  • A Velcro strap that allows for a snug and comfortable fit around the ankle or the toes.
  • The main benefit is the support for the ankles
  • A padded heel that supports the Achilles tendon and a raised collar that prevents it from bending over time
  • Padded insoles that provide shock absorption and comfort
  • Durable construction that can withstand the rigorous nature of boxing training
  • When you look good you fight good, the style points are always a must if you want to wow the crowd
  • Personal preference on what your type of style is and it is a fun part of boxing you shouldn't neglect


Comfort on boxing shoes. Ah, yes. That is a hot topic on everyone's minds these days. There's nothing worse than having to break in new boxing shoes that never get comfortable. It seems like you spend more time trying to find the right boxing shoes rather than just focusing on fighting itself. Don't worry, we've all been there and done that. We also know that when our feet feel good and we're comfortable with our boxing equipment, then we can concentrate much better on the more important things, such as making sure we fight better. Wide
  • You'll have more stability on your feet
  • It's easier to get a good grip
  • You'll have less risk of injury
  • Gives fighters more of an advantage when trying to fight on their toes
  • Put more weight onto your toes to push off with explosiveness

Different types of boxing shoes

With boxing shoes, there are a few things to take into consideration. You have to think about the size of the shoe, and how much ankle support you may want. You also need to consider brands such as Nike and Adidas that can cost substantially more than others but maybe is worth the payoff in return for quality. Low Top boxing shoes
  • Low-tops are great for practicing boxing with their flex features
  • The least amount of ankle support yet very light mobile for sharp cuts and movement
Mid Tops
  • Considered the best for protection from injuries while still being light enough to not add too much weight to your feet
  • The most popular style of shoe boxers choose
High tops
  • High-tops provide extra ankle support and knee protection when practicing boxing
  • The high-top has the least amount of flex available compared to any other kind of boxing shoe


Style is a preference you will have to make your own and show who you are if you choose to take the flashier route. People love the tassels and the color schemes. You can have the tongue flipped out like Canelo on his shoes, those look super dope. Just make it your own have fun there is no real guide because it is freedom of expression!

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Boxing Shoes

Frequently asked questions coming right up! From the elite boxing shoes to the many boxing shoes that didn't make the list these questions are generally the same for all boxing shoes.

What kind of shoes should I wear for boxing?

The best boxing shoes you can wear are the ones that fit comfortably. They have good grip and ankle support and you are solid.

Do boxing shoes really help?

Yes, they help with making cuts and providing support. Regular shoes do not have a lot of ankle support. Boxing shoes are lighter and made for you to be quicker on your feet.

Should boxing shoes be tight?

They shouldn't be loose even if you have wide feet. Find a shoe that hugs your foot but doesn't apply pressure that makes it uncomfortable. You should feel comfortable in your boxing shoes.

Can you wear boxing shoes outside?

Yes, they are versatile however they do not have a lot of support for hours of walking or standing. I would keep it to a minimum if you need more support for daily life.

Do boxers run in their boxing shoes?

They shouldn't run in their shoes it will wear out the tread and pull on their Achilles heel. Boxing shoes aren't made for running. It is safer to switch to actual running shoes.

Can you lift weights in boxing shoes?

No, please do not try this! Best to be barefooted you will get more out of your lifts as your feet will be connected to the floor.

Why do boxers wear high shoes?

Ankle support is the main reason, stability. Boxers are constantly moving about while in a fight and can not risk a rolled ankle.

Final Thoughts

Many boxing shoes can get the job done but none are better than Everlast Elite High Top Boxing Shoes! They have the best overall comfort, durability, and price. When it comes to boxing equipment you want to be comfortable. There should be no distractions to how it fits or feels. With so many different types of styles and colors, you can express your style inside the ring. When you look good you fight well. Hope these reviews helped you with your decision, don't forget these are the top shoes I've personally picked but there are many more that might be better suitable specifically for you. Keep swinging Champs!