Boxing Shorts

Boxing is a great workout for building strength and endurance, and it also helps build muscle tone. In fact, the average boxer weighs about 150 pounds, so you know you're going to burn calories while you're punching the bag. But you can add a little variety to your routine by wearing boxing shorts. They provide a bit of padding around the legs and waist, which makes them ideal for protecting your skin against cuts and bruises. Plus, they offer additional support for your muscles and joints, helping you perform at your peak during each round.
Anthem Athletics Classic Boxing Trunks Shorts - Army & Black - Large

Anthem Athletics Classic Boxing Trunks Shorts - Army & Black - Large

How to choose the best Boxing Shorts

Boxing shorts are designed to be worn during training sessions. They provide support and comfort while protecting your skin from cuts and bruises. Boxers wear these shorts because they're comfortable and easy to put on. They also allow you to train comfortably and safely.

The boxer short has been around since the early 1900s. In those days boxers wore long pants and shirts to cover themselves. However they still needed to fight bare-chested. As a result many injuries occurred due to unprotected areas being hit hard. To avoid this problem boxers started wearing shorts. Nowadays most boxers wear shorts during training sessions.

Wearing boxing shorts offers several benefits. First they provide excellent ventilation. Since there isn't much room inside the shorts sweat tends to build up quickly. Sweaty legs cause chafing which leads to blisters. With proper ventilation you'll stay cool and dry throughout your workout. Second the fabric of the shorts protects your skin from injury. Because the material is thick it prevents cuts and scrapes. Third the shorts give you added mobility. Most boxers wear shorts because they're easier to move around in. Fourth the shorts are lightweight and breathable. Lightweight materials allow you to move freely without feeling weighed down. Lastly the shorts are durable. Unlike cotton nylon and spandex the fabrics used in boxing shorts last longer. So you get fewer repairs and replacements.

Yes! Boxing shorts are safe to wear during training sessions. While they aren't 100% waterproof they are water resistant. Therefore you shouldn't worry about getting wet during practice. Also the padding on the shorts reduces impact forces. This makes the shorts safer to wear during sparring matches. Finally the shorts are designed to fit snugly. This gives you maximum movement and flexibility.

Most gyms sell boxing shorts. Some stores carry only men's shorts while others specialize in women's styles. Look for brands that are known for quality products. For example Champion Sports sells high-quality boxing shorts. Their designs include padded knee guards and shin guards.

The Importance of Purchasing Quality Boxing Shorts

Boxing shorts are essential equipment for anyone who wants to train in the ring. There are many different types of boxing shorts available today ranging from cheap knock-offs to high end designer brands. However there are certain qualities that must be considered when choosing a pair of boxing shorts. Here are three important factors to take into account when selecting a pair of boxing shorts.


There are two main fabrics used in making boxing shorts; cotton and polyester. Cotton is generally cheaper and lighter weight while polyester tends to be thicker and heavier. Both materials provide excellent comfort and durability however cotton has a tendency to stretch whereas polyester does not. Polyester is therefore recommended for those who plan on wearing their boxing shorts for long periods of time. In addition cotton is prone to shrinking which makes it difficult to fit properly. Therefore if you're planning on wearing your boxing shorts for extended periods of time opt for a polyester fabric.


It goes without saying that comfortable clothing is vital when training in the ring. Most boxers wear compression shorts underneath their boxing shorts because these allow for maximum movement and flexibility. Compression shorts are designed to reduce muscle fatigue during intense workouts. Boxer shorts are typically worn inside another type of garment called a "jock" (or jockstrap). Jocks are designed to hold boxer shorts snug around the waist and legs. Some boxers wear both a jock and compression shorts together. This combination gives the boxer added support and comfort while working out.


Boxing shorts are meant to last. Durable material ensures that your boxing shorts remain intact throughout your workout. Look for durable stitching reinforced seams and double stitched hems. Avoid cheap knock-off products that lack these features. Also avoid using tape or glue to repair holes or tears in your boxing shorts. Instead sew the hole closed with thread or stitch it back together with strong stitches.

Features To Look For When Buying Boxing Shorts

Boxing shorts are designed to be worn during training sessions and matches. The design of these shorts varies depending on whether you're wearing them for sparring or fighting. There are many different styles available ranging from traditional cotton boxers to lycra-based designs. Some boxer shorts are designed specifically for men while others are intended for women. Regardless of which style you choose there are several features you should look for when purchasing a pair of boxing shorts.

Fabric Type - Cotton vs Lycra

Fit - Boxer Shorts Vs Briefs

Waistband Material - Elastic vs Non-elastic

Pockets - Inside Pockets Vs Outside Pockets

Sizing - Small/Medium/Large Vs X-Small/Extra Large

Color - Black Vs White

Patterned Fabric - Stripes Vs Solid Colors

Wash Care Instructions - How To Wash Them

Price Range - Cheap Vs Expensive

Cotton Versus Lycra

The most common fabric type used in boxing shorts is either cotton or lycra. Both fabrics provide excellent support and comfort making them ideal for those who train regularly. However each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Cotton is generally cheaper than lycra but it tends to wear out faster. In addition cotton absorbs moisture quickly causing chaffing and discomfort. Lycra on the other hand offers superior breathability and durability but it costs more than cotton.

Boxer Shorts Vs Briefs

There are two main types of boxer shorts: brief and boxers. Briefs are shorter than boxers and typically cover only the waistline. Boxers extend past the waistline and cover the entire leg. Most briefs are made of cotton whereas boxers are usually made of nylon or polyester. Nylon is stronger and more durable than cotton but it does absorb sweat quicker. Polyester is softer and lighter weight than both cotton and nylon but it is prone to shrinking.

Elastic Waistbands VS Non-elastic Waistbands

Most boxer shorts include elastic waistbands. An elastic waistband stretches around the body and holds the garment snugly in place.

Different Types of Boxing Shorts

Boxing shorts are designed to provide maximum comfort while protecting your skin during training sessions. There are many different styles available each offering its own unique features.

Traditional Boxer Shorts - The traditional boxer short has been around since the early 1900’s. Made popular by boxers who wore these shorts to fight bare-knuckle matches these shorts are still worn today by amateur boxers. Traditional boxer shorts are typically made of cotton and include elastic waistbands and drawstrings.

Barefoot Boxer Shorts - Barefoot boxer shorts are designed specifically for those who train barefoot. Unlike traditional boxer shorts which require laces to be tied barefoot boxer shorts are designed to fit comfortably over the foot and ankle. Some models allow for easy access to the toes making them ideal for those who wish to train barefoot.

Speedo Boxer Shorts - Speedos are designed to be worn underneath swimsuits and cover everything except the genitals. Originally developed for swimmers speedos are now commonly worn by men and women alike. While there are many variations of speedos most consist of two pieces of material sewn together along the sides and back. One piece covers the front and another covers the rear.

Benefits of Boxing Shorts

Comfort – Wearing boxing shorts offers a comfortable workout experience because they are soft and breathable. Most modern designs are made of lightweight materials that wick moisture away from the body.

Protection – Boxing shorts are designed to protect the wearer from cuts and bruises sustained during sparring. Many designs incorporate padding throughout the entire garment to ensure proper coverage.

Style – Boxing shorts are a fashion statement that makes you stand out among others. Whether you wear them to the gym or to the club you’ll always get noticed!