Boxing Training Shoes

Boxing Training Shoes - Finding the Right Ones

Boxing Training Shoes are an essential part of any successful boxer's workout and protection. With the right type of boxing training shoes you can ensure maximum protection and maximize your workout time. High top shoes are usually considered the standard in boxing training shoes, although Low tops have become very popular also. If you plan on being quite serious about training or know that you require superior ankle support then go with High Top boxing training shoes. For light heavy bag training, go with a pair of lightweight training shoes for the best results. Heavy bag training requires a proper fit and support so choose your training gear carefully.

Another important element to choosing your boxing training shoes is the type of footwork you engage in. In general, speed bags have a much longer distance to cover when compared to normal running shoes. One of the major advantages of wearing speed-chute shoes is that they provide ankle support which is normally absent from normal running shoes or sneakers. The type of footwork you engage in and the style of competition will determine which type of footwear is most appropriate for you.

If you are a wrestler or get a lot of work on your legs and ankles then you will benefit from Asics Aggressor 2 Amazon. The Asics line of shoes are known worldwide for durability and comfort. They offer a full range of shoes for all types of athletic activity and are available in numerous colors and designs. The Asics Aggressor 2 Amazon offers a great solution for all those people who perform hard core workouts and training and desire lightweight ankle support. This trainer was designed especially to meet the needs of boxers who require ankle support for training and competitions.

The Asics UTPA heavyweight high tops have been designed to provide maximum ankle support and protection for your feet. This is one of the best boxing shoes available for sale as it includes an Inclinometer protection, leather uppers and textile lining. A heavy weight with excellent ankle support and traction, the Asics UTPA is designed to give you maximum performance in the ring from either stand up or sit down positions.

This lightweight trainer has an enhanced midsole section that contains grooves to add grip and increased traction. A rounder sole makes it more comfortable and improves stability. Other features include Asics' signature rubber soles and 'plug and play' technology which guarantees a tight and light seal. For improved durability and long lasting performance the Asics High Top Trainers include a lifetime warranty. The Asics Booster Boots are light-weight, flexible and feature Asics' plug and play technology for maximum ankle and foot protection.

The Adidas SpeedEX is another lightweight boxing shoe that features a soft fit and flexible midsole for a comfortable and snug fit. Lightweight yet flexible, the Adidas SpeedEX is an ideal training shoe for any level of boxer. They are made using the best materials making them ideal for any level of exercise. The Adidas SpeedEX line also includes sizes for men and women.

If ankle support is an issue for you the Adidas WSD Forex Trainer is a great choice. Designed to be a neutral training shoe with minimal movement, the Adidas WSD Forex Trainer is perfect for wrestling drills and general boxing training. The forefoot is specially manufactured for absorbing shock and weight for increased agility and flexibility when running and jumping. Available in black, white and blue and with a rubber sole, the WSD Forex Trainer is ideal for beginners and professionals alike.

One of the latest developments in boxing shoes is the Amazon Thunder shoes which have been around almost a decade. Designed to meet all the needs of a boxer whether it's for ankle support, comfort or ventilation the Amazon Thunder is one of the most popular lightweight training shoes. Lightweight and ventilated, the Amazon Thunder is a great alternative to heavier more bulky boxing shoes that often hinder movement. Available in white or black, the Amazon Thunder has proven to be a top selling lightweight trainer due to its unique design, comfort and support.