Heavy Duty Trash Bags

There are times when you just need a bag big enough to hold all your garbage. These heavy duty trash bags are perfect for holding large amounts of waste. They're made of thick material so they won't tear easily and they're designed to last. Use these bags to store your trash, clean your house, or even clean up spills around the home.
65 Gallon Trash Bags Heavy Duty 1.5 Mil Black - 50 Count Large Trash Bags - Individually Folded - Industrial Trash Bags 65 Gallon  50W x 48L
3 Mil Contractor Bags - 95 Gallon Heavy Duty Black Garbage Can Liner for Trash, Storage, Yard Waste, 61 x 68 Commercial Use Industrial Grade Construction Bags w 30 Rubber Bands by Tougher Goods (50)

3 Mil Contractor Bags - 95 Gallon Heavy Duty Black Garbage Can Liner for Trash, Storage, Yard Waste, 61 x 68 Commercial Use Industrial Grade Construction Bags w 30 Rubber Bands by Tougher Goods (50)

How to choose the best heavy duty trash bags

Trash bags are designed to be durable and long lasting. They're meant to last years and years of hard usage. In fact most trash bags today are made of plastic which makes them very strong and resistant to tearing. Plastic trash bags are available in many different styles and colors. Some are even waterproof! Most garbage bags are sold in packs of 10-20 depending on the brand. There are several reasons why you'd want to get a heavy duty trash bag.

Stronger Than Paper

Paper bags tear easily and break apart quickly. However plastic bags are stronger and more durable. They hold up better to rough handling and wear and tear. Even though paper bags are cheaper they aren't always worth the money because they eventually rip and fall apart. Plastic bags are far superior in terms of durability and strength. They can withstand being thrown around tossed into dumpsters dragged across floors and dropped onto concrete. They can handle anything you throw at them.

Resistant To Odors

Plastic bags resist odors better than paper ones. Paper bags absorb smells and become smelly themselves. But plastic bags stay fresh and odor free. They can be washed repeatedly and still retain their shape and integrity. Many people who live in apartments or condos reuse their trash bags frequently. Because of this they end up using the same bag again and again. Plastic bags are ideal for this type of situation. They can be cleaned and reused over and over again.


Most paper bags are not waterproof. They dry out and crack and leak within days. Waterlogged paper bags are difficult to store and take up valuable storage space. Plastic bags are completely waterproof. They can be stored outside during rainy weather and remain intact. They can be stacked inside closets and drawers and kept safe from moisture. Plastic bags are perfect for storing clothes shoes boots umbrellas etc. They're easy to stack and store away.

Long Lasting

Paper bags only last a few months. Once they start to deteriorate they begin to smell bad and disintegrate. Plastic bags can last for years. They can be left outdoors in hot sun and rain and still maintain their shape and structure. They can be hung from hooks and racks and still hang there perfectly fine. They can be folded and rolled and stuffed into small spaces and still stand tall and proud. Plastic bags are extremely versatile and useful products. They're inexpensive sturdy and reliable.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Heavy Duty Trash Bag

Trash bags are essential tools for anyone who has a yard or garden. Whether you're using plastic garbage cans or metal bins there's no denying that these bags are useful. However many people overlook the fact that trash bags aren't cheap. In fact most people end up spending more money on trash bags than they did on the bin itself! So why pay more for a trash bag that isn't going to last very long? Here are five reasons why you should invest in high-quality trash bags.

1) Longer Life Expectancy

Most trash bags today are designed to be disposable. While this makes them convenient it comes at a price. Most trash bags only last around six months before they start tearing apart. But if you invest in a durable trash bag you could get years of service out of it. For example a sturdy polyethylene trash bag can last between 10 and 15 years. This means you'll have fewer trips to the store to replace your trash bags.

2) Less Waste

Another reason why you should invest in a good trash bag is because it reduces the amount of waste you produce. Plastic bags are notorious for being difficult to recycle. Not only does this cause problems for local recycling centers but it also causes unnecessary pollution. Instead of throwing away old plastic bags invest in a reusable trash bag. Many companies now sell reusable bags that are machine washable and dryable. This way you can reuse your trash bags again and again.

3) Better Value

Finally investing in a quality trash bag can actually save you money. Because trash bags are typically sold cheaply you can expect to see higher prices when you go shopping for a replacement. But if you invest in a durable trash bag you'll likely find that its value increases over time. As a result you'll be able to recoup the initial investment within a few years.

4) More Durability

One thing that separates a good trash bag from a bad trash bag is durability. Some trash bags tear apart quickly while others hold up for years. Investing in a strong trash bag ensures that you'll be able to use it for years to come. After all you wouldn't want to throw away a perfectly usable trash bag just because it started ripping apart.

5) Easy To Use

Last but certainly not least investing in a quality trash bag is easy to use.

Trash Bags - The most important thing to look for when purchasing a trash bag is durability. Most trash bags today are made of plastic which makes them very durable. However there are many different types of plastics available including polyethylene (PE) polypropylene (PP) and nylon. Polyethylene has been around since the 1950’s and is still widely used today because it is cheap and easy to produce. Nylon was invented in 1935 and is now considered the strongest material for making trash bags. PP was developed in the 1960’s and is stronger than PE. All three materials are strong enough to handle everyday household garbage. Plastic trash bags are generally cheaper than paper ones and last longer too. Paper bags tear easier and eventually disintegrate into smaller pieces. Also plastic bags are lighter weight and take up less room in the trash bin. Some brands of trash bags include “heavy-duty” labels on the outside of the bag. These bags are designed to be reused multiple times and are typically thicker and sturdier than regular trash bags. Another way to tell if a bag is heavy duty is to check its label. Many companies claim that their bags are reusable however these claims are misleading. Reusable bags are actually made of thinner material and are meant to be thrown away once they become torn or worn. There are two main reasons why you should avoid using recycled bags. First they are not recyclable and second they are not as sturdy as standard trash bags. Recycled bags are made from old newspapers and cardboard and are not suitable for holding food scraps or liquids. In addition they are thin and flimsy and therefore cannot withstand repeated uses. Finally recycling bags are not biodegradable and will remain in landfills forever.

The type of trash bag you need depends on the amount of trash you generate each week. If you only throw away small amounts of trash weekly then a regular trash bag will suffice. However if you regularly accumulate large quantities of trash then you should invest in a heavier duty trash bag. Regular trash bags hold approximately 1/2 pound per square foot while heavy duty trash bags hold between 2 pounds and 4 pounds per square foot. The higher the number the thicker the bag. So if you live alone you probably don’t need a heavy duty trash bag. But if you share your house with roommates family members or friends then you definitely need a heavy duty trash bag.

Different Types Of Heavy Duty Trash Bags

Trash bags are essential tools for anyone who has a yard or garden. The right type of bag can be used for many different purposes. There are several different kinds of trash bags available today. Some are designed specifically for garbage disposal while others are meant for general household uses. Here are three common types of trash bags that you can use for different applications.

Garbage Disposal Bag

This kind of bag is ideal for disposing of food scraps and kitchen wastes. Garbage disposal bags are typically made of plastic and are sold in packs of two or four. They are easy to open and close and are very durable. Most garbage disposal bags are equipped with handles which makes them easier to carry around. However these bags are not suitable for large amounts of garbage because they cannot hold too much weight. For example if you put a lot of meat into the garbage disposal bag it could break apart. Also if there is a strong odor coming from the garbage the bag may burst.

General Household Use Bags

These bags are generally made of thicker material and are intended for everyday household use. They are commonly found in stores and supermarkets. They are useful for storing small quantities of groceries wrapping gifts holding pet supplies etc. These bags are usually made of polyethylene (PE) and nylon. They are inexpensive and convenient. But they are not recommended for garbage disposal because they are not sturdy enough to withstand the pressure created during the process of garbage disposal. In addition they are not waterproof and therefore cannot be washed. Therefore they must be disposed of properly once they become filled with garbage.

Heavy-duty General Household Use Bags

The most popular type of trash bag is the heavy-duty general household use bag. These bags are made of thick materials and are designed to last long. They are usually made of PE and PVC. They are extremely durable and can handle high levels of stress. They are perfect for garbage disposal because they are able to withstand the pressure created during the process of garbage disposal. They are also waterproof and washable. Because they are made of stronger materials they are more likely to survive the entire garbage disposal process. They are also cheaper than regular garbage bags. However they are heavier and bulkier than normal trash bags. So they require more effort to transport and store.