Hoover Vacuum

If you've got a house full of kids, chances are you've had to clean up a lot of messes lately. From sticky fingers to spilled milk, toys to crumbs, dust bunnies to dirt, it seems like no surface goes untouched by kids' hands. That's why it's so important to invest in a powerful vacuum cleaner that can tackle everything from pet hair to pet poop. After all, what would you rather spend your money on: cleaning supplies or toys?

How to choose the best hoover vacuum

The Hoover vacuum cleaner was invented in 1901 by William Stanley Hooven. He created his invention because he wanted to create a machine that could be operated by hand while still being able to suck up dirt and dust. His idea worked and the Hoover vacuum became very popular. In fact it has been around since the early 1900’s and continues to be manufactured today.

Hoovers operate using suction power. Suction power is generated by a motor which creates negative pressure inside the hose. As the air moves through the hose it picks up particles of dust and dirt. Once these particles enter the hose they get sucked into the main body of the vacuum cleaner where they are trapped. Then the air flows back out of the hose and leaves the room clean.

Benefits of Using A Hoover Vacuum

There are many benefits to owning a Hoover vacuum cleaner. For starters it makes vacuuming easier and faster. Because there is no need to push the vacuum along the floor you can quickly sweep away large amounts of dirt and dust. Also the Hoover vacuum is easy to maneuver and store. It folds flat making it ideal for storage. Finally the Hoover vacuum is quiet and efficient. It uses little electricity and runs quietly. All of these factors contribute to its popularity among consumers.

Types of Hoover Vacs Available Today

Today there are two types of Hoover vacuums available. One type is called the upright vacuum cleaner. This kind of Hoover vacuum operates vertically and sucks up dirt and dust from the ground. Another type is known as the stick vacuum cleaner. This kind of Hoover vacuum works horizontally and sucks up dirt and dust from the floor. Both kinds of Hoover vacuums are effective and reliable. However the upright version tends to be cheaper and easier to maintain. Stick versions are generally more powerful and require less maintenance.

Where To Find A Hoover Vacuum

Most major retailers sell both upright and stick Hoover vacuums. You can also find them online. Just search for “Hoover vacuum” and you’ll see plenty of options.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Hoover Vacuum

Hoovers are known for being reliable easy-to-use household appliances that provide excellent results. However there are many different types of vacuums available today which makes choosing the right one difficult. There are two main factors to take into consideration when selecting a vacuum cleaner; performance and price.


There are three main aspects of performance that you must be aware of when considering a vacuum cleaner. Firstly the suction power of the machine. Suction power refers to the amount of air pressure created by the motor. The higher the suction power the greater the ability to remove dust and dirt from carpets and floors. Secondly the type of filter used. Filters are designed to trap particles and allergens within the vacuum. Thirdly the number of settings available. Some models allow you to select between high/low speed normal/deep mode and brush/vacuum modes.


Vacuum cleaners vary greatly in terms of price. Prices range from around £100 upwards depending on the features offered. For example a cheaper version of a vacuum cleaner may only include a single setting while a more advanced model could include multiple settings.

Buying Guide

To ensure you get the best possible value for money here are some tips to follow when shopping for a vacuum cleaner. First check whether the manufacturer offers a warranty. Most manufacturers offer warranties ranging from 12 months to 2 years. Second read reviews online. Reviews give you insight into the pros and cons of each product. Finally ask friends and family who own a particular brand of vacuum cleaner for advice.

Features To Look For When Buying A Hoover Vacuum

Hoovers are known for being reliable and durable machines. However there are many features available that can be added to increase functionality and improve performance. Here are some of the most important features to look for when purchasing a Hoover vacuum cleaner.

Powerful Motor

The motor is the heart of the machine. The stronger the motor the faster the suction power. Most models today have powerful motors which allow for quick drying and effective removal of dirt and dust. Some models include a variable speed control which allows you to adjust the strength of the suction depending on the type of floor covering you're vacuuming.

Adjustable Suction Head

Most modern models have adjustable heads which allow you to change the angle of the nozzle depending on the type of floor covering you're vacuuming. This makes it easier to get into tight spaces and corners where traditional upright vacuums struggle. Adjustable head attachments are also useful for picking up pet hair and small objects.

Easy-To-Use Controls

Many models now have easy-to-use controls which make using the machine simple and convenient. Many models have automatic settings which automatically turn the machine on and off based on the amount of time you've been away from the house. Other models have remote controls which allow you to operate the machine from another room.

Longer Run Time

Some models last longer between charges than others. Longer run times give you more flexibility when scheduling your cleaning routine. Models with long runtimes typically require fewer batteries and provide greater suction power.

Durable Construction

Modern models are built with sturdy materials and components. Durability ensures that the machine lasts longer and requires fewer repairs. Modern designs also incorporate safety features such as auto shutoff switches and anti-tip wheels to ensure that the machine does not tip over during operation.


Vacuum accessories are designed to enhance the overall effectiveness of the machine. Accessories range from tools to extend the lifespan of the machine to brushes and crevice tools to remove stubborn dirt and grime.

Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are essential tools for most households. There are many different kinds available today each designed to perform specific functions. The best way to decide which type of cleaner suits your needs is to read reviews online and talk to friends who own the same kind of machine.

Bag-type vacuum cleaners - Bag-type machines suck dust into a bag attached to the bottom of the unit. Bags must be emptied regularly and replaced whenever they become too small. Some models include features to automatically empty bags while others require manual emptying.

Canister-style vacuum cleaners - Canisters are upright units that contain a motorised brush inside a chamber. Dust collects on the floor beneath the bristles and is sucked up via a hose connected to the top of the unit. Most modern canister vacuums have wheels enabling easy movement around the room.

Corded vacuum cleaners - Corded vacuums consist of two parts; a base unit containing the power supply and a wand handle. The cord connects the two together and enables the user to manoeuvre the machine around the house.

Handheld vacuum cleaners - Handheld vacuums are lightweight devices that fit comfortably in the hand. They are ideal for quick spot cleaning jobs where there isn't enough room to set up a traditional vacuum cleaner.

Portable vacuum cleaners - Portable vacuums are battery powered and compact enough to carry around the house. They're useful for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as stairs and corners.

Upright vacuum cleaners - Uprights are large heavy machines that stand on legs and have a long hose extending from the back. They are suitable for deep cleaning carpets and rugs.

Wet/dry vacuum cleaners - Wet/dry vacuums collect both wet and dry dirt. They are especially good for picking up pet hair and mud.

Walk behind vacuum cleaners - Walk behind vacuums are very popular because they allow users to clean floors without bending over. They are generally heavier and bulkier than handheld vacuums.

Wheeled vacuum cleaners - Wheeled vacuums are lighter and easier to maneuver than walkbehind models. They are particularly suited to carpet cleaning.

Wall mounted vacuum cleaners - Wall mounted vacuums are perfect for cleaning high traffic areas such as hallways and staircases.