Nike Hyperko Boxing Shoes

Nike Hyperko Boxing Shoes

For many years, Nike Hyperko Boxing Shoes have been one of the most sought after pairs of footwear in the world. These shoes provide the necessary balance between comfort and performance with unmatched durability. While Nike makes many popular footwear models, none has ever reached the level of quality that Hyperko shoes have achieved. The use of rubberized inner soles and Nike eyelets ensure that no matter what your style, you can always find a pair that is just right for you.

Keeping the Nike Hyperko light and strong are Nike flywheel supports used on each shoe. A proprietary dual-plane-wing system offers improved stability and power transfer to the heel, which provides the much-needed shock absorption to keep you on your feet while boxing. Designed to meet the exacting standards of Nike Hyperko boxing shoes, these are designed to be lightweight and durable.

The Hyperko Hydroderm line uses an advanced shock absorbing system. Unlike most shoes, these shoes use a high-density textile that works in conjunction with air bubbles to help provide shock absorption. This combined with Nike's acclaimed air compression technology delivers the best in lightweight comfort and breathability. A patented outsole made from Vibram rubber provides enhanced traction on both the outside and inside of the shoes for maximum traction on the ring. These Hydroderm shoes also feature a lining constructed of polyurethane and are available in multiple colors.

These popular boxing shoes are designed for maximum shock absorption. Nike Hyperko boxing shoes are available in several light weight design options. The Air Flight row features Hyperloops with their signature bright color and is the perfect choice for novice boxers. The Nike Fly Fusion represents the highest level of innovation in lightweight training shoes. Made using the same materials used in Nike Hyperloops, these shoes feature high-tech materials that optimize durability and lightweight comfort. For extra durability, they feature a thicker and stronger upper cover made from Nylon fabric.

Hyperloops are lightweight training shoes that are lightweight and durable. The Nike Hyperko Canvas delivers maximum durability in a lightweight training shoe and comes in several different colors. The Nike Hyperko Grey and Nike Hyperko Red color choices represent classic colors but also include a wide range of color options. When selecting your pair of Hyperloops, it is important to choose a size that is comfortable. Many of these shoes run small, so be sure to try on an pair before purchasing.

Another excellent choice in training shoes is the Nike Air Flight Falcon 7. Available in either black or white, the Air Flight series offers great features such as full sole coverage for maximum agility and durability. The outsole of the Nike Air Falcon includes strategically placed gold rubber spikes to offer optimal traction. This lightweight boxing footwear is available in both traditional and lowtop styles.

In addition to lightweight training shoes, there are several features that Hyperloops cannot compete with. One feature found in Hyperloops that they simply cannot match is toe overlays. If you are looking for ultimate ankle support, then an excellent shoe choice is the Hyperko Powermate T. While the shoes do have excellent ankle support, the Powermate T is available in white only. This white version does not come with an overlayer, which means that the top of your foot will experience wear and tear more easily than with the black version.

For added versatility, there are several color choices available in both the Nike Hyperko boxing shoes and the Air Flight Falcon 7. Black and white are the only color choices currently available. A popular choice is to purchase a pair of these shoes and then purchase a pair of Air Force 9s to complement the look.