Rubbermaid Mop

Rubbermaid has been providing innovative products to families since 1950. Today, their line of commercial mops and buckets offer a wide range of products designed to meet the demands of busy professionals. These commercial grade mops are built to last and come with a lifetime warranty. They also feature a patented cleaning system that allows for quick drying and easier cleanup. These commercial grade mops are ideal for use in restaurants, schools, offices, hospitals, hotels, and more.

How to choose the best rubbermaid mop

The commercial bucket mop has been around since the early 1900’s. In fact there was a patent issued in 1915 for a “mop-bucket” which consisted of a metal container attached to a handle. Over the years many different designs have evolved including plastic buckets fiberglass buckets and now the modern day bucket mop. Today these bucket mops are still widely used because they provide excellent performance and versatility.

Benefits of Using a Commercial Bucket Mop

There are several benefits to using a commercial bucket mop. First it is very versatile. Most bucket mops today include a sponge head that attaches directly to the top of the bucket. This makes it easy to switch between wet/dry mopping and scrubbing. Second it is extremely durable. Unlike most traditional mops bucket mops are designed to be heavy duty. Third it is eco friendly. Many companies are making efforts to reduce the amount of water needed to clean floors. Finally it is affordable. There are many options available depending on your budget.

Most bucket mops consist of two parts; the bucket and the mop head. The bucket holds the solution (water) while the mop head contains the absorbent material. To use the mop you simply fill the bucket with water and attach the mop head to the end of the handle. Then you begin to mop the floor. As you walk across the room the solution flows onto the mop head where it absorbs dirt and grime. After each pass you rinse the mop head in fresh water. Once the mop head becomes saturated you remove it from the bucket and hang it back up to dry.

Types of Commercial Bucket Mops Available

Today there are three main types of commercial bucket mops available. Each type offers its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Standard Bucket Mop – Standard bucket mops are inexpensive and simple to operate. However they only hold approximately 1 gallon of liquid. Therefore you must refill the bucket frequently. Also they cannot be used effectively on hardwood floors.

Deluxe Bucket Mop - Deluxe bucket mops are slightly more expensive than standard bucket mops.

Rubbermaid has been around since 1884 and is still going strong today. Their products are known for being durable and reliable. In fact many companies rely on Rubbermaid products because they're built to last. Rubbermaid offers a wide variety of products including buckets trash cans storage containers kitchen sinks bathtubs tub liners and floor care equipment. All these products are designed to be safe easy-to-use and long lasting.

Rubbermaid products are designed to provide years of service. For example Rubbermaid makes commercial grade mops that are tough enough to withstand heavy duty cleaning jobs. Commercial grade mops are ideal for restaurants hotels schools hospitals nursing homes and offices where high volume cleaning needs to be done.

Yes Rubbermaid products are safe to use. Rubbermaid uses only top quality materials and manufacturing processes to ensure safety and durability. Rubbermaid products are tested rigorously to meet industry standards. Rubbermaid products are manufactured using non-toxic chemicals and contain no harmful substances. Rubbermaid products are also free of lead phthalates formaldehyde and BPA.

Rubbermaid products are designed to last. Rubbermaid products are constructed with thick walls and sturdy handles that allow users to carry large loads. Rubbermaid products are also backed by a lifetime warranty. Rubbermaid products are designed to perform reliably day after day. Rubbermaid products are engineered to resist wear and tear and maintain performance throughout its useful lifespan.

Rubbermaid products require minimal maintenance. Rubbermaid products are designed to be simple to operate and maintain. Rubbermaid products are easy to empty and rinse. Rubbermaid products are also dishwasher safe. Rubbermaid products are available in a range of colors and styles. Rubbermaid products are available in both hard plastic and soft vinyl options.

Rubbermaid products are designed to be compatible with most floor care equipment. Rubbermaid products are suitable for scrubbing floors mopping floors sweeping floors vacuuming floors polishing floors waxing floors buffing floors and steam cleaning floors.

Features To Look For When Buying A Rubbermaid Mop

Rubbermaid has been making quality products since 1884. Their commercial line of mops includes buckets sprays scrubbers and cleaners. The company offers several different types of mops including the standard bucket style mop the commercial mop and the industrial strength mop. All three styles are available in both hard plastic and soft vinyl versions. Each type comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Bucket Style Mops

The most common type of mop is the bucket style mop. Bucket style mops are typically sold in either white or black. Most bucket style mops include a handle attached to a long pole which extends beyond the top edge of the bucket. The bottom of the bucket is flat and features a hole where water drains into the bucket. The bucket itself is designed to hold between 1-2 gallons of water. The bucket is connected to the pole via a swivel joint. The swivel joint allows the user to turn the bucket around while using the mop.

Commercial Mops

The second most popular type of mop is the commercial mop. Commercial mops are generally smaller than bucket style mops and are designed to be used in small spaces. Commercial mops are typically sold in two main varieties; the traditional round commercial mop and the square commercial mop. Both types of commercial mops include a handle attached to a short pole which extends past the top edge of the mop head. The mop head is shaped differently depending on whether it is a round or square design. Round commercial mops are typically wider than square commercial mops. Square commercial mops are typically taller than round commercial mops.

Industrial Strength Mops

The third most popular type of mop is the industrial strength mop. Industrial strength mops are designed to withstand heavy duty usage. Industrial strength mops are typically sold in large quantities and are commonly found in restaurants and food service establishments. Industrial strength mops are typically made of metal and are very durable. Some models include a built in squeegee. Squeegees are useful because they allow users to quickly remove excess moisture from the floor.

Soft Vinyl vs Hard Plastic Mops

There are many benefits to choosing a soft vinyl mop versus a hard plastic mop. Soft vinyl mops are easier to maintain and require less frequent replacement. In addition soft vinyl mops are lighter weight and therefore easier to carry around.

Different Types of Rubbermaid Mop

Rubbermaid has been making quality products since 1892. Their commercial line of mops includes buckets sprays scrubbers and brushes. The company offers many different styles and colors to fit your needs. Whether you're using a bucket or a sprayer there's a Rubbermaid product designed specifically for your needs.

Bucket - For general household cleaning these buckets are perfect for small spills. They hold enough water to get most jobs done quickly. Bucket mops are available in several sizes and materials. Choose between plastic vinyl or metal buckets. Plastic buckets are durable and easy to clean. Vinyl buckets are stain resistant and easier to clean than plastic ones. Metal buckets are heavy duty and last longer than plastic or vinyl versions.

Sprayer - Sprayers are ideal for large areas where you need to apply a lot of pressure. Sprayers are available in both manual and electric varieties. Electric sprayers are convenient because you no longer have to manually push the trigger each time you want to spray. Manual sprayers require a bit more effort but they allow you to control the amount of liquid sprayed.

Scrubber - Scrubbers are best suited for hard-to-reach places. They provide excellent traction and are ideal for removing stubborn dirt and grime. Scrubbers are available in either handheld or floor models. Handheld scrubbers are lightweight and portable. Floor scrubbers are heavier and sturdier. Both types of scrubbers are useful tools for cleaning floors walls countertops sinks toilets tubs showers and windows.

How To Use Rubbermaid Commercial Products

The following tips will help you get started using Rubbermaid products. First read the instructions included with your product. Then follow the steps listed below.

Wet the sponge thoroughly with warm tap water. Do not wring the sponge. Squeeze the excess water out of the sponge.

Place the wet sponge into the bucket or container.

Use the handle of the bucket or container to gently squeeze the sponge to remove excess water.

Repeat Steps 1-4 until the sponge is completely saturated.

Remove the sponge from the bucket or container.

Squeeze the sponge again to release any remaining moisture.