Sting Boxing

STING Olympics Sponsor - Armaplus Boxing Gloves | for Competition & Training [Black, 12oz]

STING Olympics Sponsor - Armaplus Boxing Gloves | for Competition & Training [Black, 12oz]

Sting Boxing

Sting Boxing is one of several brands and styles of boxing available in Australia. It's designed to be an instructional tool for all levels of boxers. As its professional league, the Australian Super Boxing Association, promotes and markets its own brand of boxing, as well as the Australian Football League (adium football league) and the National Rugby League (rugby league). Sting Boxing has been around for a few years, and recently announced a new partnership with the Aussie Rules Football Association (ASFA).

What makes Sting Boxing so unique? The Sting boxing gloves are arguably the best available - and they're also quite pricey! The proof of this was they were selected as official AIBA gloves and apparel provider for the Rio Olympics and Commonwealth Games. They have several partnerships:

- Ed Hardy - a popular UFC and WWE personality, is the face behind Ed Hardy's line of gloves. He is known for his outlandish designs and colorful clothing. With his Ed Hardy brand of boxing gloves, you get gloves that offer high absorption resistance and high performance when it comes to moisture absorption, while resisting compression.

- Lifecell - is another company located in Melbourne, Australia that offers up high-performance, ultra-soft, ultra-light gloves that resist moisture absorption and compression. Lifecell's "Panther Breath" collection features a padded wrist and fingers that are manufactured from a high-quality fabric like natural leather. Additionally, you get a pre-tuned, electronic ventilation system that regulates the air within the gloves - preventing moisture from reaching the inside of your hand and damaging it. In addition, Lifecell's ventilation design ensures that sweat does not evaporate quickly and easily.

- Shiny Lamination - is a major supplier of lamination products. Like natural leather, shininess and shine is a key factor when choosing a material for lamination. Shiny lamination is one of many materials used to help safeguard the wearer's hand during physical contact. While shininess might not be the primary feature, it still offers excellent protection. Shiny lamination has a pre-tuned airflow system that allows cool air to disperse inside the bag, while keeping warm air close to the body.

- Aiptasia - is an Asian martial art and style, introduced by Shotokan in Japan in the 1970s. Aiptasia also employs suction-cup technique similar to Sting Boxing's "Merry Go Raw." The result is a lightweight but durable outer shell that resists impact energy and provides high absorption and moisture resistance. Aiptasia is not solely for professional boxer; it is also perfect for hardcore mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters who wish to protect their skin and enhance their functionality.

- Exclusive Top Layer Sportline Fabric - Utilizes patented 3D floating glove liner technology to deliver super moisture management and full body moisture absorption. To utilize the technology, a specially designed Top Layer Sportline panel is inserted inside a specially designed Body Suit. This gives Sting Boxing the ability to switch out different Body Suits as the athlete performs. The fabric is made from polyamide perforated polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a highly breathable and soft fabric which absorbs moisture from the air and transfers it to the fighters skin, relieving heat and sweat. The outer layer of the Body Suit acts as a barrier, preventing moisture from leaking out of Sting Boxing's Performance Outfit.

- Cool Weave Bodywear - The fabric is comprised of Cool Weave technology which is used to prevent friction between the fabric and the gloves. Friction is known to cause excessive heat absorption and unpleasant odor. Cool Weave prevents this by utilizing an extremely fine series of channels that allow moisture to pass through the fabric with minimal resistance. Additionally, the fabric acts as a vapor barrier, keeping moisture at bay while providing superb breath control. Cool Weave Bodywear also uses a series of ventilation channels to allow ventilation for rapid evaporation of sweat and moisture, allowing the athlete to feel comfortable and perform at his or her maximum potential.