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Alexandro Santiago, a 27-year-old Mexican professional boxer, has had a fascinating career since turning pro at just 16 years old in December 2012. With 35 fights under his belt, he has amassed an impressive record of 27 wins, three losses, five draws, and 14 knockouts. Santiago has never suffered a loss by knockout, and his three losses were all via decision in non-title fights. Let's delve deeper into the career of this talented pugilist.

Santiago's pro debut was nothing short of spectacular as he stopped Mario Valdez in the second round. Over the next few years, Santiago continued to showcase his talent, winning his first 11 fights, including two more via stoppage. Throughout his career, he's had some noteworthy victories, including wins over Erick Gonzalez Hernandez, Juan Gabriel Medina, Antonio Nieves, Andres Garcia Guzman, Juan Higuera Villanueva, Marco Antonio Monteros, and Juan Ramirez Marquez.

In September 2018, after 22 professional fights and at the age of 22, Santiago had his first world title fight against Jerwin Ancajas, with the IBF title on the line. The contest ended in a split-decision draw, and Santiago missed out on his opportunity to become a world champion.

Despite not yet winning a world title, Santiago has demonstrated his boxing skills by securing a three-fight winning streak, the last of which was a non-title rematch with American boxer Antonio Nieves on October 29, 2022. It has been five months since this fight, and fans are eagerly anticipating Santiago's next move in the ring.

It's clear from Santiago's record that he is a formidable boxer with a knack for knocking out his opponents. Of his 27 wins, 14 of them came via knockout. Santiago possesses the power and the technique to end fights quickly, making him a force to be reckoned with in the ring.

What sets Santiago apart from other boxers is his ability to take a punch. While he has not suffered a loss by knockout, he also hasn't been afraid to stand in the pocket and exchange blows with his opponents. Santiago has demonstrated he has a granite chin and can endure punishment while continuing to fight on. This resilience and toughness make him an exciting boxer to watch.

Given that Santiago has yet to win a world title, it's worth noting that he also hasn't yet had an opportunity to defend one. His career stats reveal no title defenses or title-fight knockout wins, leaving fans wondering what the future holds for this young fighter in terms of obtaining and maintaining a world title.

It's important to note that Santiago's record does not guarantee future success; Nonetheless, fans and pundits alike will certainly keep an eye on the young Mexican as he continues to rack up wins and knockout victories in the ring. Santiago's skills, solid record, and captivating fighting style all add up to a promising future for one of Mexico's rising boxing stars.

Alexandro Santiago Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
35 Oct 29, 2022 26 Antonio Nieves Win RTD7
34 Jul 29, 2022 26 David Carmona Win UD
33 Mar 25, 2022 26 Juan Ramirez Marquez Win UD
32 Nov 27, 2021 25 Gary Antonio Russell Loss MD
31 May 29, 2021 25 Juan Gabriel Medina Win KO2
30 Dec 8, 2020 24 Erick Gonzalez Hernandez Win RTD4
29 Sep 21, 2020 24 Willibaldo Garcia Perez Win MD
28 Nov 22, 2019 23 Roberto Sanchez Cantu Win TKO8
27 Jul 26, 2019 23 Andres Garcia Guzman Win KO4
26 May 18, 2019 23 Marco Antonio Monteros Win TKO5
25 Apr 6, 2019 23 Alfredo Mejia Vargas Win UD
24 Feb 22, 2019 23 Juan Higuera Villanueva Win RTD1
23 Sep 28, 2018 22 Jerwin Ancajas Draw SD
22 Mar 24, 2018 22 Jose Martinez Mercado Draw SD
21 Dec 8, 2017 21 David Godinez Win KONaN
20 Oct 21, 2017 21 Efrain Gonzalez Win UD
19 May 26, 2017 21 Samuel Medina Win KO3
18 Mar 4, 2017 21 Oskar Jesus Talla Davalos Win TKO6
17 Nov 12, 2016 20 Jose Martinez Mercado Draw MD
16 Sep 24, 2016 20 Luis Lozano Win TKO1
15 Aug 19, 2016 20 Antonio Nieves Draw SD
14 Mar 17, 2016 20 Mario Lara Rivera Win UD
13 Oct 23, 2015 19 Efrain Gonzalez Win UD
12 Aug 14, 2015 19 Angel Barcenas Win UD
11 Nov 15, 2014 18 Johnny Michel Garcia Loss SD
10 Apr 5, 2014 18 Francisco Landeros Win UD
9 Dec 21, 2013 17 Hector Flores Calixto Loss UD
8 Oct 26, 2013 17 Jaziel Escobedo Brunn Win SD
7 Sep 27, 2013 17 Francisco Landeros Win UD
6 Aug 10, 2013 17 Felix Rubio Win UD
5 Jun 28, 2013 17 Felix Rubio Win UD
4 May 11, 2013 17 Hector Flores Calixto Draw SD
3 Apr 10, 2013 17 Pablo Lopez Win TKO3
2 Feb 9, 2013 17 Jose Lopez Win TKO1
1 Dec 21, 2012 16 Mario Valdez Win TKO2