Is there any way to improve your uppercut? Mike Tyson is one of the most powerful fighters to ever lace up gloves. Nearly every punch…

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the jab

The Jab (owaki)

Run up and start swinging for the fences! My go-to when I didn’t know how to fight or start a fight heck even end a…

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Southpaw Stance

Ah, the southpaw. Those troublesome lefties force every orthodox fighter to rethink everything he’s learned about fighting. To circle right means to circle into the…

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Make them miss, make them pay! A famous saying that holds true to this day. Welcome back to Boxing Undefeated, here to highlight the most…

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shovel hook

Shovel Hook

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!  Just a quick heads up the Shovel hook is the upper hand you are looking for. Also known as…

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right hook

Right Hook

Guidance helps you avoid mistakes, uncover what you don’t know, and shorten the time to mastery. If what you wanted was to learn more about…

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power jab

Power Jab

What is the difference between successful boxers and unsuccessful boxers? Power, speed, both? Floyd Mayweather says it is because he was the smartest. Whether this…

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Philly Shell

He hit the canvas, and my coach yelled “Stop!” I took a step back while a 10 count began. My eyes were wide, I was…

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overhand right

Overhand Right

Imagine getting hit by a 96 horsepower Ford Escort at top speed. That’s what it is like to be hit by Francis Ngannou’s overhand right. …

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Orthodox Stance

Before you start this journey further into what the orthodox stance is you should ask yourself what is it that you want to achieve. The…

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