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Andy Vences is a professional boxer who made his debut at 21 years old on October 6, 2012, against Carlos Gonzalez. He won the fight via a unanimous decision after four rounds. Vences' career summary includes a total of 28 fights, winning 23, losing four, and drawing one with no no-contests. He has 12 KO wins and no losses via KO. However, Vences has never held a title or defended one in his professional boxing career.

After his debut, Vences went on to win 19 consecutive fights, with 12 of those coming via stoppage. In that span of fights, Vences defeated notable opponents such as Jairo Ochoa Martinez, Eliseo Cruz Sesma, Cesar Martinez, Andres Bustamante, Dominic Coca, Manuel Rey Rojas and Santiago Guevara.

Vences' four losses all came in non-title fights. His first loss was against Albert Bell via a 10 round unanimous decision on June 15, 2019. The loss ended his 22-fight win streak. Since then, Vences has been on a three-fight losing streak, with his most recent bout being a non-title fight against Puerto Rican boxer Henry Lebron on September 23, 2022. Vences lost the fight via an eight-round unanimous decision to Lebron.

Despite his losing streak, Vences remains a notable boxer in the sport. He has a 34.62% KO rate and has proven himself as a skilled and experienced fighter. Vences' record provides evidence of his endurance in the ring.

The absence of any record of KO losses reflects well on Vences' defensive abilities. However, it is important to note that boxing is a sport with inherent dangers, and avoiding a KO can be as much chance as it is skill.

Vences' 23 wins in his career span over 9 years. It is also notable that while he has never held a title or defended one, his undefeated streak to begin his career and his subsequent wins over quality competition highlight his potential on the world stage. Vences is still young and has room to improve on his already-impressive record.

In order to fully understand Vences' record and future prospects, it is important to analyze his strengths and weaknesses. With his 23 wins, it is clear that Vences is capable of winning fights. The majority of his wins are via decision, revealing his ability to outlast his opponents in the ring. Although he has a decent KO rate, his lack of knockdowns indicates that his power may not be his strongest asset.

Based on his losing streak, however, it may be possible that Vences needs to work on endurance and defense. He has never been knocked out in his career, but his susceptibility to unanimous decisions raises questions about his ability to damage his opponents as the fight wears on. Vences may benefit from improving his footwork and ring movement to avoid taking unnecessary shots and remain fresh until the final bell.

Vences has shown that he is a talented fighter, but he has room to improve his defensive and conditioning abilities. his experienced in professional boxing provides an advantage in big fights and has the potential to rise up the ranks. However, his career is yet to yield a title, and it raises questions about his readiness for the sport's elite competition. Only time will tell if he can earn a place among the sports' top boxers.

Andy Vences Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
28 Sep 23, 2022 31 Henry Lebron Loss UD
27 Sep 11, 2021 30 Jono Carroll Loss MD
26 Jul 7, 2020 29 Luis Alberto Lopez Loss SD
25 Oct 26, 2019 28 Mark Bernaldez Win UD
24 Jun 15, 2019 28 Albert Bell Loss UD
23 Feb 10, 2019 27 Dardan Zenunaj Win UD
22 Jul 7, 2018 27 Frank De Alba Win UD
21 Mar 10, 2018 26 Erick De Leon Draw MD
20 Nov 11, 2017 26 Jairo Ochoa Martinez Win KO2
19 Aug 5, 2017 26 Eliseo Cruz Sesma Win KO3
18 Mar 10, 2017 25 Angel Hernandez Win UD
17 Nov 4, 2016 25 Casey Ramos Win TD
16 Jul 9, 2016 25 Moises Delgadillo Win UD
15 Feb 13, 2016 24 Yardley Armenta Cruz Win UD
14 Dec 5, 2015 24 Manuel Rey Rojas Win KO2
13 Sep 26, 2015 24 Andres Bustamante Win TKO1
12 Jun 26, 2015 24 Santiago Guevara Win TKO4
11 Apr 18, 2015 23 Sergio Najera Win KO2
10 Jan 24, 2015 23 Cesar Alan Valenzuela Zatarain Win KO5
9 Aug 22, 2014 23 Cesar Martinez Win RTD2
8 Jul 18, 2014 23 Adolfo Landeros Win TKO2
7 Feb 17, 2014 22 Dominic Coca Win RTD3
6 Dec 7, 2013 22 Victor Raul Capaceta Win UD
5 Oct 28, 2013 22 Jose Garcia Win UD
4 Sep 28, 2013 22 Matthew Flores Win UD
3 Jul 26, 2013 22 Noe Lucas Win TKO4
2 Jun 1, 2013 22 Miguelito Marti Win KO1
1 Oct 6, 2012 21 Carlos Gonzalez Win UD