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Archie Sharp is a British professional boxer who has had an impressive and undefeated career thus far. Sharp, who made his professional debut at the age of 20 against Laszlo Fekete, has never lost a fight in his career so far, with 22 wins, including 9 KO wins.

Since his debut, Archie has had some notable victories, including wins over Lyon Woodstock, Declan Geraghty, Sergio Gonzalez, Norbert Kalucza, Imre Nagy, Ivan Ruiz Morote, and Tamas Laska. His most recent fight was a non-title bout against Alex Rat on June 18, 2022, which he won via a 10 round unanimous decision.

With such an impressive record, it's hard to ignore the dominance and talent that Archie brings to the boxing ring. Let's take a closer look at his career highlights and statistics.

Archie's Career Highlights

Archie Sharp's professional debut against Laszlo Fekete was an impressive start to his career. He won the fight via 1st round TKO and set the tone for his unbeaten run so far. Throughout his career, he has displayed exceptional technique and skill in the ring against a range of opponents.

One of Sharp's most memorable fights came against Lyon Woodstock. Woodstock was the favorite heading into the fight, but Sharp stunned him with his speed and precision, winning the fight via a unanimous decision.

Another notable fight for Archie came against Declan Geraghty. In a hard-fought battle that lasted 10 rounds, Sharp emerged as the victor, winning via split decision.

With each fight, Archie sharp has been tested against different styles and strategies, and he's come out on top every time.

Archie's Career Statistics

Archie Sharp is known for his knockout power, with 9 KO wins in his 22 fights. He has never lost a fight or been defeated via KO, and he has never had a draw or no-contest in his career so far.

While Archie has not yet won any titles or made any title defenses, his undefeated record and impressive career statistics have made him a force to be reckoned with in the boxing world. He continues to make his mark in the sport and is sure to have many more memorable fights in the future.

The Future for Archie Sharp

With a career that has been nothing short of remarkable so far, many boxing fans are eagerly awaiting what comes next for Archie Sharp. While he has not yet captured any major titles, he has proven himself to be a formidable opponent in the ring, with exceptional skills and an unbeatable record.

Sharp's latest fight against Alex Rat was further proof that he's at the top of his game. Winning via unanimous decision, Archie showed his fans that he's still got what it takes to compete at the highest level.

As Archie continues his unbeaten run, fans can expect to see him face off against even tougher challengers in the future. With his speed, precision, and knockout power, he's a fighter that no opponent can underestimate.


With a career that has been marked by success and an unbeaten record, Archie Sharp is one of the most promising boxers in Britain today. He's displayed his exceptional skill and speed in a range of fights, including memorable victories against Lyon Woodstock and Declan Geraghty.

While Archie has not yet captured any major titles or made any title defenses, his performance in the ring has been nothing short of remarkable. With a bright future ahead of him, fans can't wait to see what's next on the horizon for this talented boxer.

Archie Sharp Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
22 Jun 18, 2022 27 Alex Rat Win UD
21 Oct 29, 2021 26 Alexis Boureima Kabore Win UD
20 Jul 10, 2021 26 Diego Andrade Win UD
19 Aug 15, 2020 25 Jeff Ofori Win PTS
18 Dec 21, 2019 24 Artjoms Ramlavs Win UD
17 Sep 27, 2019 24 Declan Geraghty Win TKO4
16 Jul 13, 2019 24 Jordan McCorry Win UD
15 Apr 28, 2019 24 Sergio Gonzalez Win TKO2
14 Oct 6, 2018 23 Lyon Woodstock Win UD
13 Jun 23, 2018 23 Lester Cantillano Win PTS
12 Feb 24, 2018 22 Ivan Ruiz Morote Win TKO7
11 Dec 9, 2017 22 Rafael Castillo Win PTS
10 Sep 16, 2017 22 Imre Nagy Win TKO2
9 Jul 8, 2017 22 Norbert Kalucza Win TKO1
8 May 20, 2017 22 Tamas Laska Win TKO3
7 Feb 24, 2017 21 Alex Phillips Win TKO2
6 Oct 8, 2016 21 Damian Lawniczak Win PTS
5 Jun 9, 2016 21 Reynaldo Cajina Win PTS
4 Mar 25, 2016 20 Joe Beeden Win TKO3
3 Jan 22, 2016 20 Qasim Hussain Win PTS
2 Oct 30, 2015 20 Dan Carr Win PTS
1 Jul 17, 2015 20 Laszlo Fekete Win TKO1