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Boxing has produced many undefeated champions, but not everyone boasts an unblemished professional record of 20-0. Meet the name on everyone's lips, Bakhram Murtazaliev - a force to be reckoned with in the middleweight division.

Debuting at the young age of 21, Bakhram Murtazaliev's boxing journey started with a bang. In his first-ever professional fight against Vasif Mamedov on May 31, 2014, Murtazaliev defeated him via 4 round unanimous decision. While many promising boxers fade into oblivion after a few fights, Murtazaliev proved to be a rarity, winning all of his fights to date. He also achieved an impressive 75% KO rate, with fifteen of his wins coming by way of knockouts.

Several wins have earned Murtazaliev high regard in the sport of boxing. Notable victories over Bruno Leonardo Romay, Ahmad Cheikho, Manny Woods, Fernando Carcamo, Robson Assis, Kenneth McNeil, and Alex Sandro Duarte have put him firmly on the radar of boxing enthusiasts around the world.

The most recent milestone in Murtazaliev's career happened on March 26, 2022, when he fought a non-title bout against Ahmad Cheikho. Murtazaliev, as expected, emerged victorious via a first-round TKO. That triumph extended his winning streak to 20, with no losses or draws so far in his professional career.

A cursory glance at the numbers alone would suggest that Murtazaliev's boxing career has been a cakewalk. But here's the thing - 20 straight wins and 15 by knockout! It is all possible only when an athlete possesses otherworldly grit, perseverance, and natural talent. And Murtazaliev's fearless approach and ability to deliver devastating punches with precision have thrilled thousands of boxing fans all around the world.

While Murtazaliev has amassed a perfect record thus far, he hasn't had a chance to compete for any titles yet.  But with his continuous progress and the marks he has left on several opponents who dared to cross his path, it wouldn't be surprising if he eventually nabbed championship gold.

Despite this, Murtazaliev is not one to rest on his laurels, as evident by his recent statement ahead of his bout last year: "I am excited to get back in the ring and continue to show everyone what I am capable of. I am confident in my abilities and know that I will come out on top." Given his track record, it's impossible to argue against him.

The undefeated Bakhram Murtazaliev has firmly established himself as a significant figure in boxing with a distinct style, dedication, and passion for the sport. Although he faces even more challenging opponents in the future, his fans and followers worldwide will undoubtedly be expecting a continuation of his record-breaking run in the ring.

But, as it's often said, only time will tell. For now, fans can't wait for the next time Murtazaliev steps into the ring, wondering what new grudges he will settle and how he manages to deliver yet another spectacular performance, cementing his position in boxing's Hall of Fame.

Bakhram Murtazaliev Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
20 Mar 26, 2022 29 Ahmad Cheikho Win TKO1
19 Jul 17, 2021 28 Khiary Gray Win UD
18 Sep 26, 2020 27 Manny Woods Win TKO4
17 Nov 2, 2019 26 Jorge Fortea Win UD
16 Apr 18, 2019 26 Bruno Leonardo Romay Win TKO1
15 Feb 2, 2019 26 Elvin Ayala Win TKO9
14 Oct 13, 2018 25 Norberto Gonzalez Win UD
13 Aug 4, 2018 25 Fernando Carcamo Win KO1
12 Mar 3, 2018 25 Kenneth McNeil Win TKO5
11 Nov 25, 2017 24 Carlos Galvan Win TKO5
10 Oct 5, 2017 24 Robson Assis Win TKO1
9 Jun 17, 2017 24 Alex Sandro Duarte Win TKO1
8 Jan 27, 2017 24 Josue Obando Win KO4
7 Nov 19, 2016 23 Botirsher Obidov Win KO2
6 Jul 11, 2016 23 Magomedkamil Musaev Win TKO2
5 Apr 22, 2015 22 Artem Vychkin Win TKO3
4 Jan 29, 2015 22 Mikhail Krinitsyn Win UD
3 Aug 22, 2014 21 Andriy Danichkin Win TKO2
2 Jun 25, 2014 21 Andrey Tylilyuk Win TKO1
1 May 31, 2014 21 Vasif Mamedov Win UD