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Carlos Cañizales is a Venezuelan professional boxer who made his debut at the young age of 21 against Edicson Fuenmayor on July 4, 2014. He was able to win the fight via first-round TKO and went on to have a spectacular career.

Currently, Carlos Cañizales has a professional boxing record of 24-1-1 with 18 knockout wins, one loss via knockout, and one title win. He is considered one of the most talented boxers in the world and has been in numerous notable fights throughout his career.

One of the highlights of Carlos Cañizales' career was his first world title fight which took place on December 31, 2016, against Ryochi Taguchi. He was just 23 years old and had only had 16 professional fights under his belt when he fought for the WBA title. The fight ended in a split-decision draw, but it was a sign of things to come for Carlos Cañizales.

After the draw with Taguchi, Carlos Cañizales continued to dominate the boxing world with notable wins over Yenrry Bermudez, Freddy Beleno, Lü Bin, Sho Kimura, Ganigan López, and Dallan Llovera. He was able to win his first world title at light-flyweight and went on to defend the title twice.

Carlos Cañizales has shown incredible skill throughout his career through his 18 knockout wins. His ability to close out fights with a knockout punch is something that boxing fans have come to admire.

Despite his success, Carlos Cañizales did suffer his first loss on May 28, 2021, against Esteban Bermudez via a 6th round knockout. Bermudez is the only boxer to defeat Cañizales, and the loss ended his 22-fight win streak. However, Carlos Cañizales was able to bounce back from the loss to Bermudez and is currently on a two-fight winning streak.

Carlos Cañizales' most recent fight took place on March 26, 2022, against Ganigan López. This was a non-title bout for Cañizales, but he was able to win the fight via 4th round knockout.

Carlos Cañizales' career has been a remarkable journey for boxing fans worldwide. He is a fighter that possesses incredible speed and power, all while maintaining excellent defensive skills. His ability to adjust his strategy based on his opponent's fighting style is another aspect of his skillset that is admired by many.

Overall, Carlos Cañizales is a talented professional boxer who will undoubtedly continue to put on incredible fights for years to come. His performances inside the ring have earned him a place amongst the best boxers in the world and a following of devoted fans.

Carlos Cañizales Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
26 Mar 26, 2022 29 Ganigan López Win KO4
25 Oct 29, 2021 28 German Valenzuela Win UD
24 May 28, 2021 28 Esteban Bermudez Loss KO6
23 May 26, 2019 26 Sho Kimura Win UD
22 Jul 15, 2018 25 Lü Bin Win TKO12
21 Mar 18, 2018 25 Reiya Konishi Win UD
20 Sep 29, 2017 24 Yenrry Bermudez Win RTD4
19 Aug 12, 2017 24 Argenis Cheremo Win TKO4
18 Apr 7, 2017 24 Freddy Beleno Win TKO6
17 Dec 31, 2016 23 Ryoichi Taguchi Draw SD
16 Oct 1, 2016 23 Vicente Mirabal Win TKO3
15 Jul 22, 2016 23 Yenrry Bermudez Win TKO6
14 Jun 4, 2016 23 Dionis Martinez Win UD
13 May 21, 2016 23 Dallan Llovera Win RTD3
12 Mar 5, 2016 22 Alexander Guarecuco Win UD
11 Jan 29, 2016 22 Edicson Fuenmayor Win TKO1
10 Oct 10, 2015 22 Robert Barrera Win SD
9 Jun 20, 2015 22 Kendry Perez Win TKO1
8 May 9, 2015 22 Edicson Fuenmayor Win TKO3
7 Mar 28, 2015 22 Vicente Mirabal Win TKO1
6 Mar 7, 2015 21 Efren Luces Win TKO3
5 Feb 21, 2015 21 Geraid Benites Win TKO1
4 Jan 31, 2015 21 Nelson Magallanes Win KO1
3 Dec 13, 2014 21 Vicente Mirabal Win TKO3
2 Oct 11, 2014 21 Yosman Rengifo Win TKO3
1 Jul 4, 2014 21 Edicson Fuenmayor Win TKO1