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David Price, the British heavyweight boxer, fought professionally for over ten years, from 2009 to 2019. With a record of 25 wins, six losses, and one no-contest, Price had a career that was plagued by inconsistency but included notable victories over Audley Harrison, Matt Skelton, John Mcdermott, and other boxers in the UK.

Price's debut match on March 28, 2009, was against opponent David Ingleby. He secured an impressive third-round technical knockout (TKO) victory against Ingleby. He then went on to win 14 consecutive fights, which included 12 stoppages in a row. These early victories marked Price as a promising talent in the heavyweight division of British boxing.

Price's best performances in his professional career came from his fights against notable opponents. His first marquee fight came against Harrison, a former Olympic gold medalist and experienced heavyweight boxer. The match took place on October 13, 2012, and saw Price win unanimously after 12 rounds. This fight brought Price to the forefront of British boxing, and he was soon deemed a hot prospect for the heavyweight crown.

Another notable victory was against Ondřej Pála in October 2014, a boxer from the Czech Republic. Price knocked out Pála in the first round of the fight, establishing his power and strength in the division.

However, as Price faced better opponents, his record began to decline. His first-ever loss came against Tony Thompson in February 2013, after he was knocked out in the second round of the fight. Price's performance continued to suffer, and he experienced more crushing defeats via stoppage, including in fights against Christian Hammer, Erkan Teper, and Alexander Povetkin.

Price's last professional fight was against Derek Chisora in October 2019. He lost the bout via TKO in the fourth round. Since then, he has retired from professional boxing, ending his illustrious but inconsistent career.

Price's fighting style was marked by his power-punching, a trait that brought him many victories in his early career. His KO wins accounted for 20 of his total 25 victories, marking him as a heavy hitter in the ring. However, his susceptibility to KO losses proved his weakness in the ring.

In conclusion, David Price's professional boxing career was marked by both high points and lows. He had an impressive KO record and notable victories over experienced opponents in the division. But his inconsistency and vulnerability proved to be his downfall as he continued to face tougher competitions in his career. Despite his weaknesses, Price's contributions to the British heavyweight division cannot be overlooked, and he will always be remembered as a powerful and talented fighter.

David Price Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
32 Oct 26, 2019 36 Derek Chisora Loss TKO4
31 Jul 20, 2019 36 David Allen Win RTD10
30 Mar 30, 2019 35 Kash Ali Win DQ
29 Dec 22, 2018 35 Tom Little Win TKO4
28 Sep 22, 2018 35 Sergey Kuzmin Loss RTD4
27 Mar 31, 2018 34 Alexander Povetkin Loss KO5
26 Dec 2, 2017 34 Kamil Sokolowski Win PTS
25 Feb 4, 2017 33 Christian Hammer Loss TKO7
24 Oct 1, 2016 33 Ivica Perkovic Win TKO2
23 May 29, 2016 32 Vaclav Pejsar Win TKO2
22 Jul 17, 2015 32 Erkan Teper NC KO2
21 Feb 21, 2015 31 Irineu Beato Costa Junior Win TKO6
20 Jun 7, 2014 30 Yaroslav Zavorotnyi Win UD
19 Apr 12, 2014 30 Ondřej Pála Win TKO3
18 Jan 25, 2014 30 Istvan Ruzsinszky Win TKO1
17 Jul 6, 2013 30 Tony Thompson Loss TKO5
16 Feb 23, 2013 29 Tony Thompson Loss TKO2
15 Nov 30, 2012 29 Matt Skelton Win KO2
14 Oct 13, 2012 29 Audley Harrison Win TKO1
13 May 19, 2012 28 Sam Sexton Win KO4
12 Jan 21, 2012 28 John McDermott Win KO1
11 Jun 11, 2011 27 Tom Dallas Win TKO2
10 Apr 27, 2011 27 Raphael Butler Win TKO1
9 Feb 5, 2011 27 Osborne Machimana Win TKO3
8 Oct 16, 2010 27 Raman Sukhaterin Win TKO7
7 Jun 25, 2010 26 Pavol Polakovic Win TKO1
6 May 14, 2010 26 Daniil Peretyatko Win PTS
5 Mar 19, 2010 26 Martyn Grainger Win TKO1
4 Dec 11, 2009 26 Dmitrijs Basovs Win KO1
3 Oct 23, 2009 26 Yavor Marinchev Win PTS
2 Oct 16, 2009 26 Liridon Memishi Win RTD2
1 Mar 28, 2009 25 David Ingleby Win TKO3