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Erik Bazinyan is a professional boxing athlete who has left a remarkable trail in the boxing world. He has a record of 29 wins and 0 losses in his professional boxing career to date. Bazinyan was born on August 29, 1995, in Yerevan, Armenia, and he made his debut as a professional boxer against Matt Heim on September 21, 2013, and won via 1st round KO.

Bazinyan began his career as a super-middleweight boxer and gradually moved up to light-heavyweight. His most recent fight on February 2, 2023, was a non-title bout against Alantez Fox at the light-heavyweight division. The fight went 10 rounds, and the judges declared Bazinyan the winner via a majority decision. It has now been over a month since this victory, and he remains the undefeated champion with 29 wins and no losses.

During his impressive career, Bazinyan has recorded 21 knockout wins out of his 29 total victories. Some of his notable victories include wins over Scott Sigmon, Reinaldo Paniagua, Ricardo Adrian Luna, Saul Roman, Timo Laine, Francy Ntetu, and David Zegarra. He has never lost a fight since his professional debut, and this 29-fight winning streak makes him a highly skilled and exceptional athlete.

Despite not having a title to defend or achieve, Bazinyan has amassed an unassailable reputation in the boxing world that has gone beyond the confines of titles. He is considered one of the most exceptional boxing athletes from Armenia, a country that has produced several outstanding fighters in the sport. So, what makes Erik Bazinyan such a remarkable boxer?

Erik Bazinyan's Fighting Style

Erik Bazinyan is a fighter who always brings his A-game to every fight. What stands out about his style is his quick hands and agile footwork. He has demonstrated on several occasions that he can hold his own against any fighter, and his excellent ring awareness allows him to execute well-timed and accurate punches. Additionally, Bazinyan is highly intelligent in the ring, always making strategic moves that help him gain the upper hand in every fight.

Bazinyan is a pressure fighter who loves to control the pace of the fight by keeping his opponent on the back foot. He puts constant pressure on his opponents, leaving them no breathing room. He is a boxer who can quickly adapt and adjust to any situation in the ring. His impressive defense allows him to avoid getting pinned down by his opponents and allows him to counterattack effectively.

The Importance of a Winning Streak

Erik Bazinyan is on a 29-fight winning streak, which is a rare feat in boxing. He is in a unique position in the boxing world as he has never lost a fight since his professional debut. A winning streak is essential for a boxer, as it helps build the confidence needed to succeed in the sport. Maintaining such an unbeatable record is not easy, but Bazinyan has defied the odds and become one of the most respected and feared boxers today.

A winning streak also serves as an incentive for promoters to sign a boxer, as they know that an undefeated fighter will attract a lot of attention and generate a lot of revenue. It also opens doors for more significant and more lucrative fights, which in turn increases the boxer's earning potential.

The Future of Erik Bazinyan

Erik Bazinyan is currently ranked in the top 10 light-heavyweight fighters in the world but has yet to hold a title. With his impressive record and skillset, it is only a matter of time before he is given an opportunity to fight for a title. However, the professional boxing world is unpredictable, and it's challenging to predict what the future holds for Erik Bazinyan. Nevertheless, regardless of what happens in the future, Erik will always be remembered as one of the best boxers of our time, with an exceptional record of 29-0.

In conclusion, Erik Bazinyan is an outstanding athlete who has defied the odds by remaining undefeated throughout his professional boxing career. In every fight, he has demonstrated his excellent skills, technical ability, and tactical awareness. With his exceptional record and skill, it is only a matter of time before he is given an opportunity to fight for a title. Regardless of the future, the boxing world will always remember Bazinyan as an exceptional fighter, one of the best in history.

Erik Bazinyan Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
29 Feb 2, 2023 27 Alantez Fox Win MD
28 Jun 23, 2022 27 Marcelo Esteban Coceres Win UD
27 Mar 3, 2022 26 Reinaldo Paniagua Win TKO9
26 Jun 4, 2021 26 Scott Sigmon Win TKO2
25 Feb 21, 2020 24 Timo Laine Win TKO6
24 Dec 13, 2019 24 Saul Roman Win KO3
23 May 2, 2019 23 Alan Campa Win UD
22 Dec 14, 2018 23 Ricardo Adrian Luna Win TKO5
21 Oct 13, 2018 23 Francy Ntetu Win TKO6
20 Jun 23, 2018 23 David Zegarra Win TKO4
19 May 26, 2018 23 Alejandro Gustavo Falliga Win TKO3
18 Mar 31, 2018 22 Ferenc Albert Win TKO3
17 Sep 9, 2017 22 Bernard Donfack Win KO2
16 Jun 10, 2017 22 Rolando Paredes Win TKO4
15 Apr 8, 2017 21 Alis Sijaric Win TKO4
14 Sep 3, 2016 21 Aro Schwartz Win UD
13 Jun 17, 2016 21 Zoltan Sera Win KO2
12 Mar 12, 2016 20 Gergo Horvath Win KO2
11 Jan 21, 2016 20 Michal Ludwiczak Win UD
10 Oct 24, 2015 20 Roody Rene Win TKO4
9 Aug 15, 2015 20 LeeAnthony Spitzka Win KO3
8 Mar 27, 2015 19 Morgan Le Gal Win TKO5
7 Nov 7, 2014 19 Victor Manuel Palacios Win KO1
6 Sep 27, 2014 19 Baptiste Castegnaro Win UD
5 Jun 28, 2014 19 Gary Kopas Win UD
4 May 24, 2014 19 Jaudiel Zepeda Win UD
3 Mar 21, 2014 18 Alexandre Bouvier Win TKO3
2 Nov 8, 2013 18 Ahmad Selemani Win TKO4
1 Sep 21, 2013 18 Matt Heim Win KO1