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If you're a fan of professional boxing, then you've undoubtedly heard of Érik Morales. In a career spanning over 19 years, Morales cemented himself as one of the greatest boxers of all time. Throughout this article, we will take a look at Morales' career, highlights, and losses. We will also examine his seven world title wins, including the memorable fights where he defeated two boxing greats in their own right: Manny Pacquiao and Marco Antonio Barrera.

Career Summary

Érik Morales began his professional boxing career in 1993, at the incredibly young age of just 16 years old. He made his debut against José Orejel, defeating him via second-round knockout. From there, Morales went on a whopping 40-fight win streak. During this time, he won 30 fights via stoppage.

In 1997, after 26 professional fights, Morales had his first world title bout. His opponent was none other than Daniel Zaragoza, and the title in question was the WBC super-bantamweight world championship. Morales triumphed over Zaragoza via 11th round knockout, effectively becoming the new WBC super-bantamweight world champion.

The talented boxer went on to become a two-time unified world champion in both super-bantamweight and super-featherweight, as well as win seven world titles across four weight classes.

Over the course of his career, Morales participated in a total of 61 fights. Of those fights, he won 52, lost 9, and had no draws or no-contests. He recorded an incredible 36 knockout wins throughout his career and defended his titles 13 times. During these title defenses, Morales managed to gain 11 knockout wins. However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows for Morales. He suffered three losses via knockout and six losses by decision.

Despite these losses, Morales' career is nothing short of legendary. He made his mark on the boxing world and was ultimately inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) in 2018.

Career Highlights

When discussing Érik Morales' career highlights, it's hard to know where to begin. Throughout his professional career, he put on some incredible performances and faced some of the toughest opponents in the world. However, the following six fights are undoubtedly the most memorable moments of Morales' career:

September 6, 1997

For Morales, this fight was a turning point in his career. He fought against Daniel Zaragoza for the super-bantamweight WBC title and came out on top with an 11th round knockout victory. With this win, Morales became the super-bantamweight champion of the world.

September 12, 1998

In 1998, Morales faced off against Junior Jones to defend his WBC super-bantamweight title. He won this fight via 4th round knockout, proving his value as a title defender.

February 19, 2000

A year and a half later, Morales found himself up against Marco Antonio Barrera for the unified super-bantamweight world championship. Morales managed to triumph over Barrera via 12 round split-decision and became the new WBC and WBO super-bantamweight world-champion.

February 28, 2004

This fight saw Morales take on Jesús Chávez for the WBC super-featherweight title. It was a grueling battle, with Morales ultimately emerging victorious via 12 round unanimous decision.

July 31, 2004

In this fight, Morales faced off against Carlos Hernández for the WBC and IBF super-featherweight world championship. Once again, Morales won the fight, this time via 12 round unanimous decision.

March 19, 2005

Last but certainly not least, Morales fought Manny Pacquiao in one of the most exciting fights in boxing history. The two went back and forth for 12 rounds, with Morales ultimately winning via unanimous decision. This fight cemented Morales' status as one of the greatest fighters of all time.


Unfortunately, as with any boxing career, Morales' career includes losses. He suffered nine losses throughout his professional boxing career, of which four were in title bouts and five were in non-title bouts. His first loss came against Marco Antonio Barrera via unanimous decision, ending Morales' 41-fight win streak.

Throughout his career, Morales' toughness was undeniable, even in defeat. He has been stopped three times and lost six times by decision. Despite this, he remained one of the most popular fighters in the sport and continued to put on incredible performances in his later years.

The Legacy of Érik Morales

Érik Morales' career speaks for itself, with a record of 52-9 and seven world titles to his name. He was a dynamic fighter who put on some of the most memorable performances in boxing history.

For many, his most iconic accomplishment was his series of fights against Marco Antonio Barrera, a fellow Mexican boxer with whom he shared a fierce rivalry. These two titans of the sport battled it out in three unforgettable bouts, each ending in one of the fighters' victories.

Overall, Morales' legacy lives on through those he inspired and those who continue to look up to him as one of the greatest boxers of his generation. His place in the International Boxing Hall of Fame cements his status as a true master of the sport, and his storied career will be remembered by boxing fans worldwide for generations to come.

Érik Morales Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
61 Oct 20, 2012 36 Danny García Loss KO4
60 Mar 24, 2012 35 Danny García Loss UD
59 Sep 17, 2011 35 Pablo César Cano Win RTD10
58 Apr 9, 2011 34 Marcos Maidana Loss MD
57 Dec 18, 2010 34 Francisco Lorenzo Win UD
56 Sep 11, 2010 34 Willie Limond Win KO6
55 Mar 27, 2010 33 José Alfaro Win UD
54 Aug 4, 2007 30 David Díaz Loss UD
53 Nov 18, 2006 30 Manny Pacquiao Loss KO3
52 Jan 21, 2006 29 Manny Pacquiao Loss TKO10
51 Sep 10, 2005 29 Zahir Raheem Loss UD
50 Mar 19, 2005 28 Manny Pacquiao Win UD
49 Nov 27, 2004 28 Marco Antonio Barrera Loss MD
48 Jul 31, 2004 27 Carlos Hernández Win UD
47 Feb 28, 2004 27 Jesús Chávez Win UD
46 Oct 4, 2003 27 Guty Espadas Jr. Win KO3
45 Jul 31, 2003 26 Fernando Velárdez Win TKO5
44 Feb 22, 2003 26 Eddie Croft Win TKO3
43 Nov 16, 2002 26 Paulie Ayala Win UD
42 Jun 22, 2002 25 Marco Antonio Barrera Loss UD
41 Jul 28, 2001 24 In-Jin Chi Win UD
40 Feb 17, 2001 24 Guty Espadas Jr. Win UD
39 Dec 9, 2000 24 Rodney Jones Win KO1
38 Sep 2, 2000 24 Kevin Kelley Win TKO7
37 Jun 17, 2000 23 Mike Juárez Win KO3
36 Feb 19, 2000 23 Marco Antonio Barrera Win SD
35 Oct 22, 1999 23 Wayne McCullough Win UD
34 Jul 31, 1999 22 Reynante Jamili Win TKO6
33 May 8, 1999 22 Juan Carlos Ramírez Win RTD9
32 Feb 13, 1999 22 Ángel Chacón Win KO2
31 Sep 12, 1998 22 Junior Jones Win KO4
30 May 16, 1998 21 José Luis Bueno Win KO2
29 Apr 3, 1998 21 Remigio Molina Win TKO6
28 Dec 12, 1997 21 John Lowey Win RTD7
27 Sep 6, 1997 21 Daniel Zaragoza Win KO11
26 Apr 4, 1997 20 Concepcion Velásquez Win TKO8
25 Nov 29, 1996 20 Robbie Lovato Win PTS
24 Oct 12, 1996 20 Pedro Javier Torres Win KO2
23 Jun 7, 1996 19 Hector Acero Sánchez Win UD
22 Apr 22, 1996 19 Lee Cargle Win TKO2
21 Feb 25, 1996 19 Rudy Bradley Win TKO11
20 Dec 18, 1995 19 Kenny Mitchell Win TKO2
19 Nov 10, 1995 19 Enrique Angeles Win UD
18 Sep 9, 1995 19 Alberto Martínez Win TKO4
17 Jul 14, 1995 18 Juan Luis Torres Win UD
16 Jun 2, 1995 18 Armando Castro Win TKO10
15 Apr 21, 1995 18 Enrique Jupiter Win TKO6
14 Feb 3, 1995 18 Ricky Hernández Win KO1
13 Dec 19, 1994 18 José Valdez Win TKO3
12 Nov 28, 1994 18 Ramón Magana Win TKO2
11 Oct 17, 1994 18 Idelfonso Bernal Win KO3
10 Aug 22, 1994 17 Julio César Cardona Win KO2
9 Mar 26, 1994 17 Isidro Nolasco Win PTS
8 Jan 21, 1994 17 Paul Olvera Win KO3
7 Dec 6, 1993 17 Alfonso Mota Win KO2
6 Oct 22, 1993 17 Jaime Abrica Win KO2
5 Jul 26, 1993 16 José Álvarez Win UD
4 Jul 8, 1993 16 Marco Tovar Win TKO1
3 May 25, 1993 16 Óscar Maldonado Win KO3
2 May 7, 1993 16 Jaime Rodríguez Win KO2
1 Mar 29, 1993 16 José Orejel Win KO2