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Esquiva Falcão, a Brazilian professional boxer, has a flawless record of 30-0-0, including 20 knockout victories. Falcão started his professional boxing career in 2014 with a 4th round TKO against Joshua Robertson at the age of 24. Since then, he has fought some of the biggest names in the world of boxing.

Falcão's boxing style is known for his excellent hand speed, footwork, and precise punching techniques. He has amassed an impressive list of victories, including his most notable win over Artur Akavov. Falcão fought Akavov on Oct 3, 2020, for the vacant WBO International middleweight title. Esquiva dominated the fight with his slick footwork, lightning-fast punches, and ended up winning the fight via unanimous decision.

Falcão's most recent fight was against Cristian Fabian Ríos on May 29, 2022. The fight was a 10-round unanimous decision victory for Esquiva, extending his unbeaten record to 30-0-0. It has been over ten months since his last fight, and fans eagerly anticipate his next opponent.

Esquiva Falcão has defended his record and unbeaten streak against some tough opponents, including Jonathan Tavira, Jorge Daniel Miranda, Morrama Dheisw de Araujo Santos, Paul Harness, Salim Larbi, and Manny Woods. Falcão has dominated each of these fighters, displaying his impressive punching power and technique.

Although Falcão has not yet fought for a world title, his impressive wins and unbeaten record make him a potential opponent for some of the biggest names in boxing. His skills and technique are comparable to some of the world's best boxing talents. Falcão's training, dedication, and undeniable talent make him a potential future world champion.

Falcão's current record stands at 30-0-0, with 20 knockouts. He has never been knocked out in any of his fights, and to this day, he remains undefeated. Esquiva Falcão's unwavering determination, impressive boxing skillset, and unbeaten record make him one of the most exciting prospects in boxing today.

In conclusion, Esquiva Falcão's boxing career has been nothing short of impressive. He has dominated every opponent he's faced, displaying his exceptional boxing skills and talents. His unbeaten record and impressive knockout victories make him one of the most exciting prospects in the world of boxing. Falcão's future in the sport looks bright, and fans eagerly await his next fight, which will undoubtedly be another opportunity for him to showcase his incredible talent.

Esquiva Falcão Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
30 May 29, 2022 32 Cristian Fabian Ríos Win UD
29 Nov 20, 2021 31 Patrice Volny Win TD
28 Feb 20, 2021 31 Artur Akavov Win RTD4
27 Aug 29, 2020 30 Morrama Dheisw de Araujo Santos Win TKO1
26 Feb 29, 2020 30 Jorge Daniel Miranda Win RTD5
25 Nov 9, 2019 29 Manny Woods Win KO3
24 Jul 19, 2019 29 Jesus Antonio Gutierrez Win TKO8
23 Mar 31, 2019 29 Jorge Daniel Miranda Win UD
22 Oct 20, 2018 28 Guido Nicolas Pitto Win UD
21 Jul 28, 2018 28 Jonathan Tavira Win KO1
20 Mar 10, 2018 28 Salim Larbi Win KO1
19 Nov 3, 2017 27 José Miguel Fandino Win TKO7
18 Aug 5, 2017 27 Norberto González Win UD
17 Feb 17, 2017 27 Jaime Barboza Win UD
16 Dec 2, 2016 26 Luis Hernandez Win UD
15 Oct 28, 2016 26 Josué Obando Win RTD6
14 May 14, 2016 26 Paul Valenzuela Jr. Win TKO4
13 Mar 19, 2016 26 Joe McCreedy Win TKO5
12 Dec 12, 2015 26 Hector Muñoz Win TKO4
11 Sep 26, 2015 25 Zoltan Papp Win KO2
10 Jun 26, 2015 25 Aaron Drake Win TKO4
9 May 8, 2015 25 Paul Harness Win RTD3
8 Apr 11, 2015 25 Omar Rojas Win UD
7 Feb 28, 2015 25 Mike Tufariello Win TKO2
6 Dec 6, 2014 24 Lanny Dardar Win TKO5
5 Oct 4, 2014 24 Austin Marcum Win TKO2
4 Aug 9, 2014 24 Malcolm Terry Jr. Win KO2
3 May 31, 2014 24 Eun-Chang Lee Win UD
2 Apr 12, 2014 24 Publio Pena Win UD
1 Feb 15, 2014 24 Joshua Robertson Win TKO4