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Gerald McClellan is a former professional boxer who held two world titles in the middleweight division during his career. Over the course of his career, he competed in a total of 34 fights, with 31 wins and three losses. McClellan was one of the most feared punchers of his era, with 29 of his wins coming by knockout, and many of them in spectacular fashion.

McClellan made his professional boxing debut at the age of 20 on August 12, 1988, against Roy Hundley. He won the fight via 1st round knockout, and would go on to win his next nine fights in a row, all by stoppage, to establish himself as one of the most exciting prospects in the sport.

On November 20, 1991, after 24 professional fights, McClellan had his first world title shot against John Mugabi for the WBO (vacant) middleweight title. The fight lasted only one round, as McClellan's devastating power proved too much for Mugabi and he won the fight by TKO to become the middleweight champion of the world.

McClellan's reign as middleweight champion was characterized by his incredible punching power, as he knocked out each of his challengers in their first fight. In his first title defense, he defeated Jay Bell by first round knockout. He then went on to knock out Gilbert Baptist in the same round in his second defense. His third defense was a rematch against Julian Jackson, who he had previously beaten to win the title. Once again, he knocked Jackson out in the first round, further establishing his dominance in the division.

On May 8, 1993, McClellan faced off against Jackson in a highly anticipated showdown. This time, however, it was for the WBC middleweight title, which Jackson had won in the meantime. The fight was a back-and-forth affair, with both fighters landing huge shots throughout. In the end, it was McClellan who emerged victorious, stopping Jackson in the fifth round to become the undisputed middleweight champion of the world.

McClellan's reign as champion was short-lived, as he suffered his first defeat in a title bout against Nigel Benn on February 25, 1995. Despite his loss, McClellan's legacy as one of the most fearsome punchers in boxing history remains secure.

Throughout his career, McClellan was known for his incredible punching power, which earned him the nickname "G-Man." He was a fighter who always went for the knockout, and his explosive style made him one of the most exciting boxers to watch during his era.

Despite his success and talent in the ring, McClellan's career was cut short by a tragic injury. In his fight against Benn, he suffered a brain injury that left him with permanent damage and ended his boxing career. He now requires full-time medical care, and his injury has served as a stark reminder of the dangers of the sport.

Despite the tragic end to his career, Gerald McClellan remains a legend in the sport of boxing. His incredible punching power and exciting style made him one of the most exciting fighters of his era, and his legacy continues to inspire new generations of boxers to this day.

Gerald McClellan Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
34 Feb 25, 1995 27 Nigel Benn Loss KO10
33 May 7, 1994 26 Julian Jackson Win KO1
32 Mar 4, 1994 26 Gilbert Baptist Win TKO1
31 Aug 6, 1993 25 Jay Bell Win KO1
30 May 8, 1993 25 Julian Jackson Win TKO5
29 Feb 20, 1993 25 Tyrone Moore Win TKO2
28 Nov 7, 1992 25 Steve Harvey Win TKO1
27 May 15, 1992 24 Carl Sullivan Win TKO1
26 Feb 24, 1992 24 Lester Yarbrough Win TKO1
25 Nov 20, 1991 24 John Mugabi Win TKO1
24 Aug 13, 1991 23 Sammy Brooks Win TKO1
23 Jul 27, 1991 23 Ivory Teague Win TKO3
22 Mar 1, 1991 23 Ken Hulsey Win KO1
21 Dec 15, 1990 23 Danny Mitchell Win KO1
20 Nov 14, 1990 23 José Carlos da Silva Win TKO3
19 Sep 14, 1990 22 Charles Hollis Win PTS
18 Aug 21, 1990 22 Sanderline Williams Win UD
17 Jun 12, 1990 22 James Fernandez Win TKO2
16 Apr 26, 1990 22 Brinatty Maquilon Win TKO3
15 Mar 10, 1990 22 Ron Martin Win TKO1
14 Jan 20, 1990 22 James Williamson Win KO1
13 Dec 14, 1989 22 Rick Caldwell Win KO1
12 Sep 21, 1989 21 Ralph Ward Loss UD
11 Jun 24, 1989 21 Dennis Milton Loss PTS
10 Apr 14, 1989 21 Terrence Wright Win TKO1
9 Feb 19, 1989 21 Tyrone McKnight Win TKO2
8 Feb 10, 1989 21 Anthony Jackson Win KO1
7 Feb 4, 1989 21 Joe Goodman Win KO2
6 Dec 3, 1988 21 Jerome Kelly Win TKO1
5 Nov 25, 1988 21 John Gordon Win TKO2
4 Nov 22, 1988 21 Roberto Abondo Win TKO1
3 Nov 3, 1988 21 Danny Lowry Win TKO1
2 Sep 15, 1988 20 Bill Davis Win TKO1
1 Aug 12, 1988 20 Roy Hundley Win KO1