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Grzegorz Proksa, also known as Super G, is a former Polish professional boxer who had an outstanding career both at the national and international level. Throughout his journey of more than nine years, Proksa fought a total of 33 times, out of which he won 29, lost 4, and drew none. He also had 21 knockout wins in his record, making him one of the hardest-hitters in the middleweight division. In the following sections, we will delve deeper into the career of Grzegorz Proksa and highlight some of his most significant achievements.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Grzegorz Proksa was born on November 23rd, 1984, in Mysłowice, Poland. Growing up, he was always passionate about combat sports, and as a teenager, he began practicing kickboxing. It was not until he turned 20 that he decided to transition into professional boxing.

Proksa's debut fight was against Adam Capo on March 5th, 2005, where he won via 1st round TKO. From there onwards, he went on to win 25 consecutive fights, including 18 wins via stoppage. His performance was impressive, and he quickly gained recognition in the boxing world.

World Title Triumph: Grzegorz Proksa becomes WBC Middleweight Champion

After five professional fights only, Grzegorz Proksa managed to secure his first world title fight against Kenneth Van Eesvelde for the WBC Middleweight Title. Van Eesvelde was already an experienced fighter with 28 professional fights, but Proksa's form was impeccable.

The fight took place on March 3rd, 2006, and saw the emergence of a new boxing superstar. Proksa outclassed Van Eesvelde and eventually won the fight via seventh-round TKO, thus becoming the middleweight champion of the world.

Commenting on his win, Proksa said, "Winning the world title was a dream come true. It was something I had been working on ever since I started boxing, and to have achieved it at such a young age was truly incredible for me."

Career Highlights and Eminent Victories

Grzegorz Proksa has had some of the most remarkable fights during his professional career, fighting and defeating some of the best in the business. He had notable victories over Kenneth Van Eesvelde, Paul Buchanan, Sebastian Sylvester, Rudolf Varga, Peter Vecsei, Joe Rea, and Theophilus Tetteh.

His most significant achievements include his middleweight world title win, his 2011 victory against Sebastian Sylvester via a third-round RTD, and his impressive run of 25 consecutive wins at the beginning of his career.

Defeats and Downfalls

Despite his impressive record, Grzegorz Proksa did face some losses and setbacks that made his journey a little challenging.

The first defeat of his professional career came on March 17th, 2012, against Kerry Hope. Hope managed to halt Proksa's 26-fight win streak by winning via 12 round majority decision. Hope was a seasoned fighter, and even though Proksa put up a good fight, he ultimately could not maintain his form throughout the fight.

Proksa's second defeat came in a title fight against Gennady Golovkin. Golovkin was by far the toughest opponent Proksa had to face in his career. Golovkin managed to take Proksa down in the fifth round, and the referee stopped the fight after witnessing that Proksa was not in the position to continue.

Retirement and Legacy

After having fought his last professional fight against Maciej Sulęcki on November 8th, 2014, Grzegorz Proksa decided to retire from professional boxing. He had made a fantastic career and was regarded as one of the best middleweight boxers in the world.

When asked about his legacy, he said, "I am proud of what I have achieved in my career, and I hope I have inspired young fighters to keep pushing themselves and never give up on their dreams.".

In Conclusion

Grzegorz Proksa's career was nothing short of remarkable, with a world title and an enviable record in the boxing world. His dedication and hard work paid off, and he has left a legacy that young fighters can look up to. Even though he has retired, his achievements will always be remembered, and he will remain one of Poland's greatest boxers.

Grzegorz Proksa Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
33 Nov 8, 2014 29 Maciej Sulęcki Loss KO7
32 Jun 28, 2013 28 Sergio Mora Loss UD
31 Feb 9, 2013 28 Norbert Szekeres Win UD
30 Sep 1, 2012 27 Gennady Golovkin Loss TKO5
29 Jul 7, 2012 27 Kerry Hope Win TKO8
28 May 10, 2012 27 Rudolf Varga Win TKO3
27 Mar 17, 2012 27 Kerry Hope Loss MD
26 Oct 1, 2011 26 Sebastian Sylvester Win RTD3
25 Jun 23, 2011 26 Peter Vecsei Win TKO2
24 Apr 15, 2011 26 Pablo Navascues Win KO9
23 Mar 5, 2011 26 Joe Rea Win KO4
22 Nov 6, 2010 25 Theophilus Tetteh Win TKO5
21 Jul 9, 2010 25 Alex Spitko Win TKO4
20 Feb 12, 2010 25 Tyan Booth Win TKO5
19 Nov 6, 2009 24 Paul Buchanan Win TKO6
18 Jun 12, 2009 24 Jamie Coyle Win TKO3
17 Mar 13, 2009 24 Lee Noble Win TKO3
16 Dec 5, 2008 24 Taz Jones Win TKO4
15 Oct 10, 2008 23 Mihai Macovei Win UD
14 Apr 12, 2008 23 Jairo Alvarez Win PTS
13 Dec 15, 2007 23 Andrei Rimer Win UD
12 Oct 12, 2007 22 Gotthard Hinteregger Win TKO2
11 Jul 20, 2007 22 Vitalie Mirza Win TKO4
10 Mar 2, 2007 22 Ojay Abrahams Win RTD2
9 Dec 15, 2006 22 Steve Conway Win PTS
8 Oct 13, 2006 21 Ignacio Lucero Fraga Win UD
7 Sep 15, 2006 21 Ben Hudson Win PTS
6 Mar 3, 2006 21 Kenneth Van Eesvelde Win TKO7
5 Jan 21, 2006 21 Gene Newton Win TKO3
4 Sep 12, 2005 20 David Kehoe Win TKO3
3 Sep 9, 2005 20 Surinder Sekhon Win PTS
2 May 7, 2005 20 Sean Rawley Wilson Win TKO2
1 Mar 5, 2005 20 Adam Capo Win TKO1