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Henry Lebron is a 24-year-old Puerto Rican boxer who's quickly making a name for himself in the boxing world. He started his professional career on February 3, 2017, at the age of 19, with a third-round TKO win against his opponent, Jesus Feliciano.

Since then, Lebron has defeated all of his opponents and is currently unbeaten, with a record of 17 wins, zero losses, zero draws, and zero no-contests. The Puerto Rican boxer has won ten of his matches with knockouts - a testament to his power and innate boxing ability. He has never been defeated in his professional career and is currently on a winning streak of 17 fights.

Lebron's 17th and most recent fight took place on September 23, 2022, against American boxer Andy Vences. The eight-round non-title bout saw Lebron win in a unanimous decision, earning him another a top-ranking spot and cementing his position as one of the best prospects in the sport.

Although he has never held a title or had a chance to defend it, Lebron has fought some impressive bouts and gained critical victories. His most notable wins included defeating Ezequiel Alberto Tevez, Josec Ruiz, Luis Ruiz Lizarraga Jr., Edward Kakembo, David Michel Paz, Mark Szoros, and Luis E Diaz Torres.

Despite being relatively new in the professional game, Lebron's performances have impressed many boxing enthusiasts, and some speculate that he might soon get a shot at the title. His impeccable record and remarkable fighting skills put him on par with some of the most established boxers in the game.

In terms of his fighting style, Lebron is known for his lethal punches, hand speed, and sharp reflexes. He's a skilled counter-puncher, and his impressive footwork ensures that he can dodge and weave out of harm's way. He usually fights from the orthodox stance, but he can switch to southpaw when the need arises.

Lebron's career is relatively young, and as such, he has yet to fully blossom. However, his current stellar record places him in a prime position to achieve his ultimate dream - to become a world champion. He has consistently proven his worth in the ring and demonstrated that he's ready for the big leagues.

As a relatively new boxer in the professional field, Lebron has an incredible following and a bright future ahead of him. He continues to train hard and hone his craft with each passing day, all the while waiting for his shot at a title - a win that would undoubtedly place him among the boxing greats.

In summary, Henry Lebron's boxing career has been nothing short of impressive. With a 17-0 record and ten knockout wins, the Puerto Rican boxer's undisputed talent has earned him a place in the boxing world's top ranks. His lethal punches, defense, and remarkable reflexes make him a one-of-a-kind fighter and a star to watch out for in the coming years.

Henry Lebron Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
17 Sep 23, 2022 25 Andy Vences Win UD
16 Jun 11, 2022 24 Luis Lebron Win UD
15 Mar 19, 2022 24 Josec Ruiz Win TKO7
14 Oct 15, 2021 24 Manuel Rey Rojas Win UD
13 Aug 21, 2020 22 Luis Porozo Win UD
12 Feb 28, 2020 22 Recky Dulay Win UD
11 Nov 9, 2019 22 Ezequiel Alberto Tevez Win KO3
10 Aug 2, 2019 21 Edward Kakembo Win TKO2
9 May 25, 2019 21 Luis Ruiz Lizarraga Jr. Win TKO1
8 Mar 8, 2019 21 David Michel Paz Win KO1
7 Nov 24, 2018 21 Mark Szoros Win TKO2
6 Sep 1, 2018 20 Luis Gerardo Avila Win UD
5 Jul 28, 2018 20 Luis E Diaz Torres Win TKO6
4 Feb 23, 2018 20 Ronnie Jordan Win UD
3 Jul 28, 2017 19 Oscar Eduardo Quezada Win KO1
2 May 20, 2017 19 Johnny Estrada Win TKO2
1 Feb 3, 2017 19 Jesus Feliciano Win TKO3