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Ivana Habazin is a Croatian boxer who has been in the professional boxing game for over a decade. With a record of 21 wins, 4 losses, and 0 draws, she has proven to be a formidable opponent in the ring. Let's take a closer look at her career and achievements.

Habazin made her debut in June 2010, defeating Edit Szigeti via 1st round TKO. She went on to win her next 9 fights, 4 of which ended in stoppages. At 23 years old, after only 10 professional fights, she had her first world title fight against Eva Bajic for the IBF (vacant) title. Unfortunately, she lost the fight via 10 round unanimous decision.

Despite the setback, Habazin continued to train hard and work her way up the ranks. She had several notable victories, including wins over Elene Sikmashvili, Nana Chakhvashvili, Valentina Stanković, Sanja Ristić, Teodora Georgieva, and Dajana Bukva.

Habazin's big break came in 2018 when she won a world title at welterweight. For more information on her world title win and defenses, please refer to "Ivana Habazin World Titles." Despite only having one world title win, Habazin has proven to be a tough and talented competitor in the ring.

One interesting fact about Habazin's career is that all 4 of her losses have come in world title bouts. Her first loss was against Eva Bajic via 10 round unanimous decision on March 22, 2013. She has been stopped once and lost three times via decision. For more information on her losses, please refer to "All of Ivana Habazin's losses."

Her most recent fight was a non-title bout against Nana Chakhvashvili on April 10, 2021. Habazin won the fight via 2nd round TKO. It has been nearly 2 years since her last fight, and fans are eagerly anticipating her next opponent.

Despite having only one world title win under her belt, Habazin is a talented and respected boxer who has proven herself in the ring time and time again. Her record speaks for itself, with 8 knockout wins and only one loss via knockout. Her training and dedication have made her a force to be reckoned with, and she is sure to have many more victories in the future.

Overall, Ivana Habazin is a skilled and determined boxer who has made a name for herself in the sport. Her hard work and dedication have earned her the respect and admiration of both fans and her fellow boxers. We look forward to seeing her continued success in the ring.

Ivana Habazin Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
25 Apr 10, 2021 31 Nana Chakhvashvili Win TKO2
24 Jan 10, 2020 30 Claressa Shields Loss UD
23 Dec 8, 2018 29 Eva Bajic Win UD
22 Sep 8, 2018 28 Gifty Amanua Ankrah Win UD
21 Mar 16, 2018 28 Elene Sikmashvili Win TKO5
20 Oct 29, 2017 28 Sanja Ristić Win UD
19 Jul 5, 2017 27 Valentina Stanković Win UD
18 Apr 23, 2016 26 Mikaela Laurén Loss TKO3
17 Dec 5, 2015 26 Dajana Bukva Win TKO1
16 Nov 29, 2014 25 Galina Gyumliyska Win PTS
15 Sep 13, 2014 24 Cecilia Brækhus Loss UD
14 Mar 22, 2014 24 Sabrina Giuliani Win SD
13 Nov 30, 2013 24 Borislava Goranova Win PTS
12 Jun 9, 2013 23 Teodora Georgieva Win UD
11 Mar 22, 2013 23 Eva Bajic Loss UD
10 Sep 22, 2012 22 Suzana Radovanović Win PTS
9 Feb 24, 2012 22 Edita Karabeg Win PTS
8 Nov 20, 2011 22 Ava Kovacs Win TKO5
7 Oct 1, 2011 21 Emeke Halas Win TKO4
6 Jul 7, 2011 21 Daniela Bickei Win TKO6
5 May 28, 2011 21 Edita Karabeg Win PTS
4 Feb 20, 2011 21 Marija Vuković Win UD
3 Dec 4, 2010 21 Suzana Radovanović Win PTS
2 Sep 22, 2010 20 Daniela Bickei Win TKO3
1 Jun 25, 2010 20 Edit Szigeti Win TKO1