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Jackson Marinez is a professional boxer hailing from Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. He made his debut against Juan Rafael Polanco on February 6, 2016, and since then, he has competed in 22 fights, securing 19 victories with 7 knockouts and losing 3 times. Despite not winning any titles, Marinez has some notable wins with his most recent fight being against Frank Martin on July 9, 2022. Unfortunately, he lost the fight via 10th round TKO.

Throughout his career, Marinez has faced highly skilled opponents, and it's through his hard work and determination that he has secured the many victories he has to date.

One of Marinez' best fights was his 8 round unanimous decision victory against Kenin Betancourt in May 2018. The fight took place at the Coliseo Carlos "Teo" Cruz in Santo Domingo, and Marinez was impressive in his display as he dominated the fight from start to finish. Another notable victory came in December 2019, where Marinez secured a unanimous decision win over Yardley Armenta Cruz. This fight was keenly contested, with Marinez proving he has what it takes to win even when pushed to the limit.

Marinez's most significant setback came on August 15, 2020, in a non-title bout against Rolando Romero, where he suffered a unanimous decision loss, ending his 19-fight win streak. The loss did not deter him, and he came back stronger, ready to face any challengers that came his way. Unfortunately, Marinez's next two fights also resulted in losses, and he is currently on a three-fight losing streak.

In his most recent fight, Marinez lost via 10th round TKO against American boxer Frank Martin. Despite the loss, Marinez showed he is still capable of competing at the highest level and is unlikely to be downbeat, as he continues to work hard and prepare for his next fight.

Despite not having won any titles, Marinez remains a top-quality boxer, and his hard work and dedication to his sport are commendable. With his formidable punching power and his ability to dominate his opponents, it's no surprise that he is one of the most skillful boxers around.

In summary, Jackson Marinez's record stands at 19-3, including seven knockout wins and two losses via knockout. His career has been characterized by hard work, determination, and domination in the ring. While he may not have won any titles yet, he has shown he can hold his own against even the toughest of opponents.

Jackson Marinez Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
22 Jul 9, 2022 31 Frank Martin Loss TKO10
21 Feb 13, 2021 30 Richard Commey Loss KO6
20 Aug 15, 2020 29 Rolando Romero Loss UD
19 Dec 28, 2019 29 Yardley Armenta Cruz Win TKO2
18 Jul 27, 2019 28 Kenin Betancourt Win RTD1
17 Apr 27, 2019 28 Luis Enrique Romero Win UD
16 Mar 16, 2019 28 Adrian Jose Perez Aparicio Win UD
15 Nov 10, 2018 27 Jesus Arevalo Win TKO10
14 Aug 25, 2018 27 Esneiker Correa Win UD
13 May 24, 2018 27 Rolando Giono Win UD
12 Mar 17, 2018 27 Andres Zapata Win TKO7
11 Nov 18, 2017 26 Alfonso Jesus Perez Mora Win PTS
10 Jul 26, 2017 26 Francisco Contreras Lopez Win UD
9 Feb 24, 2017 26 Pedro Verdu Win UD
8 Dec 16, 2016 25 Jherson Pérez Win TKO4
7 Dec 3, 2016 25 Jesus Miguel Torres Perez Win UD
6 Sep 16, 2016 25 Jesus Cuadro Win UD
5 Aug 27, 2016 25 Franklin Fortuna Win TKO4
4 Jun 25, 2016 25 Luis Ernesto José Win UD
3 Apr 15, 2016 25 Brayner Vazquez Win SD
2 Mar 5, 2016 25 Alberto Valenzuela Win TKO1
1 Feb 6, 2016 25 Juan Rafael Polanco Win UD