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Jaime Munguía is a Mexican professional boxer who has never lost a fight in his career so far. He has fought a total of 41 times and has won all of them with 33 knockouts. Munguía is a former WBO super-welterweight world champion, and he has defended his title five times. He made his professional debut at the age of 16 and since then, he has become one of the most exciting and talented boxers in the world.

Munguía made his professional debut against Manuel Mora on July 13, 2013. He won the fight via second-round TKO, showing his natural talent and skills. He continued to fight and build his career, steadily climbing up the ranks and taking on increasingly tougher opponents.

At the age of 21, Munguía had his first world title fight. He faced Sadam Ali, a former WBO welterweight world champion, for the super-welterweight WBO title. Munguía defeated Ali via a fourth-round TKO, becoming the super-welterweight champion of the world. He continued to defend his title successfully and fought some of the biggest names in the division.

One of Munguía's most notable fights was against Liam Smith on July 21, 2018, where he successfully defended his WBO super-welterweight title, winning the fight via a 12 round unanimous decision. He then faced Brandon Cook on September 15, 2018, and won the fight via a third-round TKO. Munguía once again successfully defended his WBO super-welterweight title on April 13, 2019, against Dennis Hogan, winning the fight via a 12 round majority decision.

On September 14, 2019, Munguía faced Patrick Allotey and won the fight via a fourth-round KO, successfully defending his WBO super-welterweight title. Munguía has fought some of the biggest names in the division, and he has always come out on top. He is a fierce competitor with incredible talent, natural ability, and an impressive work ethic.

One of the things that sets Munguía apart from other boxers is his knockout power. He has an incredible 80% knockout rate, which means that he has knocked out his opponents in 33 out of his 41 fights. His knockout power is one of the reasons why he is such an exciting and entertaining boxer to watch.

Aside from his knockout power, Munguía also has excellent technical skills, footwork, and ring IQ. He is always well-prepared for his fights and never underestimates his opponents. He is a dedicated and hardworking athlete who takes his training and preparation seriously.

Munguía's most recent fight was on November 19, 2022, against Gonzalo Coria. It was a non-title bout, and Munguía won the fight via a third-round KO. It has been four months and twelve days since his last fight, and fans are eager to see him back in the ring. Although no fight has been scheduled yet, boxing fans worldwide are anticipating Munguía's next bout.

In conclusion, Jaime Munguía is one of the best boxers in the world today. He has never lost a fight, has an incredible 80% knockout rate, and has successfully defended his WBO super-welterweight title five times. His technical skills, ring IQ, and work ethic are unmatched, and he is a fierce competitor who always gives his best. Fans worldwide are eagerly awaiting Munguía's next bout, and it's clear that he has a bright future ahead of him in the world of boxing.

Jaime Munguía Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
41 Nov 19, 2022 26 Gonzalo Coria Win KO3
40 Jun 11, 2022 25 Jimmy Kelly Win KO5
39 Feb 19, 2022 25 D'Mitrius Ballard Win TKO3
38 Nov 13, 2021 25 Gabriel Rosado Win UD
37 Jun 19, 2021 24 Kamil Szeremeta Win RTD6
36 Oct 30, 2020 24 Tureano Johnson Win RTD6
35 Jan 11, 2020 23 Gary O'Sullivan Win TKO11
34 Sep 14, 2019 22 Patrick Allotey Win KO4
33 Apr 13, 2019 22 Dennis Hogan Win MD
32 Jan 26, 2019 22 Takeshi Inoue Win UD
31 Sep 15, 2018 21 Brandon Cook Win TKO3
30 Jul 21, 2018 21 Liam Smith Win UD
29 May 12, 2018 21 Sadam Ali Win TKO4
28 Mar 17, 2018 21 Johnny Navarrete Win KO3
27 Feb 10, 2018 21 Jose Carlos Paz Win KO3
26 Dec 9, 2017 21 Paul Valenzuela Jr. Win TKO2
25 Sep 2, 2017 20 Uriel Gonzalez Win KO2
24 Jul 1, 2017 20 Miguel Angel Lopez Win KO3
23 Apr 29, 2017 20 Johnny Navarrete Win UD
22 Apr 1, 2017 20 Gabriel Agramon Win RTD2
21 Mar 24, 2017 20 Jorge Juarez Win TKO1
20 Feb 2, 2017 20 Juan Macias Montiel Win KO2
19 Dec 10, 2016 20 Álvaro Robles Win TKO5
18 Oct 22, 2016 20 Alfredo Chavez Win TKO1
17 Aug 13, 2016 19 Ramiro Alcaraz Win KO3
16 Jul 30, 2016 19 Oscar Mora Win KO2
15 Jun 18, 2016 19 Seth Carrillo Win KO2
14 Apr 30, 2016 19 Elliot Cano Win TKO5
13 Jan 23, 2016 19 Frank Verduzco Win TKO1
12 Dec 5, 2015 19 Gabriel Agramon Win TKO6
11 Jul 10, 2015 18 Jose Maria Valdez Win TKO2
10 Mar 14, 2015 18 Julio Nario Win KO4
9 Jan 10, 2015 18 Alan Zavala Win UD
8 Sep 20, 2014 17 Jose Maria Valdez Win UD
7 Jun 27, 2014 17 Jose Arteaga Win UD
6 Feb 28, 2014 17 Gerardo Mendoza Win TKO2
5 Jan 11, 2014 17 Juan Velasquez Win TKO2
4 Nov 22, 2013 17 Abraham Marquez Win TKO1
3 Oct 26, 2013 17 Benjamin Urias Win RTD3
2 Aug 23, 2013 16 Luis Contreras Win TKO2
1 Jul 13, 2013 16 Manuel Mora Win TKO2