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Jeff Mayweather, born on July 4th, 1964, is a retired American professional boxer who fought in the super featherweight, lightweight, and light welterweight weight classes. His career lasted over eight years, from 1988 to 1997, and saw the Michigan native compete in 47 professional fights; he won 32 of them, lost 10, drew five, and had no no-contests. His record included 10 knockout wins and two losses via knockout. Mayweather also had no total title wins or title defenses.

Mayweather made his debut in the professional boxing world in 1988 against Eddie Doran, whom he defeated via four-round PTS at the age of 23. His career's most significant accomplishment came when he won the IBO junior lightweight title from John Roby on April 21, 1994. He defended the title twice before losing it to Israel Cardona; the fight's result was a unanimous decision. In addition, he had notable victories over Gabriel Castro, Mark Smith, and Jose Teran Torres. His only losses in title fights happened when he fought Joey Gamache for the vacant NABF light welterweight title and lost via unanimous decision and to Cardona, who took away his IBO super featherweight title via unanimous decision as well.

In 1993, he lost to Oscar De La Hoya, who was in just his fifth pro bout, by TKO in round four. Mayweather is recognized as the "Quiet Mayweather" in the boxing world and has since followed in his brothers' footsteps by becoming a trainer after a successful career in the ring. Some of his trainees include the likes of Sultan Ibragimov, Celestino Caballero, and for a brief period, his nephew, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In addition to training, Mayweather has also launched a site called "Jeff Mayweather's Pro Boxing Insider", which allows boxing fans to get an inside look into the sport. The site features a forum that allows fans to ask fighters questions. Mayweather also served as a team adviser for internet personality KSI's second YouTube boxing match against Logan Paul.

Mayweather remains an influential figure in the world of boxing, having come from a prestigious boxing family. His brothers include former welterweight contender Floyd Mayweather Sr. and two-division world champion Roger Mayweather, while his nephew is a five-division world champion and often regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mayweather attended Ottawa Hills High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and although he pursued a degree in Graphic Arts from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan, he competed in the 1987 National Golden Gloves.

Mayweather had a total of ten losses in his professional boxing career, all of them in non-title bouts. He suffered his first loss to Clark Earls via the majority decision in eight rounds on April 24, 1991, which ended his 15-fight win streak. He was stopped twice and lost eight times via decision, with Eduardo Perez, Todd Foster, and Jesse James Leija among the notable fighters who defeated him. He had a draw to Jorge Romero in a majority decision in ten rounds on Christmas of 1992. In addition, he had two Pacheco fights, both of which resulted in a TD draw in two rounds due to accidental clashes for the first fight and a power outage in the area for the second bout. More extensive details on these defeats can be found under "All of Jeff Mayweather's Losses".

His last professional fight was a non-title bout against Eric Jakubowski. Mayweather won the fight via unanimous decision on March 12, 1997, and it has been 26 years and 19 days since then. Mayweather retired from professional boxing with the record of 32-10-5, inclusive of 10 KO wins and 2 losses due to knockout.

Mayweather has been reportedly known to have diabetes, which he treats with "traditional methods," according to sources.

In conclusion, Jeff Mayweather's career spanned over eight years, from 1988 to 1997, during which he fought 47 professional fights, won 32 of them, and lost ten. He had no no-contests in his career but had five draws. In addition, he had 10 knockout wins to his name and suffered two losses via knockout. Mayweather's most significant moment in his career came when he won the IBO junior lightweight title from John Roby on April 21, 1994, and defended the title twice before losing it to Israel Cardona.

Mayweather is a member of the renowned Mayweather boxing family, which includes his brothers Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Roger Mayweather and his nephew Floyd Mayweather Jr. After a successful career in boxing, Mayweather transitioned to coaching and trained several prominent boxers, including Sultan Ibragimov, Celestino Caballero, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. He also launched "Jeff Mayweather's Pro Boxing Insider," an online platform that provides boxing fans with an inside look into the sport. Despite retiring from boxing, Jeff Mayweather remains an influencer in the world of boxing and continues to be an inspiration to many.

Jeff Mayweather Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
47 Mar 12, 1997 32 Eric Jakubowski Win UD
46 Feb 13, 1997 32 Tony Duran Win UD
45 May 9, 1996 31 Benjie Marquez Loss SD
44 Mar 1, 1996 31 Paquito Openo Draw PTS
43 Nov 25, 1995 31 Hiroyuki Sakamoto Loss MD
42 Aug 25, 1995 31 Israel Cardona Loss UD
41 Jun 8, 1995 30 Martin Ramirez Win UD
40 May 2, 1995 30 Jesse James Leija Loss UD
39 Apr 13, 1995 30 Omar Pacheco Draw TD
38 Jan 3, 1995 30 Omar Pacheco Draw TD
37 Jan 3, 1995 30 Eduardo Perez Loss SD
36 Dec 8, 1994 30 Ramon Sanchez Win UD
35 Oct 13, 1994 30 Mark Smith Win TKO11
34 Sep 15, 1994 30 Jose Teran Torres Win KO4
33 Jul 8, 1994 30 Gabriel Castro Win RTD8
32 Apr 21, 1994 29 John Roby Win UD
31 Mar 31, 1994 29 Jorge Palomares Win KO6
30 Jan 28, 1994 29 Joey Gamache Loss UD
29 Jan 12, 1994 29 John Avila Loss MD
28 Mar 13, 1993 28 Oscar De La Hoya Loss TKO4
27 Dec 26, 1992 28 Jorge Romero Draw MD
26 Aug 6, 1992 28 Todd Foster Loss TKO8
25 May 7, 1992 27 Rowdy Welch Win UD
24 Feb 29, 1992 27 Oldemar Soto Win UD
23 Jan 21, 1992 27 Martin Ochoa Win TKO2
22 Dec 26, 1991 27 Jesus Rodriguez Win UD
21 Sep 13, 1991 27 Juan Carlos Alvarado Win UD
20 Aug 8, 1991 27 Eduardo Gonzalez Win TKO2
19 Jul 6, 1991 27 Marco Antonio Ramirez Win UD
18 Jun 2, 1991 26 Jose Luis Calderon Win TKO6
17 Apr 24, 1991 26 Clark Earls Loss MD
16 Mar 13, 1991 26 Jorge Rodriguez Win UD
15 Feb 20, 1991 26 Gerardo Sanchez Win UD
14 Dec 27, 1990 26 Lorenzo Garcia Win UD
13 Nov 21, 1990 26 Art Blackmore Win TKO7
12 Apr 7, 1990 25 Ramon Zavala Win UD
11 Feb 26, 1990 25 Conrad Lugo Win UD
10 Dec 9, 1989 25 Jesus Morquecho Win KO3
9 Aug 1, 1989 25 John Almaguer Win MD
8 Feb 24, 1989 24 Damion Sutton Win UD
7 Dec 16, 1988 24 Ricardo Cruz Win KO3
6 Nov 22, 1988 24 Manuel Gallegos Win PTS
5 Nov 3, 1988 24 Jose Lupe Lopez Win MD
4 Sep 24, 1988 24 Noe Lopez Win UD
3 Aug 6, 1988 24 Pedro Moreno Draw MD
2 Jun 17, 1988 23 Ruben Macklis Win PTS
1 Apr 23, 1988 23 Eddie Doran Win PTS