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José Benavidez Jr. is a professional boxer who has been active in the sport since 2010. He made his professional debut at the age of 17 and has since risen to become one of the top fighters in his weight class.

Benavidez Jr. has had a total of 30 fights throughout his career, with 27 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw. He has recorded a total of 18 knockout wins, a testament to his punching power, and has never lost due to a no-contest. Despite having never won a world title, Benavidez Jr. has been in contention for the WBO title, which he fought for in 2018 against Terence Crawford in his first title bout. He lost that fight via 12th round TKO. Since then, Benavidez Jr. has continued to climb the rankings, fighting and winning against some of the best fighters in his weight class.

One of Benavidez Jr.'s strengths is his ability to knock his opponents out. Of his 27 wins, 18 have come by way of knockout. This impressive knockout record is a testament to his punching power and skill in the ring. Benavidez Jr.'s success can also be attributed to his impressive 27-fight win streak, which he started after his debut victory against Steven Cox. He won his next 26 consecutive fights, including 17 wins via stoppage, before suffering his first loss against Crawford in his first title bout in 2018.

Despite his success, Benavidez Jr. has suffered two losses in his professional career. One of those losses was in his first title bout against Crawford, and the other was against fellow American boxer Danny Garcia in a non-title bout in July 2022. Benavidez Jr. lost that fight via 12 round majority decision.

Throughout his career, Benavidez Jr. has fought and won against some of the best fighters in his weight class. Notable victories include wins over Henry Aurad, Jorge Páez Jr., Mauricio Herrera, Frank Rojas, Matthew Strode, Dedrick Bell, and Javier Loya. These impressive victories showcase Benavidez Jr.'s skill in the ring and his ability to take on tough opponents.

Benavidez Jr. has not only made a name for himself in the ring but also in the boxing community. He has gained a solid reputation as a skilled fighter, and his impressive knockout record has made him a fan-favorite. Benavidez Jr. is respected among his peers, and his impressive career statistics speak for themselves.

In conclusion, José Benavidez Jr. is an impressive professional boxer with an impressive record. Despite never having won a world title, Benavidez Jr. has made a name for himself in the sport and is respected among his peers. With his power and boxing ability, he is certainly a talent to watch in the future.

José Benavidez Jr Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
30 Jul 30, 2022 30 Danny Garcia Loss MD
29 Nov 13, 2021 29 Francisco Emanuel Torres Draw MD
28 Oct 13, 2018 26 Terence Crawford Loss TKO12
27 Jun 9, 2018 26 Frank Rojas Win KO1
26 Feb 3, 2018 25 Matthew Strode Win TKO8
25 Jul 23, 2016 24 Francisco Santana Win UD
24 Dec 12, 2015 23 Sidney Siqueira Win UD
23 May 15, 2015 23 Jorge Páez Jr. Win TKO12
22 Dec 13, 2014 22 Mauricio Herrera Win UD
21 Jul 26, 2014 22 Henry Aurad Win TKO1
20 May 17, 2014 22 Angel Hernandez Win UD
19 Mar 29, 2014 21 Prince Doku Jr. Win UD
18 Nov 16, 2013 21 Abraham Álvarez Win TKO2
17 Oct 13, 2012 20 Pavel Míranda Win UD
16 Jul 21, 2011 19 Javier Loya Win TKO4
15 May 26, 2011 19 Josh Sosa Win UD
14 Nov 12, 2011 19 Samuel Santana Win UD
13 Sep 17, 2011 19 Dedrick Bell Win KO1
12 Jun 11, 2011 19 Corey Alarcon Win TKO4
11 May 7, 2011 18 James Hope Win TKO5
10 Jan 22, 2011 18 Fernando Rodríguez Win UD
9 Nov 13, 2010 18 Winston Mathis Win TKO3
8 Sep 11, 2010 18 Manuel Delcid Win TKO2
7 Jun 26, 2010 18 Josh Beeman Win TKO1
6 May 29, 2010 18 Ronnie Peterson Win TKO1
5 May 8, 2010 17 Arnoldo Pacheco Win TKO1
4 Apr 10, 2010 17 Scott Paul Win TKO2
3 Mar 12, 2010 17 Bobby Hill Win TKO3
2 Feb 14, 2010 17 John Michael Vega Win TKO1
1 Jan 16, 2010 17 Steven Cox Win TKO1