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Kermit Cintrón, born on October 22, 1979, is a Puerto Rican former professional boxer who had a record of 39-6-3 in his career. He started his professional boxing journey in 2000 and hung his gloves in 2018. Cintrón had lots of achievements during his 18 years career as a professional boxer. He held the IBF welterweight title from 2006 to 2008 and had many other renowned fights including the one against Antonio Margarito for the WBO title in which he lost via a 5th round TKO. Cintrón also fought for the WBC super welterweight title in 2011.

Cintrón is also known for his nicknames "The Killer" and "El Asesino" which translate to "The Assassin." The skilled boxer made his debut against Jesse Williams at the young age of 20 on October 7, 2000, defeating him via a 2nd round TKO. Cintrón steadily climbed the ranks of professional boxing with 23 more consecutive wins, including 21 victories via stoppage.

Career Highlights

Kermit Cintrón's professional boxing career has spanned for over two decades, during which he fought a total of 49 fights. Here are his career highlights:

April 23, 2005: First World-Title Fight against Antonio Margarito

Kermit Cintrón fought his first world-title fight on April 23, 2005, with Antonio Margarito for the WBO welterweight title. It was a pivotal fight for Kermit Cintrón, and it was thought that he might become the new champion as he had been unstoppable until then. However, he lost the fight against Margarito via 5th round TKO.

October 28, 2006: Winning the IBF Welterweight Title

After fighting for a few years, Cintrón was finally able to attain his first world title. On October 28, 2006, he fought Mark Suarez to win the IBF welterweight title via a 5th round TKO, which still is one of the most memorable moments of his career.

July 14, 2007: Successfully Defending the IBF Welterweight Title

After winning the IBF welterweight title, Cintrón defended it successfully against Walter Matthysse and won via a 2nd round KO on July 14, 2007, which was another remarkable achievement in his career.

Notable Wins and Fights

Kermit Cintrón had some notable wins and fights during his career. Some of his best fights are as follows:

Walter Matthysse

Walter Matthysse was a famous Argentinean boxer who was known for his excellent defensive style. Cintrón fought Matthysse on July 14, 2007, in a title defense bout and won via a 2nd round KO. This win increased Cintrón's fame and was a great achievement for him.

David Estrada

David Estrada was one of the top prospects in the super welterweight division when he fought Cintrón on June 2, 2007. However, Cintrón came out on top, winning via a unanimous decision in a tough fight.

Rosemberg Gomez

Rosemberg Gomez was known for his fierce style and powerful punches. It was said that Gomez would be a tough challenge for Cintrón, but he proved everyone wrong by winning via a unanimous decision on January 18, 2008, in a fight that was a testament to the skills of both boxers.

Jesse Feliciano

Jesse Feliciano was a talented boxer who won many of his fights via stoppage. Cintrón fought him on November 17, 2012, and won via a unanimous decision after a tough match.

Losses in His Career

Kermit Cintrón had a total of six losses in his professional boxing career, with three of them being title bouts and three in non-title bouts. His first loss was against Antonio Margarito, which ended his 24-fight win streak. Two of his other losses were against Paul Williams, a remarkable fighter who had a long reign in the welterweight division at that time. Cintrón lost to Williams twice via a decision.

The other three losses of Kermit Cintrón were against some of the best fighters of his time. Firstly, he lost to Carlos Molina on July 9, 2011. Carmelo is one of the best light middleweights of all time, and Cintrón lost via a unanimous decision. The second loss after his return to the ring was against Jermall Charlo. Cintrón lost via a TKO in the fourth round on May 21, 2016. The last loss of his career was against Tyrone Brunson on April 7, 2018. Unfortunately, he lost via a KO in the first round.

KO Wins and Title Wins

Kermit Cintrón had 30 wins via knockout during his career, and out of those, three were in title fights. His first title fight KO win came against Mark Suarez that helped him win his first title. The other two were in 2008 when he defended the title against Jesse Feliciano and when he won a light middleweight title by defeating Alfredo Angulo via a TKO in the 11th round.


Kermit Cintrón's last professional fight took place on February 13, 2018, against Marquis Taylor. The fight ended in a no-contest after the 3rd round. It has been over five years since his last fight, and there have been no indications that he plans to make a return to the ring. After a remarkable career spanning over 18 years, Cintrón announced his retirement with a record of 39-6-3 and 30 knockouts.


Kermit Cintrón is a retired Puerto Rican professional boxer who had a successful career spanning over 18 years. He had many notable wins, including his victory against Mark Suarez when he won the IBF welterweight title. He defended his title against Walter Matthysse on July 14, 2007. Although Cintrón had some losses in his career, his KO wins especially in title fights were very impressive. The skilled boxer fought his last fight in 2018 and announced his retirement from professional boxing. Overall, Cintrón's career was remarkable, and he will remain a significant figure in the history of boxing.

Kermit Cintrón Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
49 Feb 13, 2018 38 Marquis Taylor NC NC
48 Jun 24, 2017 37 Tyrone Brunson Loss TKO5
47 Mar 17, 2017 37 David Grayton Draw TD
46 Dec 10, 2016 37 Rosemberg Gomez Win RTD3
45 Sep 9, 2016 36 Manny Woods Win TKO7
44 Jul 2, 2016 36 Carlos Garcia Win UD
43 May 6, 2016 36 Eduardo Flores Win UD
42 Mar 15, 2014 34 Ronald Cruz Win UD
41 Aug 2, 2013 33 Jonathan Batista Win UD
40 Mar 22, 2013 33 Adrían Granados Draw SD
39 Nov 26, 2011 32 Canelo Álvarez Loss TKO5
38 Aug 12, 2011 31 Antwone Smith Win UD
37 Jul 9, 2011 31 Carlos Molina Loss UD
36 May 8, 2010 30 Paul Williams Loss TD
35 Oct 24, 2009 30 Juliano Ramos Win RTD5
34 May 30, 2009 29 Alfredo Angulo Win UD
33 Feb 14, 2009 29 Sergio Martínez Draw MD
32 Nov 15, 2008 29 Lovemore N'dou Win UD
31 Apr 12, 2008 28 Antonio Margarito Loss KO6
30 Nov 23, 2007 28 Jesse Feliciano Win TKO10
29 Jul 14, 2007 27 Walter Matthysse Win KO2
28 Oct 28, 2006 27 Mark Suárez Win TKO5
27 Apr 19, 2006 26 David Estrada Win TKO10
26 Sep 29, 2005 25 Francisco Javier Parra Win TKO3
25 Apr 23, 2005 25 Antonio Margarito Loss TKO5
24 Jul 17, 2004 24 Teddy Reid Win TKO8
23 May 1, 2004 24 Elio Ortiz Win TKO6
22 Jan 24, 2004 24 Humberto Aranda Win TKO5
21 Dec 12, 2003 24 Hicklet Lau Win TKO9
20 Aug 29, 2003 23 Jesus Felipe Valverde Win UD
19 May 17, 2003 23 Luis Rosado Win TKO1
18 Feb 14, 2003 23 Frankie Sanchez Win TKO6
17 Aug 24, 2002 22 Ian MacKillop Win TKO2
16 Jul 19, 2002 22 Otilio Villarreal Win TKO2
15 May 10, 2002 22 Patrick Thorns Win TKO4
14 Mar 15, 2002 22 Alex Perez Win TKO2
13 Feb 16, 2002 22 Omar Davila Win TKO2
12 Sep 25, 2001 21 Andre Baker Win KO4
11 Aug 18, 2001 21 Said Ouali Win TKO5
10 May 31, 2001 21 Leon Pearson Win PTS
9 Apr 28, 2001 21 Leroy Brown Win TKO2
8 Mar 29, 2001 21 Genaro Andujar Win KO1
7 Mar 15, 2001 21 Kareem Whitehurst Win TKO1
6 Feb 9, 2001 21 George Turner Win TKO1
5 Jan 19, 2001 21 Vernon Meeks Win TKO1
4 Jan 12, 2001 21 Willis Silver Win TKO1
3 Nov 21, 2000 21 Danny Rodriguez Win TKO4
2 Oct 19, 2000 20 Lawrence Brooks Win KO1
1 Oct 7, 2000 20 Jesse Williams Win TKO2