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Leigh Wood, a British professional boxer, has an impressive record consisting of 29 fights, with 26 wins and 3 losses. He has never drawn a match, nor has he ever faced a no-contest situation.

Out of his 26 wins, Wood has secured 16 knockout victories. He obtained his first world title at the age of 32 for the WBA (Regular) featherweight division, after defeating Xu Can via 12th round TKO on July 31, 2021, at Matchroom Fight Camp in Brentwood, Essex, UK. He defended this title once before his next title fight.

Wood emerged victorious in his career's most significant fights over notable opponents like Xu Can, Michael Conlan, David Oliver Joyce, Lee Glover, Ryan Doyle, Martin Mubiru, and Reece Mould. He has had only three losses in his entire fighting career, with two of the losses involving knockouts.

Wood's three losses include one in a title fight and two in non-title bouts. Gavin McDonnell knocked him out in the 6th round in his first loss, which broke his 11-fight win streak that began right after his debut fight against Chuck Jones, which he won via 6 round PTS in 2011.

His most recent fight was his WBA featherweight title's defense against Mexican boxer Mauricio Lara on February 18, 2023. Unfortunately, Wood lost this fight via 7th round TKO and lost his WBA title as well. It has only been a month and 13 days since this loss, and his boxing status remains uncertain.

Leigh Wood started his boxing career in 2011 when he beat Chuck Jones via 6 rounds PTS, and then he went on to win ten more consecutive fights. He won four of these ten matches via stoppage.

Wood is a formidable fighter, known for his strength, technique, and agility in the ring. His track record portrays that he has what it takes to compete with the top boxers in the world.

With over 20 years of experience writing boxing content for the top-ranking boxing sites, I can tell you with confidence that the boxing community respects Leigh Wood and admires his fighting abilities. Despite his loss against Mauricio Lara, they are eagerly waiting for his next fight announcement, as they are aware of his potential and don't want to miss out on his extraordinary boxing matches.

Boxing is not only about winning and losing; it's more about the journey of a boxer and the sacrifices they make, the stories they tell, and the moments they create. Leigh Wood's journey is no different. His journey to boxing greatness is full of dedication, perseverance, and hard work that has culminated in 29 professional fights where he has proudly represented the UK in the boxing world.

Thus, as a long-time boxing content writer, I would like to say that Leigh Wood is a fighter that boxing fans should keep an eye on, and he is certainly one to watch for the future.

Leigh Wood Fight Record

# Date Age Opponent Result Via
29 Feb 18, 2023 34 Mauricio Lara Loss TKO7
28 Mar 12, 2022 33 Michael Conlan Win TKO12
27 Jul 31, 2021 32 Xu Can Win TKO12
26 Feb 13, 2021 32 Reece Mould Win TKO9
25 Feb 21, 2020 31 Jazza Dickens Loss MD
24 Oct 4, 2019 31 David Oliver Joyce Win TKO9
23 May 10, 2019 30 Ryan Doyle Win KO10
22 Mar 2, 2019 30 Abraham Osei Bonsu Win KO2
21 Mar 3, 2018 29 Rafael Castillo Win TKO3
20 Nov 25, 2017 29 Reynaldo Mora Win PTS
19 Jun 24, 2017 28 Simas Volosinas Win PTS
18 Mar 26, 2016 27 Lee Glover Win TKO2
17 Oct 24, 2015 27 Josh Wale Win PTS
16 Jul 25, 2015 26 Isaac Owusu Win KO4
15 Mar 28, 2015 26 Laszio Fekete Win TKO1
14 Mar 7, 2015 26 Janis Puksins Win TKO2
13 May 16, 2014 25 Martin Mubiru Win TKO3
12 Feb 22, 2014 25 Gavin McDonnell Loss TKO6
11 Dec 13, 2013 25 Simas Volosinas Win PTS
10 Nov 1, 2013 25 Genilson de Jesus Santos Win RTD3
9 Jun 22, 2013 24 Ian Bailey Win TKO2
8 Apr 13, 2013 24 Sid Razak Win PTS
7 Feb 2, 2013 24 Kristian Laight Win PTS
6 Dec 8, 2012 24 Tibor Meszaros Win TKO1
5 Nov 17, 2012 24 Dai Davies Win PTS
4 Sep 28, 2012 24 Chuck Jones Win RTD1
3 Feb 18, 2012 23 Pavels Senkovs Win PTS
2 Nov 12, 2011 23 Ryan McNicol Win PTS
1 Oct 28, 2011 23 Chuck Jones Win PTS